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experienced watercolour tutors andprofessional painters. They write regularlyfor Artists and Illustratorsmagazine. See 13Aug-17 Aug for an opportunity to extendyour stay to a full week. If you attendboth courses, we offer you a 10% discounton each.Painting Coast, Water and Sky in WatercolourSL. O. 10 Aug-17 Aug. Fri-Fri. £585. £390This course will help you create bold, loosepaintings in watercolour. Painting onlocation around the beautiful nature reserveof Slapton Ley, and sites around the localDevon coastline, we will capture theatmosphere and drama of the coast, waterand sky. Whether you are a beginner orhave some experience, you will learnvarious techniques to help you create themood of the land and sea. David Webbruns courses and workshops throughoutthe UK and is known for his bold and loosemethod of working in watercolour.Develop Your Watercolours fromSketches and PhotographsBL. I. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £360. £270This course is aimed at artists with someprevious experience in watercolourpainting. You will be encouraged todevelop your own finished paintings,utilising new ideas and techniques,working from sketches and photographsgathered on location. Some non-strenuouswalking may be required to access somefavourite painting locations. Alan Goodallwas born and lives in West Yorkshire. He iswell-known amongst the art community.His work has been published as fine artprints and greetings cards. He is a fullmember of the British Watercolour Societyand an elected Fellow of the InternationalGuild of Artists.Making Watercolours Work for YouFM. O. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £426. £302See course description 10 Aug-13 Aug.Please note that this course follows broadlythe same programme but is a day longer.Roband Siân Dudley. See 10 Aug-13 Augfor an opportunity to extend your stay to afull week. If you attend both courses, weoffer you a 10% discount on each. Capturing Light in WatercolourSL. O. 17 Aug-20 Aug. Fri-Mon. £335. £225This course is for anyone who may alreadyhave some experience in painting inwatercolour but is looking for furtherpractical help in improving paintingtechnique. Sessions will be held bothindoors and outdoors, weather permitting,to enable you to work as much as possiblefrom direct observation. Gerald Greenisan enthusiastic professional artist with 20years' teaching experience. His work hasbeen featured in 10 books.Classic Watercolour PaintingTechniques: Paint Theory into PracticeMT. O. 20 Aug-24 Aug. Mon-Fri. £535. £385Paint in the tradition of 18th c.watercolourists such as Turner, capturingfleeting moments and working on a seriesof paintings at each location, attempting toevoke the atmosphere and presence ofplace. Learn how to prepare the coloursusing historical pigments. Gaining a betterunderstanding of the properties ofwatercolour paints to enables you to makemore decisive colour choices whilepainting. Pip Seymouris an artist andwriter who teaches about paintingmaterials and techniques at a number ofinstitutions. His students are encouragedto become free in their use of colour andmove away from detail and precious use ofpaint, towards more liberated expressionswith colour and form.Free Up Your WatercoloursSL. O. 20 Aug-24 Aug. Mon-Fri. £405. £275This course is for anyone who has someexperience in painting in watercolour but islooking for help in exploring ways ofpainting in a more expressive way.Students will be given practical guidance,through the use of demonstrations,structured exercises and individual tuition,in ways of combining tone, colour andeffective brush techniques to producepaintings with energy and vitality. GeraldGreenis an enthusiastic professional artistwith 20 years' teaching experience. Hiswork has been featured in 10 books.Sketching and Painting with Line and WatercolourFM. O. 20 Aug-24 Aug. Mon-Fri. £426. £302This sketching and painting course isdesigned for anyone who would like tolearn how to use a sketchbook andwatercolours to record memories of specialplaces or to create reference material whichcan be worked up into larger paintings at alater date. There will be short excursionsinto the surrounding countryside andvillages to find a variety of different scenes.Andrew Pitt is an experienced tutor anddemonstrator, who regularly teaches atFlatford Mill.New Directions in WatercolourFM. I. 24 Aug-26 Aug. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This course is for anyone with someexperience of working with watercolour,who would like to experiment with excitingtechniques together with imaginative use ofcolour and new mixtures of media. Therewill be freedom to be as loose as you likeand for everyone to develop their ownvisual language at their own pace. Lift yourpaintings from the plainly representationalinto something very special! Jacqui Petrieis an exhibiting artist and experienced tutor,who teaches regularly at Flatford Mill.Watercolour for Absolute BeginnersFM. B. 24 Aug-26 Aug. Fri-Sun. £224. £158See course description 22 Jun-24 Jun. BillDiggins.Improve Your WatercoloursFM. I. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £224. £158See course description 06 Jul-08 Jul.Stephanie Bonner.Freshen up your WatercoloursFM. I. 14 Sep-16 Sep. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This weekend course is for anyone who hasattended a beginners course, or paintedwith watercolours before, and feels in needof new inspiration to make more progress.Tuition will be through a mixture ofdemonstrations and individual guidance,according to your prior experience.Andrew Pitt is an experienced tutor anddemonstrator, who regularly teaches atFlatford Mill. Painting Autumn Landscapes in WatercolourFM. I. 28 Sep-30 Sep. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This weekend course concentrates onwatercolour painting techniques which willhelp you paint autumn scenes, includingbuildings and landscapes, moresuccessfully. There will be demonstrationsand exercises to develop your skills andplenty of individual tuition and guidance tohelp you progress with confidence. ColinSteedis a watercolour artist who enjoyspainting landscapes and sharing hisexpertise.NEWwww.field-studies-Painting Drawing & the for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135Painting flowers Hilary Jean Gibson

NEWWatercolour for Absolute BeginnersFM. B. 05 Oct-07 Oct. Fri-Sun. £224. £158See course description 03 Apr-05 Apr, butplease note this is a weekend course,starting on Friday evening and ending at16:00 on Sunday. Andrew Pitt.Watercolours: A Fresh ApproachPM. O. 26 Oct-02 Nov. Fri-Fri. £525. £355This is a new course for beginners and themore experienced watercolourist alike whoare in need of inspiration. Structuredtowards the individual artist's needs withplenty of tips and techniques you willdiscover how to produce fresh livelywatercolours. An introductory pricerepresents great value for a fully residentialcourse. Roband Siân Dudleyareexperienced watercolour tutors andprofessional painters. They write regularlyfor Artists and Illustratorsmagazine.Drawing and Painting with Water-Soluble PencilsFM. O. 16 Nov-18 Nov. Fri-Sun. £236. £168This course is designed for all painters whowould like to use water-soluble pencils totheir full potential. Through simple step-by-step demonstrations you will be shownvaried techniques for painting buildingsand landscapes, as well as refreshing someessential drawing skills and concepts.Carole Masseyis a popular professionalartist and tutor who is accomplished in awide range of media.Oils andAcrylicsOils and Acrylics are placed togetherbecause of broad similarities in the way thematerials are handled. All courses assumesome prior experience of painting though notnecessarily in oils or acrylics.Painting in Oils: Introducing the BasicsFM. O. 10 Apr-13 Apr. Tue-Fri. £358. £260This studio-based midweek courseintroduces the essential techniques forpainting in oils for beginners in thismedium, although it is important that youhave some experience working in othermedia. The course fee includes the use ofour basic starter kit consisting of brushes,palette, colours, boards and sufficientpainting media for the course activities.Jacqui Petrie is an exhibiting artist andexperienced tutor, who teaches regularly atFlatford Mill.Painting with Acrylics: IntroducingEssential TechniquesFM. O. 11 May-13 May. Fri-Sun. £236. £168This course is designed for artists who areeither new to acrylics or want to improveand extend their skills in perhaps the mostversatile of painting media.Demonstrations will cover a wide range oftechniques to help improve your paintingskills. The course concentrates onlandscapes and buildings, drawinginspiration from the surroundings atFlatford. Carole Masseyis a popularprofessional artist and tutor who isaccomplished in a wide range of media.Painting in Oils: Rivers, Coasts and SeascapesFM. I. 03 Aug-06 Aug. Fri-Mon. £342. £244This course, for more experienced oilpainters, explores the essential techniquesfor painting landscapes where water andskies are dominant elements. Composition,tonal studies, selecting and mixing colours,plus linear and aerial perspective will becovered during demonstrations and therewill be excursions to paint around somestriking locations on the local Suffolk andEssex estuaries. John Shaveis a regularcontributor to our summer programme.See also 06 Aug-10 Aug if you wish to joinhim for a full week. If you attend bothcourses, we offer you a 10% discount oneach.Painting in Oils: ModernImpressionistic TechniquesFM. I. 06 Aug-10 Aug. Mon-Fri. £434. £308This course, for more experienced oilpainters, explores the essential techniquesfor painting in impressionistic styles.Demonstrations and practical activities willcover a landscape, a seascape and a still-lifeto give you a breadth of experience workingwith these different subjects. John Shaveisa regular contributor to our summerprogramme. See also 03 Aug-06 Aug if youwish to join him for a full week. If youattend both courses, we offer a 10%discount on each.Dramatic Sea and Landscapes in AcrylicSL. O. 06 Aug-10 Aug. Mon-Fri. £405. £275Acrylics are ideal for painting atmosphericsea and landscapes. This course aims toloosen up your style and is suitable forbeginners and experienced painters. Wewill work outside (weather permitting) andin the studio. Gentle guidance will be givenand full demonstrations. The emphasis willbe on enjoying the paint. Susan Gray is aprofessional artist and tutor. She runsregular painting workshops in acrylics andis a demonstrator for art societies.Interpreting the Landscape in Acrylic and CollageMT. O. 17 Aug-20 Aug. Fri-Mon. £365. £251Painting outdoors, you will be encouragedto develop your own response to the Daleslandscape. Guidance and demonstrationwill be given on the use of acrylics andmixed media, including incorporatingpaper collage and found objects intopaintings. The emphasis will be onexperimentation, inventiveness andenjoying new materials. Katharine Holmeslives and works in Malhamdale, working ina range of media. Her paintings capture thefeeling of being in the landscape. This is arare opportunity to learn from anoutstanding artist.Painting with Acrylics: Exploring their Full PotentialFM. O. 26 Oct-28 Oct. Fri-Sun. £236. £168This course is for those who have usedacrylics before and wish to explore, andpush, the boundaries of this most versatilemedium. There will be demonstrations onhow to use collage, acrylic inks, gels andmediums, plus other techniques forpainting with acrylics. Subjects will includelandscapes and still life. Carole Masseyis apopular professional artist and tutor who isaccomplished in a wide range of media.Drawing andSketchingDrawing for Beginners and ImproversFM. O. 17 Feb-19 Feb. Fri-Sun. £224. £158Good drawing comes from both seeing andthinking: it's a tool for exploring ideas andfor illustrating and recording experiences.This workshop-style course for bothbeginners and improvers will help youdevelop your skills by exploring mark-making, tone and perspective through aseries of structured exercises. Colin Steedis an experienced artist and art tutor whogreatly enjoys sharing his techniques andexpertise in a wide range of media. Using a SketchbookPM. O. 21 Apr. Sat. Non-residential. £30Learn how to develop a unique approach tousing a sketch book. It is suggested thatyou bring a good quality paper A5/A4hardback sketch book (not spiral) so thatyou can work across the double page. Youwill also need materials such as pens, bothpermanent and the 'bleeding' sort, crayons,soluble if possible, brushes, watercoloursand any tools you may have been given andnever used! Pam Bowenis a qualifiedteacher, with many years of experienceteaching adults and children. She lovesenthusing others to share her love ofsketching and painting.Stroll and SketchSL. O. 04 May-07 May. Fri-Mon. £325. £215This short, intense weekend course enablesyou to experience the glorious viewssurrounding Slapton, on foot, stopping toNEW12BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley NEW