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millimetres across. We will look at thelighting of small objects and how toachieve maximum focus. Most will bedone in workshops within and around theCentre using simple material to practice on.All equipment can be supplied and noprior knowledge is assumed. JulianCremona specialises in all aspects ofdigitised imagery, from the taking ofphotographs to manipulating them on thecomputer. He is the author of DigitalPhotography Made Easy. Landscape Photography in the DalesMT. O. 10 Aug-17 Aug. Fri-Fri. £665. £450The Yorkshire Dales is a special place,containing a fantastic variety of features,varying from wild, unspoilt moorland andhills to gentle valleys and picturesquevillages. Visits will be planned to providea range of opportunities to test anddevelop your photographic skills. Therewill also be advice and guidance on gettingthe best from your equipment, be it digitalor film, and manipulating digital imageson the computer. Margaretand Rod Smithare experienced photography tutors as wellas being successful freelancephotographers. They live locally and havetaught a wide range of classes andworkshops in the area.Digital Photography: Answering All Your QuestionsSL. O. 13 Aug-17 Aug. Mon-Fri. £405. £275If you have a basic understanding of digitalphotography but need to learn more onhow to properly use your equipment thenthis is the course for you. It will enable youto take charge of your camera, especially ifyou have manual options. The quality oflight is all important and this along withissues of composition, viewpoint andexposure will be considered. Using amixture of talks, demonstrations and tripsout we will gradually try to address yourquestions and concerns on digitalphotography. Julian Cremonaspecialisesin all aspects of digitised imagery, from thetaking of photographs to manipulatingthem on the computer. He is the author ofDigital Photography Made Easy. Late Summer Photography in the Lake DistrictBL. B. 17 Aug-21 Aug. Fri-Tue. £360. £270The course is intended for those who simplyenjoy the outdoors. Making the most of thebeautiful surroundings of the Lake District,the course will involve a combination oflandscape/scenic photography with somenature photography, ensuring that there isalways something to photograph whateverthe conditions. Rob Wardis an East Anglianbased freelance photographer who alsoteaches photography and Photoshopcourses. Rob regularly supplies picturelibraries, magazines and books with hisimages.Photography in Epping Forest in AutumnEF. O. 07 Oct. Sun. Non-residential. £39Learn how to use your camera to getinteresting photographs of the autumn floraand fauna in Epping Forest. Find out howto take good close-up pictures usingdifferent angles. Suitable for all levels ofexperience. A workshop will follow with achance to see the results and learn how touse Photoshop. John Pricehas worked as aprofessional photographer throughout hislife, and is currently working on the 50Favourite Treesproject.Autumn Nature PhotographyKD. B. 19 Oct-26 Oct. Fri-Fri. £475. £356This course will combine naturephotography with the beautiful autumncolours in the area. There will be theopportunity to photograph the red squirrelsin the grounds as they prepare for winter bycollecting and burying nuts. Hides will beset up for the many small birds and mothtraps will be used if the weather isfavourable, and there should still be fungialong with the photogenic lichens andmosses in the grounds of the Centre.Margaretand John Sixsmithare keennaturalists and photographers and lecturewidely on nature photography. Autumn Wildlife and Landscape PhotographyMA. O. 26 Oct-28 Oct. Fri-Sun. £230. £157This weekend course will give participantsall the skills and knowledge required forsuccessful nature and landscapephotography. It will look at all aspects ofnature photography including close-up andlandscape work. With the autumn in fullflow we will be getting close to fungi,experimenting with the camera and makingthe most of the woodland colour at MargamCountry Park. We will also be following thedeer rut, be prepared to get up early and toget down and dirty! Please note that thecourse is best suited for those with SLRcameras with a telephoto facility. Digitalprocessing and editing, and getting the bestfrom your images on the computer usingPhotoshop CS3 will be covered in theevening sessions. Paul Richardsis a retiredcountryside manager and keen wildlifephotographer. He has achieved awards atnational and international level and wasshortlisted in the 2010 British WildlifePhotography Awards.www.field-studies-council.Photographyorg/photography27Discounts for shared accommodationShared accommodation is usually available on our residential courses at a discounted price. The cost is(see page 2)normally around £10 per night less than sole occupancy price. Please contact the Centre for an exact price.centreleveldatesdayssole occupancynon-residentialfee FM . O . 01 Feb-03 Feb . Fri-Sun . £174 . £135NEWPoppies Pete BoardmanRed deer sparring Margaret Sixsmith

The FSC is the only environmentaleducation charity dedicated solelyto helping people of all ages toexperience the environment at firsthand; to discover, explore and beinspired by the natural world. Over the last 65 years the FSC hastouched the hearts and minds ofindividuals of all ages through coursesat our network of field centres, workoverseas and production of resources.The FSC believes the more we knowabout the environment, the more wecan appreciate its needs and protect itsdiversity and beauty for futuregenerations. By becoming a memberyou can help us to reach more people.As a registered charity, the FSC receivesno statutory funding. We thereforedepend on membership and feescharged for our courses and otherservices to support the work we do.Membership of the FSC costs only £15 ayear for individuals, £25 for families. £5of your membership fee will be donateddirectly to the FSC Kids Fund.Your membership will help us to:.Support FSC Kids Fund and provide life-changing experiences for disadvantaged young people.Campaign to promote fieldwork and outdoor learning.Provide people with opportunities to learn more about the natural world through our courses and publications.Invest in our Centre facilitiesAs a member you will receive FSCmagazines twice annually, containingnews on all of our centres and projects.As well as donating to Kids Fund andreceiving FSC magazines, members ofthe FSC receive an exclusive preview ofthe Natural History, Arts and Familycourses programmes, allowing firstchoice of courses you would like tobook.If you would like to help the FSC bybecoming a member please completethe membership form on page 29 of thisbrochure.inspiredHelp others to be28by natureGrass IdentificationPete BoardmanSupport the FSC today and help thousands more people each year discoverthe natural worldTop to bottom:Outdoor discovery Blencathra; Biology fieldworkRhyd-y-creuau; Eco-challengeJohn Lomas