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Local HistoryThe Megalithic Secrets of CumbriaBL. O. 24 Feb-26 Feb. Fri-Sun. £220. £165This two-day course will include visits toCastlerigg and the Eamont Bridge Hengesnear Penrith. The emphasis of this coursewill be on the Stone Circles and Henges ofCumbria, where there are 109 sites, morethan in any other county in England. Forthe past 13 years Paul Dawhas beenvisiting, photographing and surveying thestone circles and henges of England. Pauluses his surveying and dowsing skills in anunusual way to unravel the secrets of thepast.If Trees Could Talk: A History of Epping Forest EF. O. 26 Feb. Sun. Non-residential . £39Trees may be silent but they are thesurviving clues to the history of EppingForest that this new and fascinating courseuncovers. Learn how the landscape hasshaped man's use of the Forest and piecetogether evidence from maps, aerialphotographs and other records to delve intothis historic woodland's story. TriciaMoxeyis a qualified botanist and lecturerand has worked in Epping Forest for manyyears.Watermills and Windmills in Essex and SuffolkFM. O. 03 Apr-05 Apr. Tue-Thu. £240. £172Using many fine examples from Essex andSuffolk, this midweek course introduces thestory of watermills, windmills and tidemillsand the technologies that made them suchimportant features in their localcommunities. There will be visits to seemills in varying states of restoration, whichin turn should help us understand howFlatford Mill used to operate. GrahamRobinsonis a historian who works forEssex County Council as a millwright,where he looks after several different kindsof mills. David Morgans helps as MillsSupport Officer and is also an IndustrialHeritage Education Officer. Fees includetransport and entrance charges.Historic GardensOR. 1. 08 May-13 May. Tue-Sun. £475. £375The course is an introduction to some of themost important historic gardens of thisbeautiful corner of Britain and will appealto both garden historians and keenplantspeople. You will visit a variety ofgardens featuring plants that reflect theinterests of their owners and the mildclimate of the area. Garden entry included.Ivor Stokesis a keen plantsman who hastravelled the world in search of plants andhas a long-standing interest in the historicgardens of Wales.The Megalithic Secrets of EnglandBL. O. 01 Jun-05 Jun. Fri-Tue. £360. £270This four-day course will include field tripsto Long Meg and Her Daughters at LittleSalkeld, near Penrith, the Moor Divockstone circle sites, as well as Castlerigg andthe Eamont Bridge Henges. There will bedemonstrations on surveying techniques atthe stone circles, and instructions ondowsing will be shown at these ancientsites. For the past 13 years Paul Dawhasbeen visiting, photographing andsurveying the stone circles and henges ofEngland. Paul uses his surveying anddowsing skills in an unusual way tounravel the secrets of the past.Highlights of PerthshireKD. O. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £295. £215Scotland is studded with significantlandmarks and August is the best time of yearto see beautiful gardens and fascinatingcastles. This course will take you to the toooften missed local points of interest along theway. Please note price includes admissions.Centre Staffhave an in-depth knowledge ofthe local area and its history.Margam Country Park Through TheAges: Iron Age to PresentMA. O. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £230. £157Few places can rival Margam Park for theabundance of historical evidence packedinto its 800 acres, the earliest signs ofsettlement are the Iron Age Hill Fort. Thisis an informal course which will combinefun, learning, enjoyment and site visitswithin the park. Aside from the history inthe park, there will be visits to someexcellent historical locations within thesurrounding area including St FagansNational History Museum. Margam ParkRanger, Steve George, has been sharing hisknowledge of and enthusiasm for MargamPark with the public since 1979. NEWCastlerigg Tim FosterNEWNEWwww.field-studies-History & for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £13521

Highlights of the Lake DistrictBL. O. 31 Aug-04 Sep. Fri-Tue. £360. £270On this course we will explore thehighlights of the Lake District in four dayscovering four different themes; archaeology,landscape, buildings and the National Park.Each day will be packed with interest andwill involve some walking, though notover-strenuous. Don't forget to bring yourcamera, you will not be disappointed. TimFoster is the Head of the Blencathra Centreand has spent the last 25 years in teachingand management posts in secondary,further and higher education and prior tothat worked in construction and the oilindustry.Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings in Suffolk and EssexFM. O. 05 Oct-07 Oct. Fri-Sun. £240. £172Suffolk and Essex are especially rich insurviving medieval timber-framed housesand this weekend offers insights into thedevelopment and dating of them. Illustratedlectures and visits to privately owned houseswill help you understand how to 'read' thesefascinating buildings and learn about thepeople who lived in them. John Walkerischairman of the Essex Historic BuildingsGroup and an enthusiastic advocate of thecarpenter's craft. Interpreting the Gaelic LandscapeKD. O. 02 Nov-05 Nov. Fri-Mon. £189. £142This weekend course aims to provide non-Gaelic speakers with tools that will allowthem to interpret and enjoy Scotland'sGaelic landscape. The course will be heldindoors and will emphasise correctpronunciation of place names as well asvisual interpretation of features on maps ofthe Highlands. Roddy Macleanis anInverness-based Gaelic journalist andbroadcaster, and author of publications onHighland place names.HistoricTransportAll historic transport courses in 2012 are ledby railway enthusiast David Alison. Davidis a popular and experienced course leaderwho has a passion for railway travel and hastravelled as far afield as China and SouthAfrica in pursuit of steam.Steaming Through SnowdoniaRC. O. 27 Jul-02 Aug. Fri-Thu. £565. £410North Wales possesses a wealth of utterlycharming narrow-gauge railways, many ofwhich have been restored to carry visitorsthrough some of the UK's most spectacularscenery. Steam traction is used virtuallythroughout. Learn the history of these linesand travel on many of them, including theworld-famous Snowdon summit railway.On most days there will be opportunitiesfor short walks and local sightseeing. Thecourse fee includes all railway journeys andentrance fees during the course. Settle-Carlisle and Steam in the NorthMT. O. 10 Aug-17 Aug. Fri-Fri. £760. £545Explore the fascinating history of thisfamous line, a marvel of Victorianengineering passing through majesticscenery. As well as travelling by train(steam, if it is running!) from Settle toCarlisle, you will also visit three preservedsteam railways, a canal cruise and theWensleydale Railway. You do not need tobe a railway buff, but if you enjoy beautifulscenery, train travel, local history, natureand a whiff of nostalgia, then this course isfor you! Steaming Round the LakesBL. O. 20 Aug-24 Aug. Mon-Fri. £360. £270One of the best ways to see the beauty of theLake District is to use steam trains andsteamers (and to let someone else drive youaround!). Travel on four railway lines (threeof which are steam operated), cruise on fourlakes and cross some spectacular mountainpasses in the minibus. Photograph steamtrains, boats and scenery and discoversomething of the history of Lakelandtransport and industry along the way. ArchaeologyAn Introduction to the Archaeology ofDartmoor and the Tamar ValleySL. O. 10 Aug-17 Aug. Fri-Fri. £550. £370A course introducing the various aspects ofarchaeology in Devon, from prehistorictimes up to the recent past, which also givesa chance to explore some of the stunningscenery of the area. Owen Thompsontaught A Level Archaeology for 10 yearsand has conducted fieldtrips to variousparts of Britain.Llangollen Bryn Jones22BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley NEWChurch in NefynVicky Barnes