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appendix VIII34www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Emergency ProcedureIn the first instance for any medical problem, always contact a local doctor. For any subsequent problems ring FOGG ASSIST on: +44 (0) 845 658 9899The prior approval and consent of FOGG ASSIST must be obtained before expenses are incurred. They must be contacted immediately in the event of any serious injury or illness abroad which necessitates admittance to hospital as an in-patient or before any arrangements are made for medical repatriation or emergency visits from or return to the UK as provided for in the insurance policy.FLOW CHARTThis is used by our staff and is for your information. We would be pleased to include any other procedures you/ your school/LEA feel appropriate.Stop activityCheck the rest of the group is safeIf possible deal with the injury / incidentIf you cannot deal with the injury/incident seek helpReport the incident to the Group Leader and Centre ManagerFill in the accident book/Major Accident/Incident FormEvaluate the reason for the accident to prevent similar occurrence if possibleComplete written report in centre log

wiring devices | Innovative technology, easy to install and programmel MK AstralT communicates via a 2 way RF signall Wireless technology offers end user flexibility and peace of mindMESHOffers the most reliable wireless communication systeml MK AstralT devices link together in a network to form a MESHl Signals can be routed around obstaclesInteroperableExpandable system beyond lighting and blind controll Z-Wave® has been adopted by more than 160 companiesl Integrate to other systems using a Smart Interface with RS232 connectivityl Fully compatible with the Dianemo Home Control solutionEnergy Saving Control lighting to reduce energy usagel When in standby mode MK AstralT mains powered devices are designed to consume <1 wattLet there be lightMK AstralT, the advanced lighting system from MK Electric, brings out the best in your environment and is the ideal lighting and blind control solution if you are looking to enhance the ambience and atmosphere in any room or residence.Used in conjunction with the Dianemo system, MK AstralT can be part of a full Home Control solution. Providing sophisticated and inspirational lighting control, MK AstralT is an extremely versatile and intelligent system, which incorporates the award winning Z-Wave® RF communications technology from Zensys (now part of Sigma Designs), ensuring the ultimate in both reliability and flexibility.With the freedom to create the perfect lighting scenes for home or business environments, MK AstralT is the obvious choice for those who value ease and confidence of operation.range introductionfeatures and benefitsZ-Wave®Products that speak Z-Wave® work together better wiring devices | AstralTwirelessinnovative technology, easy to installand programMESHoffers the mostreliable wirelesscommunication systeminteroperableexpandable systemwith many Z-Wavebased applicationsenergy savingcontrol lightingto reduceenergy usageappendix IX35www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Fire ProcedurePROCEDURE IN THE EVENT OF A FIRERockley Adventure Centres and Accommodation> Any person discovering a fire1. Sound the alarm and/or notify a member of Rockley Adventure staff - a fire horn/alarm is located at centres and in accommodation.2. Dial 18 (in France) or 999 (in the UK) to call the fire brigade.3. Attack the fire only if possible using the appliances provided. Fire extinguishers are located around the centres, inside the catering units/kitchen, in the tent villages and by the petrol store.> On hearing the fire alarm4. Make your way to the fire assembly point in an orderly manner by the nearest available exit/route.5. ASSEMBLY POINTS : All centres and accommodation have a FIRE ASSEMBLY POINT6. The Senior Duty Instructor / Nominated Fire Officer will immediately take charge: A: Role call made using fleet leader/names list forms B: Arrange for the Fire Brigade to be called if not already called C: All available staff are required to search designated areas as directed by the Senior Duty Instructor/Fire Officer (only if safe to do so) to ensure all persons unaccounted for are directed to the assembly point7. In the event of a fire in the petrol store, NO ATTEMPT whatsoever is to be made to combat the fire8. If anyone is missing, a search must be instituted but no one is to be put at risk, if the fire brigade has been called they MUST be notified if anyone is unaccounted for.> Notification9. As soon as is practical, the Centre Manager and Principal must be notified, an entry in the centre log made and a Major Accident/Incident form completed