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16BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley Asection that reflects the increased interest inthe crafts and traditional skills which are anintrinsic part of our cultural heritage. These form anatural extension to the wide range of Paintingand Drawing courses on offer at FSC Centres.Many of the activities are studio-based, but youare encouraged to draw inspiration for subjectmatter by observing the local landscapes,buildings and wildlife or searching for referencematerial in our extensive libraries. The resultingstained glass panels, willow structures,illuminated manuscripts and other completepieces can all incorporate creative ways ofrepresenting the environment around us.Detailed course leaflets available direct from therelevant Centres or via our website give morecomprehensive information on the materials andequipment that are supplied for a course and thosethat you will need to bring. In addition to thepublished fee, an extra charge will be made towardsthe end of most courses for materials that you useon your projects, for example: glass, lead, wood orleather. The exact amount will depend both on thelength of the course and how productive you are! crafts&traditional skillsGreen wood working Richard LawWeaving local fleece Tania Matthews

www.field-studies-Crafts & Traditional Skills and Book Repairs forBeginners and ImproversFM. O. 12 Feb-17 Feb. Sun-Fri. £548. £388Covering both restoration of existing booksand the creation of new bindings, thiscourse is equally suitable for beginners andthose with previous experience, sincetuition is given according to individualneeds. The course emphasises thetraditional skills and techniques of handbinding and helps you develop a deeperinsight into this rewarding craft. GeorgeDavidsonis a freelance bookbinder, whoregularly runs courses at Flatford Mill.Stained Glass for Beginners and Near BeginnersFM. B. 24 Feb-26 Feb. Fri-Sun. £240. £172This course is for anyone who wishes tolearn or find out more about the craft ofTiffany-style stained glass, where glass withcopper foil soldered at the edges allowsbeautiful and delicate objects to be made.Detailed design can take inspiration fromthe natural or built environment. Glass andother materials are provided but pleaseexpect to reimburse for the amounts youuse. Rosella Chester is an experiencedstained glass artist who teaches regularly atFlatford Mill.A Week of Willow BasketryKD. O. 24 Feb-01 Mar. Fri-Thu. £340. £255This course is aimed at beginners andimprovers. It will introduce the basictechniques of weaving a round basket tonewcomers to the craft, and will show thosewith more experience how to control theshape and form of their baskets, producegood borders and handles and to progressto other shapes. It will have a distinctlyScottish feel with baskets incorporating theuse of Scottish-grown willows and nativehedgerow materials. Jane Wilkinsonis anexperienced tutor who has been weavingbaskets, hurdles, sculpture and coracles for12 years.Calligraphy for Beginners andImproversFM. O. 02 Mar-04 Mar. Fri-Sun. £224. £158Beginners and improvers are equallywelcome on this weekend calligraphycourse, since tuition can be adapted to meetindividual needs. You can learn or revisecalligraphy scripts of your choice or choosefrom the following: experimenting withscript variations, design of short texts orbackgrounds and decoration. GaynorGoffeis a freelance calligrapher andteacher and a Fellow of the Calligraphy andLettering Arts Society.Care and Repair of Old HousesMA. O. 11 Apr. Wed. Non-residential. £100This one-day course is designed to givehomeowners and tradespeople theknowledge required to help conserve oldhouses. The course covers the principlesof conservation and the use of the correctenvironmentally-friendly materials andtechniques on old buildings. Comprisingclassroom lectures and practicalworkshops, the course offers theopportunity to gain hands-on experienceusing lime and associated materials.Attendees will be provided with theknowledge to take control of thedecisions necessary to repair andmaintain an old house. Cliff Blundelland Chris Wrightare historic buildingsexperts based in Pembrokeshire andfounders of The Lime Company of WestWales (TLC). They are members of TheBuilding Limes Forum and lecture atcourses throughout the UK run by TheSociety for the Protection of AncientBuildings, The National Trust and theRoyal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. Introduction to Dry Stone WallingMA. B. 16 Apr-17 Apr. Mon-Tue. £170. £125This courses enables participants tofamiliarise themselves with the basictechniques of dry stone walling. It willcover the basic skills of dry stone walling,the tools and equipment needed and howto use them. It will also help participants tohelp estimate quantities and cost of a drystone wall project and to have theconfidence to tackle a straightforward drystone walling task. Andrew Rickmanis amember of the Down to Earth Project Team,a social enterprise specialising inSustainability Education and NaturalBuilding.Willow Work for Your Garden: Small Willow SculpturesFM. O. 17 Apr. Tue. Non-residential. £56This one-day course will show you how tomake simple, striking sculptures out ofwillow such as birds, woven balls or yourown creative idea. No previousexperience of willow work is necessary. JoHammondis a local artist who teacheswillow work and basketry. Course feeincludes a home-cooked lunch, withmaterials charged at cost according tohow productive you are!Green Wood Working for BeginnersFM. B. 27 Apr-29 Apr. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This weekend is an introduction to thefascinating craft of green wood working:the working of unseasoned wood in logform. Using ash and sweet chestnut fromlocal coppiced woodlands, we will beginby making simple products such asmallets and log boxes, then learn how toturn wood using pedal-powered polelathes. All tools and materials areprovided. Richard Kingis a localcraftsman who lives and works with theOld Hall Community in East Bergholt.The practical sessions take place in hisworkshop there.Stained Glass Panels for BeginnersFM. B. 27 Apr-29 Apr. Fri-Sun. £244. £178This course is for anyone who wishes tolearn how to make leaded stained glasspanels. No previous experience isnecessary. You will create a small panelabout 20cm square, based on a simpledesign of your choosing. This will allowyou to learn all the techniques involvedfrom glass cutting and leading to polishingand finishing. Glass and other materials areprovided but please expect to reimburse forthe amounts you use. Carole Grayis adesigner of decorative stained glass whogreatly enjoys sharing her expertise.Willow Work for Your Garden: Small Willow SculpturesFM. O. 01 May. Tue. Non-residential. £56See course description 17 Apr. Jo Hammond.20Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £13517Dry stone wall Stephanie Kiel