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www.field-studies-Crafts & Traditional Skills The course comprises mainly ofpractical workshops where attendees enjoya great deal of trowel-time. Skills such aslime-pointing, plastering, lime-washingand roughcasting are explored in depth.Interaction is encouraged throughout theday so be prepared to get stuck in. CliffBlundelland Chris Wrightare historicbuildings experts based in Pembrokeshireand founders of The Lime Company ofWest Wales (TLC). They are members ofThe Building Limes Forum and lecture atcourses throughout the UK run by TheSociety for the Protection of AncientBuildings, The National Trust and the RoyalInstitute of Chartered Surveyors. Introduction to Cob BuildingMA. B. 20 Aug-21 Aug. Mon-Tue. £170. £125See course description 01 May-02 May. Jen McKenna.Sculpture: An ExplorationMT. O. 24 Aug-27 Aug. Fri-Mon. £355. £249A wonderful opportunity, through the useof clay, to explore different methods ofsculpture, both building and removing,studying form and mass. The beauty ofnature and the unique surroundinglandscape will be used to improveobservational skills. There will be a numberof activities encouraging deeper thoughtand sensitivity and you will work towardscompleting one or two clay sculptures readyfor kiln firing. The course is suitable for allabilities, including complete beginners.Sarah Smith, a former student of theElizabeth Frink School, is a professionalsculptor working in stone and clay.Woolcraft WeekendMT. O. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £245. £170Transform fleece and explore the creativepotential of wool. This weekend gives youa wonderful opportunity to try outspinning, weaving, dyeing and feltmakingusing traditional methods. The structure ofthe weekend will be as flexible as we canmake it - we would like you to be able to tryeverything, but if you want to concentrateon one craft you will be able to. Jan Hicksobtained her degree in ContemporaryApplied Arts at Carlisle, and was a finalistin the 2011 Craft and Design MagazineAwards. She teaches a wide range of crafts,including feltmaking. Marion Woolcottisan experienced spinner, weaver, knitter andcrocheter as well as being a tutor anddesigner.Green Woodworking at Malham TarnMT. O. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £245. £170For thousands of years craftsmen haveworked wood using simple tools - axes,chisels, a pole lathe and shaving horse.During this weekend in the woods atMalham Tarn, learn how to select wood andmake a shrink pot, a container traditionallymade in Scandinavia. The simple methodof making gives plenty of design freedomfrom simple to complex pots. No previousexperience needed. Richard Lawworksfrom an outdoor shelter at Bolton Abbey,using traditional tools and locally sourcedunseasoned woods. As well as teachingcourses, Richard takes commissionsmaking artefacts including spoons, vesselsand furniture.Introduction to Keeping Chickens at HomeMA. O. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £210. £143The course is designed to cover all the basicskills for keeping chickens. The aim of thecourse is to help make the decision ifchicken-keeping is applicable for yourlifestyle and if so, how to do it. The coursewill also cover issues such as maintainingyour flock's health, seasonal jobs and evenhatching your own eggs. This course is forthe complete beginner and will include'hands-on time' with chickens, chicks, eggs,housing and more. Gareth Barryis a fieldteacher at the Margam Discovery Centre.Gareth graduated with a Masters in NaturalScience from Cambridge University. Hehas been working with chickens for the lastfive years and has been breeding his ownfor two years.Calligraphy for Beginners and ImproversFM. O. 07 Sep-09 Sep. Fri-Sun. £224. £158See course description 02 Mar-04 Mar.Gaynor Goffe.Stained Glass for Beginners and Near BeginnersFM. B. 21 Sep-23 Sep. Fri-Sun. £240. £172See course details 24 Feb-26 Feb. RosellaChester.The Rustic Gardener: IntroducingPractical Woodcraft FM. O. 12 Oct-14 Oct. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This course explores how you can grow andharvest your own materials from woods,hedgerows, gardens or allotments anddevelop practical woodworking skills tocreate a range of useful tools and furniture.The emphasis will be on demonstrating awide range of rustic woodworking skills.The course is definitely designed for peoplenot used to using tools! Geoff Sinclairis aprofessional forester and rustic craftsman,keen to encourage greater use of local woodproducts.Hedgerow BasketryKD. O. 12 Oct-15 Oct. Fri-Mon. £189. £142This weekend course will concentrate onthe use of willow in combination with otherfound materials such as dogwood, birch,hazel and broom. In fact any pliablematerials that can be collected in andaround the beautiful grounds of the Centre.You will have the chance to maketraditional baskets from these materials orto make more sculptural forms. There willbe a short evening session on makingChristmas crafts in willow. Jane Wilkinsonis an experienced tutor who has beenweaving baskets, hurdles, sculpture andcoracles for 12 years. Old House InteriorsMA. O. 30 Oct. Tue. Non-residential. £100This one-day course explores the aestheticand functional delights found inside oldhouses. The course examines the'atmosphere' particular to old buildingsand suggests ways to repair interiorssuccessfully. The course is ideally designedfor people who have already attended atleast one of the Care and Repair courses.Cliff Blundelland Chris Wrightarehistoric buildings experts based inPembrokeshire and founders of The LimeCompany of West Wales (TLC). They aremembers of The Building Limes Forum andlecture at courses throughout the UK run byThe Society for the Protection of AncientBuildings, The National Trust and the RoyalInstitute of Chartered Surveyors. Introduction to HedgelayingMA. O. 30 Oct-31 Oct. Tue-Wed. £170. £125Hedgerows are a vital part of the Britishcountryside, as both a field boundary and avaluable wildlife habitat. This course aimsto introduce the practical skills oftraditional hedgelaying management andhow best this can be done to conserve thewildlife that rely on them. The Down toEarth Project Teamis a social enterprisespecialising in Sustainability Education andNatural Building. The members of staffinvolved specialise in sustainable andtraditional training of which hedgelaying isa major part.Hedgerow BasketryFM. O. 16 Nov-18 Nov. Fri-Sun. £224. £158This weekend course introduces thetraditional craft of basket weaving usingnatural materials found in wild places andgardens. We will explore the localwoodlands and hedgerows to identify andgather suitable cuttings, and then show youhow to build your own traditional framebasket. Jo Hammondis a local artist withwide-ranging interests in arts and crafts.Bookbinding and BookRepairs for Beginners and ImproversFM. O. 02 Dec-07 Dec. Sun-Fri. £548. £388See course description 12 Feb-17 Feb.George Davidson.NEWNEWNEWNEWDiscounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £13519

history & These FSC courses cover many facets of historyand prehistory, from Stone Age times to theorigins of our modern industrial society includinghistoric transport. The courses cover the stories of particular areas orthe people and communities who have lived there.Some take a broad view of community life, lookingat the nature of changes in several places; othersfocus on particular aspects of our historical andindustrial heritage. With their careful blend of field excursions,slideshows, discussions and other activities, thesecourses are suitable for anyone curious to learn howthe past can be brought to life and the way people'sideas and actions have shaped today's landscapeand built environment.Margam ParkDavid DugganMontgomery Castle Simon Normanarchaeology20BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley