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history illustration. She exhibits worldwideand is an experienced teacher in many art-based subjects.Botanical Illustration for MoreExperienced PaintersFM. I. 13 Aug-20 Aug. Mon-Mon. £610. £422This week-long course is essentially aworkshop for exchanging ideas, techniquesand inspiration, with the emphasis onindividual rather than formal group tuition.This is a long-standing annual event in theCentre's programme and new participantsare particularly welcome to join and sharethese experiences. Jenny Jowettis aprofessional botanical painter and teacherspecialising in pure watercolour.Flower PaintingThese courses may use the same flowers andplants as Botanical Illustration, but theyencourage a freer style and even animpressionistic approach to the subject.Painting Spring Flowers Using Line and Watercolour FM. O. 02 Mar-04 Mar. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This studio-based painting course isdesigned to help you capture the beauty ofspring flowers, using pencil and variouspens combined with watercolours. Therewill be painting demonstrations anddiscussions throughout the weekend.Beginners and those with some experienceare equally welcome. Jennifer Andrewsisa freelance painter and designer, whoregularly teaches at Flatford Mill.Drawing and Painting the Flora atMalham TarnMT. O. 18 May-21 May. Fri-Mon. £335. £229A course for anyone with an interest innative flora. Immerse yourself in a closestudy of the plants of this very specialhabitat and learn how to record them in awatercolour drawing. Tuition includes anumber of exercises aimed at building thespeed and accuracy necessary forfieldwork, with lessons in colour mixingand paint handling to give even thecomplete beginner the confidence toproduce a successful painting. KateHoughton, an experienced tutor at alllevels, has a particular interest in thestructure of plants. Sketching and Painting Flowers in a Suffolk GardenFM. O. 25 May-27 May. Fri-Sun. £234. £168Colour and texture are everywhere in thevaried planting of Natalie Finch's garden inEast Bergholt and the borders at FlatfordMill. There is a relaxed but focusedatmosphere on this course. Demonstrationswill be given in pencil and pen drawing,watercolour, gouache and combinations ofthese techniques, with individual helpalways available. Jennifer Andrewsis afreelance painter and designer, whoregularly teaches at Flatford Mill. Fees areinclusive of entry and refreshments in thegarden.Painting Plants: Autumn Colours and DesignFM. O. 16 Nov-18 Nov. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This studio-based flower painting course,equally suitable for beginners and thosewith some experience, is an opportunity tocreate designs based on autumn colours oflate flowers, leaves and fruits. The use ofpencil, pen and ink, watercolour andgouache will be discussed. You are welcometo bring your own design project. JenniferAndrewsis a freelance painter and designer,who regularly teaches at Flatford Mill.PortraitsExploring PortraitureBL. I. 01 Jun-05 Jun. Fri-Tue. £360. £270This course is intended for those with anintermediate level of skills in painting anddrawing, rather than complete beginners ornewcomers to art. The course will focus onformal rules for facial proportion,composition, and exploring drawing mediaand techniques with acrylic paint and chalkpastel, understanding colour theory andrendering styles. Rosie Alcockhas been apractising artist since 1999, exhibiting inBarcelona, Glasgow, London, Liverpool,Canada and Cumbria. She is a fullyqualified and experienced art teacher withextensive experience teaching art in the UKand abroad.Introducing Portrait PaintingFM. O. 19 Oct-22 Oct. Fri-Mon. £369. £267This weekend course introduces thechallenge of portraiture in easy stages, withfrequent practical demonstrations oncapturing features, proportions, pose andcreating a likeness. These exercises aredesigned to develop your drawing skillsand painting techniques using watercolouror pastel. Models may be provided duringthe course and this is reflected in the fee.Carole Masseyis a popular professionalartist and tutor who is accomplished in awide range of media.Portrait Painting and DrawingFM. O. 23 Nov-30 Nov. Fri-Fri. £644. £456This week-long course is designed forstudents of all abilities to develop theirindividual style and direction in their ownchoice of medium. We will be studying thebasic techniques of accurate drawing,proportion, composition and tone as well asconsidering anatomy, achieving a likeness,the features, pose and backgrounds.Models will be provided for portrait andfigure studies and the cost of hiring them isinclusive in the fee. Carole Masseyis apopular professional artist and tutor who isaccomplished in a wide range of media.PastelsDrawing and Painting with Pastel PencilsFM. O. 18 May-20 May. Fri-Sun. £236. £168Pastel pencils offer the spontaneity ofpastels without the mess! They are anexciting and relatively clean medium, easyto use and suitable for a wide range ofsubjects and abilities. This weekend coursewill show you how to get the most out ofthem for painting landscapes, still life orportraits. Carole Masseyis a popularprofessional artist and tutor who isaccomplished in a wide range of media.WildlifeDrawing and Painting Birds and Other WildlifeFM. O. 03 Aug-06 Aug. Fri-Mon. £338. £240This long weekend course shows you howto capture and record your directexperiences of wildlife in natural habitats,through observing both the character andthe detail of individual species. There willbe studio activities using mountedspecimens and plenty of opportunities fordrawing and painting live subjects as well.Peter Partingtonis an experienced wildlifeartist with a wonderful free style, whospecialises in birds and mammals.Drawing and Painting Birds and Other WildlifeFM. O. 17 Aug-20 Aug. Fri-Mon. £338. £240See course description 03 Aug-06 Aug.Peter Drawing & the ArtsDiscounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost isnormally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre (see page 2)for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135Botanical watercolour Lesley Smith

16BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley Asection that reflects the increased interest inthe crafts and traditional skills which are anintrinsic part of our cultural heritage. These form anatural extension to the wide range of Paintingand Drawing courses on offer at FSC Centres.Many of the activities are studio-based, but youare encouraged to draw inspiration for subjectmatter by observing the local landscapes,buildings and wildlife or searching for referencematerial in our extensive libraries. The resultingstained glass panels, willow structures,illuminated manuscripts and other completepieces can all incorporate creative ways ofrepresenting the environment around us.Detailed course leaflets available direct from therelevant Centres or via our website give morecomprehensive information on the materials andequipment that are supplied for a course and thosethat you will need to bring. In addition to thepublished fee, an extra charge will be made towardsthe end of most courses for materials that you useon your projects, for example: glass, lead, wood orleather. The exact amount will depend both on thelength of the course and how productive you are! crafts&traditional skillsGreen wood working Richard LawWeaving local fleece Tania Matthews