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7and theEnvironmentThe FSC has a commitment to environmentalresponsibility, demonstrated by the majority ofCentres having achieved the Eco-Centre Awardwhich covers all aspects of a Centre's operation. We believe there is a need to set challenging targets toreduce our carbon emissions and waste. We aredeveloping new ways to monitor and improveenvironmental performance. We are taking active stepsto reduce energy consumption with energy savingmeasures such as improving insulation in historicbuildings and using low energy light bulbs.Lift sharingWhy not try and reduce your own carbon footprint bycar sharing when travelling to and from our centres?Search online for "lift sharing schemes" to find moreinformation. Book and Pay OnlineThe new-look FSC website now offers you thechance to book and pay for courses online. Thismeans no need to write cheques or phone us tomake payment. Plus you can book your coursesany time that suits you - day or night!Simply browse courses on our website and onceyou have selected one or more, add them to yourbasket and pay with your credit or debit cardthrough our secure online system. Deposits can also be paid online where applicable.Full terms and conditions of booking can be foundon page 31 of this brochure. To start booking online today visit availablefrom the FSCFamily holiday courses 2012Experience stunning scenery, fantasticwildlife and exciting activities withthe whole family.Natural Historycourses 2012Learn about the natural world fromwalking and exploring in thecountryside to specific courses onbirds, lichens and invertebrates.If you would like to find out moreabout our family holiday courses or naturalhistory courses please request a brochure via the website: or phone 0845 345 4071FSC

drawingThe courses within this section offer the opportunityto concentrate on the more artistic elements of thenatural world. There is a wide range of courses on offerin 2012 to help you to explore and develop painting anddrawing skills. Courses are based in and around thestunning locations of our Centres and most offer acombination of outdoor and studio-based activities.There are courses for all abilities. Course titles and leveldescriptions highlight the degree of previous experience(if any) our tutors will be assuming at the start of a course. 'Beginners' courses start with basic principles. If youalready have some previous experience of painting in aparticular medium or subject, choose an 'Improvers'course. Many courses are 'Open to Everyone'; here thetutor is happy to accommodate a range of individualrequirements within the course structure. Detailed course leaflets available direct from Centres andon our website give more information about the aims andobjectives of each course and details of equipment andmaterials which you should bring with you. Please notethat painting equipment and materials are usually notcovered by our fees. & theartspainting,Botanical watercolour Lesley SmithFrost Flowers Pauline Meade8BLBlencathra .DFDale Fort .EFEpping Forest .FMFlatford Mill . KDKindrogan .MTMalham Tarn .MAMargam .OROrielton .PMPreston Montford .RCRhyd-y-creuau .SLSlapton Ley