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14www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272travel insuranceThe cost of our overseas trip includes travel insurance cover for each member of your party (except anyone normally resident outside the UK).Your insurance is covered under master policy number SJSSA40072-15 A & B specially arranged through Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited and insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG. Cover is provided for each passenger who is shown as having paid the insurance premium on the Confirmation of Booking and whose name is shown on the Names List provided by you to Rockley Adventure.The insurance is valid for trip departures between 1st January 2011 to 31st December 2011.A summary of cover can be found opposite and on our website is NOT available:- to persons resident abroad - for one way trips - for trips not starting and ending in the UK within the period for which the premium has been paid.Should your school/LEA require additional or increased cover under any section, this can normally be arranged, although there may be an extra premium charge, please contact our Schools Administration Team on for details.Alternative Travel InsuranceIf, as a whole group, you do not require our insurance cover, please inform us, in writing and notify us of the details of your own policy.Your own policy should afford cover comparable to that offered by Rockley Adventure and should ensure that your group is fully covered for cancellation, medical expenses arising abroad, loss of luggage or money and personal liability claims.We do offer a price reduction if you choose not to take our insurance, please contact our office for details.ValuablesPlease advise your pupils NOT to take valuable items of clothing (eg expensive jackets), cameras, jewellery or other electrical products, especially mobile telephones.For personal safety reasons jewellery should NOT be worn during activity sessions.Financial SecurityIn accordance with The Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992, all passengers booking with Rockley Adventure, part of Rockley Watersports Ltd, are fully protected for the initial deposit and subsequently the balance of all monies paid to us, including repatriation if required, arising from cancellation or curtailment of your travel arrangements due to the insolvency of Rockley Watersports Ltd.This protection is provided by way of an insurance policy arranged by International Passenger Protection Limited and underwritten by Insurers who are members of the Association of British Insurers.There is no requirement for Financial Protection of day trips, and none is provided.A certificate showing details of this cover will be provided to the Group Leader as evidence of cover. Please ensure that you have been given the appropriate certificate at the time of booking.Medical ConditionsIf ANY member of your group has a pre-existing medical condition they can still be covered by the policy, although any claim resulting from a pre-existing medical condition is likely to be excluded. Excluded pre-existing medical conditions are, however, likely to be covered under the reciprocal health agreements between member countries of the EU see also page 12.Prior to travel for children under 16 there is NO requirement to declare pre-existing health conditions.However, for all those persons 16 and over travelling in your group who have a pre-existing health condition (see below) you MUST telephone the insurers Referral Helpline quoting ROCKLEY WATERSPORTS & ROCKLEY ADVENTURE on 0845 1300 198 to see if cover is available.A pre-existing health condition includes: if you have ever had a heart or circulatory related problem, a stroke, cancer, any breathing problems, diabetes, or any other health condition which has been treated in hospital or has been referred to a specialist in the last 2 years.ALL persons (including under 16) must tell Fogg Travel Insurance if they have a close relative whose health may make it necessary for them to cancel or cut short their trip. Insured-Persons MUST telephone the insurers Referral Helpline quoting ROCKLEY WATERSPORTS & ROCKLEY ADVENTURE on 0845 1300 198 to see if cover is available.Master Policy NumberSJSSA40072-15 A & B

15www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272travel insuranceMedical Emergency / Repatriation1. In the first instance for any medical problem, always contact a local doctor.2. In the case of serious accident or illness while you are away, telephone Fogg Assist +44 (0)845 658 98993. The prior approval and consent of Fogg Assist must be obtained before expenses are incurred. They must be contacted immediately in the event of any serious injury or illness abroad which necessitates admittance to a hospital as an in- patient or before any arrangements are made for medical repatriation or emergency visits from, or return to, the UK as provided for in the insurance policy.CancellationsPlease read our Conditions of Booking (available on our website at downloads) and also see page 6. Where cancellation charges apply you are liable to pay them, regardless of the amount of money you have collected from any person(s) cancelling. You must therefore collect and retain sufficient payments to cover any cancellation charges and associated supplements, which may be incurred.Where a cancellation occurs as a result of an event covered by the terms of the insurance policy, cancellation charges can be reclaimed through the insurers subject to certain conditions. Please see your insurance policy and Key Facts document for more information.If you have any questions regarding a claim, please contact our schools administration team to Group NumbersPlease note, if the number of full paying members in your group should fall below the minimum number on which our price is based (see your Provisional Booking Confirmation and your Confirmation of Booking), the remaining group members may become liable to pay a Small Group Supplement.Please also remember that the number of concessionary places (FREE, HALF, Extra etc) will also be affected by any changes in group size.Claims - Individual CancellationIn the event of cancellation, you MUST notify our schools admin team in writing or via email as soon as possible with the name of the person cancelling their place.Upon receipt of your written notification of an individual's cancellation we will issue an amended Confirmation of Booking which confirms the amount of the Cancellation Charge.If the reason for cancellation, eg necessary cancellation due to illness or injury, falls within the terms of the travel insurance policy you may be able to reclaim our cancellation charges by making a claim. See section below on Making an Insurance Claim.Claims - Medical ExpensesIf you or one of your group are unfortunate enough to require emergency medical treatment and you incur costs not covered by the EHIC you may be able to claim for these expenses under the travel insurance policy. See section below on Making an Insurance Claim.Please make sure you retain all receipts for prescriptions, medicines, hospital services etc as these will be required to support your claim.Claims - Loss, Damage or TheftYou should take all reasonable steps to safeguard property. Please remind your group of this requirement. The insurer will not cover valuables left unattended on a beach or not secured in the locked boot of a motor vehicle.Please note that you MUST report all losses or thefts to the Police and our centre manager within 24 hours of discovery and obtain a written confirmation of these reports.In the event of damage, you MUST report all details to our Centre Manager and ask them to complete an Insurance Report.When you return home, you should contact Fogg Travel Insurance to obtain the appropriate insurance claim form. See section below on Making an Insurance Claim.Please note that the original copy of any Police or Centre Manager reports as well as any invoices and/or receipts must substantiate all claims where applicable.Making an Insurance ClaimIf you require a claim form please visit and click on view claim forms - you can print off the relevant claim form required or alternatively you can contact:Fogg Travel Insurance Services Ltd Crow Hill Drive, Mansfield, Notts, NG19 7AE t: 01623 631331 e: claims@foggtravelinsurance.comPlease quote the following on all claim forms: . Master Policy No. SJSSA40072-15 A & B. Your 6-digit Rockley Adventure Booking Reference number. Your School Name