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11www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272travel arrangementsCheck that you have the right number of places booked on the coachCheck the pick-up time and the estimated time of return and inform the parents/guardians of all these detailsCheck the ferry times for the outward and return journeysAT Least 2 months prior to your departure date:Send a location map of your school to Rockley Adventure*** Notify Rockley Adventure of a contact telephone number (preferably a MOBILE) for your day of departure ***School Emergency Contact Person & telephone numberHead of Telephone Tree Contact Person & telephone numberHead Teacher Emergency telephone numberPlease use this checklist below to check both your provisional and final travel details when you receive them from checklistProvisional Travel Details Final Travel Details

12www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272travel documentationPassportAs Group Leader you need to choose whether your group will travel to our overseas centres on individual passports arranged and submitted to the school by parents or a collective passport arranged by the school.Individual PassportsThis avoids the necessity of adding the cost of a collective passport to the overall trip price for pupils.It is, however, essential when using individual passports that you collect them from pupils well before the date of departure and check that they are not damaged, have at least 6 months validity after the date you are due to return from France and do not require any visa exemption paperwork.Should parents need to arrange an individual passport for their son/daughter they should be directed to the Home Office, Identity and Passport Service - www.ips. or telephone them on 0300 222 0000 as early as possible.Please be aware that when applying for a first adult passport, the applicant will be required to attend an interview and the process can take up to six weeks with no fast track alternative is available.Collective PassportsA Collective Passport may be obtained from the Home Office, Identitiy and Passport Service. This should be obtained well in advance of the departure date of your Rockley Adventure trip.Please be aware that each collective passport can cover a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 50 students. However, you can apply for more than one passport for each trip.All staff and over 18's travelling with the group must carry their own individual passport.At the time of going to print, the fee for each collective passport was £39.For an application form and more information, contact the Home Office, Identity and Passport Service on 0300 222 0000 or go to be aware that upon receipt of the application form you will need to ask parents to complete some paperwork before sending it back to your local passport office. You must therefore allow plenty of time to organise all the necessary documents.You should allow at least six weeks from when you submit your completed application to the date of your trip.Non-UK Nationals (Visa Nationals)Non-UK nationals may travel as part of a school party either on a visa from the relevant Embassy or Consulate or by completing a form to apply for visa exempt status as described in the following section. If there is any doubt about the regulations then the visa or consulate section of the relevant Embassy should be able to assist.A directory of foreign embassies is available at www. ExemptionVisa exemption is available through the British Council for pupils who are nationals of countries outside the European Union for school visits to countries within the European Union.You can apply for Visa exemption for members of your party, assuming they meet the following requirements:a) They are legally resident in the UK (their passport should contain a stamp from the Immigration Directorate confirming this).b) They are travelling as part of a school party.c) They are in possession of a valid travel document (eg a passport of a non-EU country), which is in the pupil's name only.Please note that the scheme is only available to pupils travelling with a school group therefore pupils of FE or HE colleges and universities must apply for a visa via the UK embassy or their home nation.Applying for Visa Exemption for School Trips within the EU.If you have a pupil or pupils within your party who are nationals of countries who would normally require a visa for travel to France, the group leader will need to apply to the British Council to secure visa exemption using the List of Travellers Scheme.In order to use the List of Travellers Scheme, the group leader must re-quest a form from the British Council, on behalf of your pupil or pupils (you can include up to 10 visa nationals on one form).You will need the following information in order to request the form:. The dates of the proposed trip . School Details to Include: Name of Group Leader, School Name, Address and Contact Details. The EU country the trip will visit or pass through en-route. Details of any non EU Nationals to include: o Names o Nationality o Details of any relevant travel documents entitling them to reside in the UK. (For example non EU passport and any stamps or attached documents). What is the total number of pupils and adults in the group.Once you have all this information, go to: www.britishcouncil.orgor call the British Council on: 0161 957 7755.