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19www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Safety ProceduresMedical EmergencyIf anyone in your party is suddenly taken ill or has an accident whilst on the trip, free or reduced-cost emergency treatment is available on production of a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). All pupils and other members of the group must have an EHIC and the group leader should carry these on the trip.Only state-provided emergency treatment is covered and you only receive treatment on the same terms as 'insured' residents of France. See also page 12.The travel insurance included in the cost of the trip is specially arranged through Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited and insured by Union Reiseversicherung AG. This policy covers, amongst other things, group members for emergency medical treatment.In the first instance for any medical problem, always contact a local doctor.In the case of serious accident or illness while you are away, telephone Fogg Assist on:+44 (0) 845 658 9899The prior approval and consent of First Assist must be obtained before expenses are incurred. They must be contacted immediately in the event of any serious injury or illness abroad which necessitates admittance to a hospital as an in-patient or before any arrangements are made for medical repatriation or emergency visits from, or return to, the UK as provided for in the insurance policy.Confidential Medical QuestionnaireThis should be used to collate all the necessary information to complete your group's Names List - see Appendix VI, page 29.Emergency Procedures including Fire DrillOn arrival at the activity centre, your group will be given a safety briefing and orientation tour that includes details of the fire drill and other emergency procedures. It is therefore essential that all members of your group are present. Appendices VIII and IX (pages 31 & 32) provide a summary of our Rockley Adventure emergency procedures.Emergency ContactPlease adhere to your own school / LEA policies on emergency procedures.Our Emergency Contact Information for Group Leaders (Appendix X, page 33) provides a summary of all the details you should need in the event of an emergency. Please pass a copy of this page to your Headteacher and your school's homebase contact/s.These emergency contact details should NOT be passed to parents/guardians of the pupils in your party. In the event of an emergency it will be vital that we maintain clear, open lines of communication between school representatives and ourselves.Parents will be able to contact the UK office on 01202 677272 where their call will be fielded accordingly. Out of office hours there will be a duty mobile number available via an answering machine message. Our Emergency Contact Information for parents can be found in Appendix XI, page 35)Rockley Adventure Staff Action in an EmergencyRockley Adventure staff (in conjunction and co-operation with the emergency services) uses the emergency proce-dure detailed below in the event of a serious accident/incident and are as-signed emergency roles as detailed in the centre emergency procedures file.In the first instance for any medical problem, staff should always contact a local doctor.The following emergency procedure is used by our staff and is for your information. We would be pleased to include any other procedures you/your school/LEA feel appropriate.ROCKLEY ADVENTURE EMERGENCY ACTION PLANStop activityCheck the rest of the group is safeIf possible deal with the injury / incidentIf you cannot deal with the injury/incident seek helpReport the incident to the Group Leader and Centre ManagerFill in the accident book/Major Accident/Incident FormEvaluate the reason for the accident to prevent similar occurrence if possibleComplete written report in centre log

20www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Safety ProceduresSummary of Rockley Adventure Staff Emergency Procedure Guidelines. Make arrangements for the sick or injured casualty involving the emergency services as appropriate. At least one member of staff MUST remain with the sick or injured at all times.. Contact the Centre Manager, Rob Clark (if the incident occurs in France) and Peter or Lis Gordon as soon as possible by telephone.. Rob Clark / Peter Gordon / Lis Gordon / Group Leader / School Headteacher (as appropriate) will contact the next of kin, whether of pupils, adults or staff.. The decision as to who will carry this out MUST be made absolutely clear at the time. The number of persons sharing this responsibility will depend, to some extent, on the number of people who need to be contacted. N.B. The Centre Manager / Assistant or Acting Manager will, at ALL times carry/have to hand the following information:. Rockley Adventure Emergency Contact details & mobile phone. Staff member to fill in accident book, Major Accident/Incident Report form and take written statements of witnesses if possible and appropriate and also record incident in the Centre Log.. Centre Manager must complete "Outcome" section of the Major Accident/Incident Report form.. Where a Major Accident/Incident form is completed this should be faxed immediately to Peter or Lis Gordon.Group Leader's Action in an EmergencyPlease check your own school/ LEA policies.The emergency procedure provided below is for your assistance and information, whether you use this or your own emergency action plan; this should be used in conjunction and co-operation with Rockley Adventure staff and the emergency services in the event of a serious accident/incident.STEP 1Make arrangements for the sick or injured pupil(s), involving the emergency services as appropriate. At least one member of staff MUST remain with the sick or injured.STEP 2Contact the Head teacher and/or home base contact as soon as possible by telephone.STEP 3The Head teacher / Deputy Head teacher / Chair of Governors / LEA representative / home base contact (as appropriate) should contact the next of kin, whether of pupils or adults participating in the trip.The decision as to who will carry this out MUST be made absolutely clear at the time. The number of persons sharing this responsibility will depend, to some extent, on the number of people who need to be contacted.N.B. The Group Leader should, at ALL times carry the following information: . School 'duty contact' details . Rockley Adventure Emergency Contact details. A copy of the School/LEA Emergency action plan . A complete names list for the group . A complete list of the group's medical informationSTEP 4Group Leader to fill in an accident form and a post visit form.Safety - All CentresOur high safety standards come from many years experience of teaching outdoor activities to groups of adults and children - we opened our first centre in 1976.Our operating procedures take account of guidelines laid down by national gov-erning bodies, the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA), the British Activity Holiday Association (BAHA) and the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) as well as all relevant UK and local Health and Safety legislation.All our activity sessions are tailored to suit the age and ability of the group to ensure maximum inclusion and progression whilst maintaining a safe learning environment.We do ask that both students and parents have read and agreed to the terms of our behaviour charter, details of which can be found in the Terms and Conditions (Appendix V, page 28) which accompany our Trip Consent form (Appendix IV, page 27) and in full in the Behaviour Charter itself (Appendix XII, page 36).All the necessary safety equipment for the activities in which groups take part will be provided, however students will need to ensure they bring appropriate footwear and clothing as detailed in the kit lists (Appendices XIII & XIV, pages 36-37).Risk AssessmentsWhilst it is not possible to entirely remove the risk of an accident, we aim to both minimise the chance as well as the seriousness of an accident occurring.We conduct a thorough Risk Assessment of all our activity centres and activities to identify what risks exist and how best to manage them to an acceptable level. It is these risk assessments that inform the production and review of our operating procedures.