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DigitalPhotographyand ImagingIntroducing Digital PhotographyFM. B. 02 Mar-04 Mar. Fri-Sun. £230. £164A short course introducing the rapidlyevolving techniques of digital photographyfor anyone using higher specificationdigital cameras, which allow you controlover aperture, shutter speed and focallength i.e. not the simpler compact 'pointand shoot' types. Working with naturalhistory and countryside subjects, you willlearn and practise the principles ofproducing high quality images and how totransfer and store them effectively andsecurely onto a computer and other storagemedia. Geoffrey Kibbylectures in digitalphotography and his images appear inmany biological reports and records.Introducing Digital PhotographyFM. B. 03 Apr-05 Apr. Tue-Thu. £230. £164See course description 02 Mar-04 Mar.Geoffrey Kibby.Digital Imaging: Using Photoshop ElementsFM. B. 13 Apr-15 Apr. Fri-Sun. £230. £164This weekend course is for anyoneinterested in exploring the potential of theAdobe Photoshop Elements imagemanipulation programme, used to enhanceany digital or scanned image. The skillslearned will be particularly useful forpeople with digital cameras who enjoytaking natural history and landscapephotographs. Geoffrey Kibbylectures indigital photography and his images appearin many biological reports and records.Digital Photography: Flowers andOther Plants in SpringFM. O. 27 Apr-29 Apr. Fri-Sun. £230. £164On this spring weekend course we will bephotographing garden flowers, as well aswild plants in a local woodland. We willcompare the different photographictechniques required for working in a formalsetting and a natural habitat. We will alsotake time to look at the various types ofcameras and how they work. Suitable foranyone with digital SLRs or more advancedcompact cameras. Jacqui Hurstis aprofessional photographer who regularlyteaches at Flatford Mill.Spring Digital Photography in PembrokeshireDF. O. 02 May-06 May. Wed-Sun. £375. £281This course is designed for developingdigital photographers who are keen toimprove their skills. Some knowledge isuseful to get the most out of the course andwe will be utilising the superb springPembrokeshire landscapes to cover manykey aspects of the camera as well as somecomputer enhancement. Julian CremonaisHead of Centre at Dale Fort with interests inaquatic ecology, wildlife photography,computing and information technology. An Introduction to Digital PhotographyMT. O. 25 May-28 May. Fri-Mon. £345. £238Taking advantage of the light and sceneryof the Yorkshire Dales in spring, learn moreabout the controls and features of yourdigital camera and how to use them to takebetter photographs. Elements of designand composition will be included as well asusing your camera creatively to add impactto your pictures. Margaretand Rod Smithare experienced photography tutors as wellas being successful freelancephotographers. They live locally and havetaught a wide range of classes andworkshops in the area.Digital Photography from Start to FinishSL. O. 27 Jul-29 Jul. Fri-Sun. £225. £160A course for both beginners and moreexperienced students, following the digitalimaging pathway from image capture withdigital cameras and scanners, throughstorage and image processing to imageoutput. The main emphasis will be onobtaining the highest quality images at eachstage in the process. Adrian Davies is afreelance nature photographer, lecturer,author and highly experienced courseleader. Macro and Micro Digital Photography WorkshopDF. I. 28 Jul-31 Jul . Sat-Tue. £330. £248Get stunning close-ups of wildlife andplants using digital SLRs and compactcameras. Explore the methods used tophotograph aquatic and terrestrialspecimens. Equipment will be available forparticipants to use, including additionallenses, tripods and microscopes. Differentfocusing software will be demonstrated.Julian Cremonais Head of Centre at DaleFort with special interests in aquaticecology, wildlife photography, computingand information technology.The Complete Digital Photography CourseDF. B. 04 Aug-10 Aug. Sat-Fri. £470. £352This complete beginners course will helpyou understand your computer and digitalcamera all through the subject of naturalNEWBlea Tarn Rob WardWaterfall in Gwaun Valley Julian CremonaNEW24BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley

history. A mix of developing computerskills, understanding your camera and thebest techniques for photography arecombined with short walks. JulianCremona is Head of Centre at Dale Fortwith special interests in aquatic ecology,wildlife photography, computing andinformation technology.Photography for Biological RecordsPM. O. 17 Aug-19 Aug. Fri-Sun. £248. £170This short course will focus on how to getthe best from your digital camera whenused for recording the rich wildlife of thesurrounding countryside, especiallyinsects, flowers and fungi etc. There willalso be instruction on the basics of digitalenhancement and editing once the photosare downloaded to the computer. Thecourse will include short field trips to putthe instruction into practice. GeoffreyKibbylectures in digital photography andhis images appear in many biologicalreports and records.Delightful Devon: Digital PhotographySL. O. 21 Aug-24 Aug. Tue-Fri. £335. £225Learn how to use your digital camera inpicturesque south Devon. In this course wewill learn how to get more from yourcamera, store images on a computer, sortthem by subject and learn some basics ofphoto editing. Mark Gardener is anecologist and photographer with a passionfor looking at the natural world. Natural History Photography -Digital Images for Identification and PleasureMT. O. 24 Aug-27 Aug. Fri-Mon. £335. £229Digital cameras have revolutionised ourapproach to identifying plants, fungi andinsects. Learn how to record good qualityimages that combine an accurate portrayal ofthe subject with traditional compositionalelements to make pictures that are bothvisually very satisfying and suitable foridentification purposes. Visiting variedhabitats around Malham Tarn we willconcentrate on the smaller organisms:plants, fungi and insects. Robin Sutton,Assistant Head and Senior Ecologist atMalham Tarn Field Centre, is anaccomplished naturalist and photographer. Starting Off in Digital PhotographyRC. B. 24 Aug-27 Aug. Fri-Mon. £255. £185Snowdonia National Park and thepicturesque Conwy Valley provide thebackdrop for this complete beginnerscourse. The course will help youunderstand your computer and digitalcamera. A mix of developing computerskills, understanding your camera and thebest techniques for photography arecombined with short walks. JulianCremona is Head of Centre at Dale Fortwith interests in aquatic ecology, wildlifephotography and computing andinformation technology.Introducing Digital PhotographyFM. B. 31 Aug-02 Sep. Fri-Sun. £230. £164See course description 02 Mar-04 Mar.Geoffrey Kibby.Digital Photography: Autumn ColoursFM. O. 26 Oct-28 Oct. Fri-Sun. £230. £164This course is designed for those who wishto explore and capture by camera the magicof autumn: the changing colours, the seedheads, the fruits and berries, the earlymorning mists and dew that characterisethe season. Your time will be dividedbetween photographing at Flatford Mill, ina local garden and a nearby woodland.Jacqui Hurstis a professional photographerwho regularly teaches at Flatford Mill.Autumn Digital Photography in PembrokeshireDF. O. 26 Oct-30 Oct. Fri-Tue. £375. £281A course for developing digitalphotographers who are keen to improvetheir skills. Some knowledge is useful andwe will be utilising the superbPembrokeshire landscapes to cover manykey aspects of the camera as well as somecomputer enhancement. Julian Cremonais Head of Centre at Dale Fort withinterests in aquatic ecology, wildlifephotography, computing and informationtechnology. Digital Imaging: Using Photoshop ElementsFM. B. 23 Nov-25 Nov. Fri-Sun. £230. £164See course description 13 Apr-15 Apr.Geoffrey Kibby.Nature andLandscapePhotography in Epping Forest in WinterEF. O. 28 Jan. Sat . Non-residential. £39Learn how to use your camera to getinteresting photographs of the winter floraand fauna in Epping Forest. Find out howto take good close-up pictures usingdifferent angles. Suitable for all levels ofexperience. A workshop will follow with achance to see the results and learn how touse Photoshop. John Pricehas worked as aprofessional photographer throughout hislife, and is currently working on the 50Favourite Treesproject.NEWwww.field-studies-council.Photographyorg/photographyRosebay willow herb Patrick KreyerNEWNEWNEWNEWDiscounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £13525Greater spotted woodpecker female John Sixsmith