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appendix xII38www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Pupils Behaviuor CharterBehaviour and ConductPupils will:1. Whilst at the activity centre, treat all centre staff with the same respect and manners, as we would expect for all of our school staff.2. During the outbound journey, the duration of the holiday and the return journey, be expected to behave in a way expected by both parents and school alike (all normal school rules will apply).3. Follow the guidelines for the coach and ferry travel as detailed by the coach drivers and your teachers at the outset of the journey.4. Follow the centre and activity rules, which are explained on arrival.5. Take part in all of the activities, unless there is a medical reason to prevent them from doing so.6. At all times, wear the unique identification wristband, which is issued on arrival at any of our French centres.7. Respect other people's property.Pupils will NOT:8. Be allowed to smoke. 9. Be allowed to drink alcohol. 10. Bring, purchase or obtain offensive weapons.11. Threaten, use violence or bully any other person.12. Use or have in their possession any drugs, medication or other illegal substances.13. Remove the unique identification wristband. Pupils without a wristband are not allowed on any activities. Wristbands deliberately removed will only be replaced upon payment of a fee.14. Enter the accommodation of pupils of the opposite sex.15. Disturb others or prevent them from getting to sleep after lights out (pupils will need their sleep for activities the following day).16. Behave in any way which could endanger the safety or well-being of themselves, other pupils, adult staff, centre staff or members of the public.17. Use any equipment or try any activity without the supervision of staff.IMPORTANT NOTES:> If the Group Leader and/or Rockley Adventure deem a pupil's behaviour to be unacceptable eg endangering the safety of other's or the quality of the holiday of others, then that pupil will be repatriated. The cost of such repatriation must be met by the parent/guardian of that pupil.> Rockley Adventure also reserves the right to charge for the full amount of the cost of repair or replacement of any of the Company's equipment damaged wilfully, damaged under the influence of drink or drugs or damaged as a result of a group member not obeying the Company staff's instructions.> At any point prior to the date of departure, a pupil's place can be cancelled due to serious ill discipline, either in or outside of school, which may incur loss of deposits/monies paid.Remember:- All relevant safety equipment should be worn throughout activities.- The identification wristband must be worn at all times.- The sun and wind can cause burns to the skin - use a hat and sunscreen- Always wear suitable footwear - Make sure you drink plenty of water - Don't skip meals, our activities are active, you'll need your energy - The toilet blocks are NOT a social area - Ask if you are not sure about anything (our staff are the one's in Rockley uniform!) - Do NOT bring valuables, especially mobile phones, on the trip. Public pay phones are available at all sites. - If you injure yourself in anyway you must report this, either to one of your teachers or to a member of Rockley Adventure staff, so that treatment can be administered and a report can be made in the Accident Book.For your own safety and enjoyment you should attend ALL safety briefings - on the coach, on the ferry, at our centre and prior to activities.

appendix xIIi39www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Overseas Kit ListFrench Sailing and Multi-Activity TripsThe following is ONLY a guide of what to take with you, please bear in mind the time of year and any particular personal requirementswhen packing for your activity trip:Waterproof Sunblock (essential) min Factor 25 Sleeping bag (essential)Plastic Water Bottle (essential) min 1l vol Pillow & PillowcaseTrainers/Plimsolls (old ones you don't mind getting wet) or Wetsuit shoes ** Rash Vest ** (recommended)Sunglasses (with retaining strap, also essential for spectacles) Sun hatLarge plastic bag for any damp clothing on the return journey Small torchLightweight, rainproof jacket (for the occasional shower & evenings) Shoes (sensible)Long-sleeved shirt/top, Tracksuit trousers/Jogging bottoms (1 pair) * 3 Towels (bath, beach & hand)Tee shirts (6 or 7); Sweatshirt/jumper Swimming costumes ***Shorts (3 or 4 pairs) & Jeans/Long trousers (1 pair) Pyjamas/NightwearWash kit; Underwear; Socks* These items may be worn during activities to protect against sunburn - under normal circumstances a tee shirt or rash vest and shorts with plenty of sun cream and a hat can be worn ** These items are available to purchase from Rockley Adventure in advance of the trip only *** Boys must wear "Speedo style" trunks when using the campsite swimming poolsPackingWhen packing for your trip, we advise you to use a soft bag/holdall (the coach drivers will not accept any hard suitcases) no larger than 100cm x 40cm x 50cm which will be stowed in the luggage compartment of the coach. If you are packing your sleeping bag separately, please use a strong, clearly labelled plastic bag.The JourneyWhen packing hand luggage for the coach and ferry crossing, we advise you take a small travel bag/rucksack for all your journey essentials (money, book to read, sweets/food/drink (not fizzy & no glass bottles and absolutely NO chewing gum), inexpensive/disposable camera). You should also keep your pillow and/or sleeping bag to hand to make sleeping during the journey more comfortableDON'T FORGET:. Your passport (if you are NOT on a group passport). Your EHIC card. Label ALL clothing and belongings. ALL medication MUST be clearly labelled and named. Your RYA logbook (if you have one). Your money (Euros)REMEMBER:. Do NOT bring valuable items or mobile phones - public phones are available to use on the campsites. Watersports are wet (!), so bring only old, inexpensive clothing. Try to bring only what you need - this is an active holiday NOT a fashion parade!