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draw as we stroll at this lovely time of year.Locations will include Slapton Ley NatureReserve, woods, lakeside and village andparts of the Devon Coastal Path which offerthe artist panoramic views of Start Bay andStart Point lighthouse. Hilary Jean Gibsonis a painter, printer and experiencedillustrator, who teaches at the St Ives Schoolof Painting and delivers guided tours forthe Tate Gallery St Ives and BarbaraHepworth Museum. Improve Your Drawing SkillsFM. I. 08 Jun-10 Jun. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This mainly studio-based weekend is foranyone who would like help to developtheir drawing skills. Using a variety ofsubjects, there will be demonstrations andexercises to explore concepts andexperiment with new techniques, showingyou how to control line and form, light andshadow and the important question ofperspective. Stephanie Bonneris anexperienced teacher and professional artistbased in East Anglia.Art and the Limestone LandscapeMT. I. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £480. £330An innovative art course for those whoalready have some experience in pencil,pen and wash, watercolour, gouache. Itcombines expressing the limestonelandscape in visual form, with gaining anunderstanding of the origins, formationand geology of it. You will also learnabout the literature and art which thelandscape has inspired. Hilary JeanGibsonis an experienced illustrator whoteaches at the St Ives School of Painting,Cornwall. Steve Trudgillis GeographyFellow of Robinson College, Cambridge,author of Limestone Geomorphology andan amateur artist. Walking and Sketching in Constable's FootstepsFM. O. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £426. £302This course is designed for anyone whoenjoys walking and wishes to record theirimpressions of the landscape, producingquick sketches on location. Sketchingexcursions of four to five miles each day(along footpaths walked by John Constable)will be complemented by demonstrationsof drawing and sketching techniques.Linda Matthewsenjoys sharing essentialtechniques in the studio so you canexperience fully the freedom of sketchingfrom life -en plein air-out of doors.Walking with a SketchbookFM. O. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This course is designed for anyone whoenjoys walking and would like to learn howto sketch their impressions of landscapes innew and interesting ways. Sketchingexcursions of four to five miles each day(along footpaths walked by John Constable)will be complemented by demonstrationsof drawing and sketching techniques.Linda Matthews enjoys sharing essentialpainting techniques in the studio so you canexperience fully the freedom of paintingfrom life -en plein air-out of doors.Using a SketchbookPM. O. 13 Oct. Sat. Non-residential. £30See course description 21 Apr. Pam Bowen.Winter Drawing WorkshopMT. O. 16 Nov-18 Nov. Fri-Sun. £250. £173Explore and express your own moods inconjunction with the seasonal effects on therich landscapes of the Malham Tarn area.Using charcoal and pencil with the aid of asimple rubber, we can generate a hugerange of physically expressive marks andtones, gradually knitting together, as thedrawing grows, to eventually suggest anemotive image of the surroundinglandscape. The course will be suitable forpeople of all abilities, beginners will bemost welcome. Margaret Uttley, anexperienced tutor, studied Fine Art atBristol University. She works from the localenvironment and has widely exhibited herhuge drawings and watercolour paintings.Your OwnChoice ofMediumOn these courses you are welcome to use themedium with which you are most at ease, toexperiment with something new and even touse mixed-media if you wish.Silver Light and Reflection: Drawing and Painting a Summer LandscapeBL. O. 01 Jun-08 Jun. Fri-Fri. £440. £330This outdoor-based course is aimed atartists of all abilities using any media.Help, advice and encouragement will beoffered to build up confidence in landscapedrawing and painting. Group andindividual tuition will be given so thateveryone can develop a personal directionat their own pace and be free to explore andexperiment. Hilary Jean Gibsonis apainter, printer and experienced illustrator,who teaches at the St Ives School ofPainting and delivers guided tours for theTate Gallery St Ives and Barbara HepworthMuseum. NEWNEWwww.field-studies-Painting Drawing & the for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135Sketching and painting in Suffolk gardens Jonathan OldhamNEW

Summer Painting: Slapton and South Devon CoastsSL. O. 20 Jul-27 Jul. Fri-Fri. £585. £390This course provides artists the opportunityof working within Slapton Ley NationalNature Reserve, Slapton village andvarious coastal locations. The aim is tobuild confidence in skills, includingdrawing and perspective and to explorecolour theory through your chosen media.Hilary Jean Gibsonis a painter, printer andexperienced illustrator, who teaches at theSt Ives School of Painting and deliversguided tours for the Tate Gallery St Ives andBarbara Hepworth Museum.Landscape Painting in SnowdoniaRC. O. 27 Jul-03 Aug. Fri-Fri. £485. £360Snowdonia National Park has river, lakeand mountain landscapes to inspiresketching and watercolours. Locations willbe chosen according to weather conditionsand the preferences of members of thegroup, the aim being to spend each dayoutdoors. Evenings will includedemonstrations of techniques, slides ofwell-known landscape artists and time tocontinue painting. Jeremy Yatesis anexperienced artist, tutor and lecturer wholives in Snowdonia. He exhibits locally andat the annual exhibitions of the LondonWatercolour Societies.Landscapes and Buildings in Constable Country: In Your Own Choice of MediaFM. O. 10 Aug-13 Aug. Fri-Mon. £338. £240The principles of composition, perspectiveand colour mixing are the same whichevermedia you choose. This long weekend isdesigned to develop your skills in the mainprinciples of en plein airpainting, learning'The Rules' and then breaking them too!Extensive prior painting ability is notrequired, just enthusiasm for exploringdifferent creative approaches. LindaMatthews enjoys sharing essential paintingtechniques in the studio so you canexperience fully the freedom of paintingfrom life -en plein air-out of doors.Impressionism and BeyondFM. I. 10 Aug-13 Aug. Fri-Mon. £338. £240Impressionism is alive and well! It is stillone of the most popular art movements andit looks like 'This Show' will run forever.The colour freedom that Monet and otherspassed down has influenced many of thepainting movements: from Van Gogh andLautrec, to Picasso and modern favouriteslike Seago, Wesson, Trevor Chamberlainand Ken Howard. This course invites you topaint a contemporary impressionist andvibrant approach into your paintings. PatGavinstudied at Hornsey College of Art.Painting has always been central to his workduring his career as an illustrator, graphicdesigner and animator. See also 13 Aug-17Aug if you would like to extend your stayfor a full week. If you attend both courses,we offer you a 10% discount on each.Impressionist ReflectionsFM. I. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £426. £302Reflections can be found everywhere:reflections in water, reflections of sunlit wallsfilling shadows with colour, the reflection ofa buttercup under a child's chin and it is oursto explore. We will follow in the footsteps ofthe impressionists and fill our paintings withcolour and light. The techniques of theimpressionists will be examined and appliedto bring life and light to our painting. PatGavin-see also 10 Aug-13 Aug. If youwould like to extend your stay for a fullweek. If you attend both courses, we offeryou a 10% discount on each.Abstract Art: A Practical IntroductionFM. O. 02 Nov-04 Nov. Fri-Sun. £224. £158'Abstract' means to draw out. This courseis designed to engage and stimulate the bestin you by introducing practising landscapeartists of all abilities to the concepts ofabstraction. We will be experimenting withdifferent methods and materials andexploring key areas of twentieth centuryart. Jacqui Petrieis an experienced artistand teacher who now regularly leadscourses at Flatford Mill.BotanicalIllustrationThese courses are designed to appeal to allthose who enjoy the challenge of paintingplants with accuracy and precision.Observation, drawing, colour mixing - andpatience - are all skills that can be learnedand practised.Botanical IllustrationPM. O. 24 Feb-26 Feb. Fri-Sun. £248. £170This is a structured course for those wholove plants and wish to paint them inwatercolour, learning the technique of dry-brush work. Observation of the growth ofplants will lead to discovering the delight ofworking in detail. Kay Rees-Davies is afreelance botanical artist, an RHS Goldmedallist and an experienced teacher. Botanical Illustration using Coloured PencilsFM. O. 20 Apr-22 Apr. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This course for all levels of experience isdesigned to show the simplicity andeffectiveness of using wax and oil basedcoloured pencils (not watercolour pencils)to create beautiful botanical drawings offlowers, fruit and vegetables, all withoutadding water to the painting! Janie Pirieisone of the leading coloured pencil artistsworking in the UK.IntroducingBotanical IllustrationFM. B. 06 Jul-08 Jul. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This course is designed especially for thosewith some experience in watercolourpainting who have a love of, and interest inflowers and plants and now wish to taketheir first steps in botanical illustration. Wewill look at composition and make both lineand tonal drawings. We will cover colourmixing and matching to our specimens,plus all watercolour techniques needed toachieve the various textures required by thebotanical illustrator. Lesley Smithhas beenteaching in adult education for over 23years and has been a regular attendee ofJenny Jowett's course at Flatford Mill forexperienced botanical artists. Botanical Illustration and PaintingRC. O. 03 Aug-05 Aug. Fri-Sun. £245. £165For those who love plants and wish to paintthem. Focusing on watercolour and dry-brush technique this structured coursegives participants the opportunity toobserve plants and discover the delights ofworking in detail. Kay Rees-Davies is afreelance botanical artist, an RHS Goldmedallist and an experienced teacher.An Approach to Botanical Illustration: Drawing and BasicWatercolour TechniquesSL. O. 05 Aug-10 Aug. Sun-Fri. £440. £295An introduction to this fascinating subject:painting and drawing plants in detail. Wewill study observational drawing, colourtheory and mixing/matching to a subject aswell as watercolour techniques includingwet-into-wet, botanical style and how toapply tone to create life-like 3D plantpictures. Rosie Martinholds an RHS Goldmedal and teaches courses at the EdenProject and at Dartington Hall. She is co-author/principal illustrator of three best-selling books on botanical and naturalNEWNEWNEWArtist on the beach Hilary Jean Gibson14BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley NEW