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School & Group Activity Trips 201105www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272Provisional BookingConfirmed Booking2nd Deposit PaymentNames ListTravel InsuranceProvisional Travel DetailsParents Information EveningFinal Balance PaymentFinal Travel ItinaryHaving discussed the details of your trip with a member of our schools team you will receive a provisional booking / quotation document outlining the details of your proposed trip. Just sign and return a copy of this form to the office. We will then be in touch to arrange the launch of your trip.Let us know how many people sign up for your trip and we will then send you a Confirmation of Booking and a statement invoice against which you can raise your deposit payment. Send us your signed copy of the Confirmation of Booking together with your deposit payment. Please note that a booking should not be considered confirmed until you have received our written acknowledgement of your deposit payment. Use the booking checklist (Appendix II) to confirm all the details are correct.Your 2nd Deposit payment of £60 per paying place is required on or before 1st February 2011.Please e-mail a completed copy of our electronic names list for your group, including the details of all free places as well as any people travelling as concessionary places, to This must arrive with us on or before 1st February 2011. Any substitutions, cancellations or additions of names must be notified in writing by e-mail to schoolsadmin@ For trips where the first and second deposit payments are paid after 1st February 2011, you must submit your names list at the same time as making your first payment.Unless alternative arrangements have been made, your group travel insurance policy is effected from the 1st February 2011. Your copy of the Insurance Certificate will normally be forwarded to you upon receipt of your completed names list.Upon receipt of your 2nd Deposit Payment we will forward Provisional Travel Details for your group. These are subject to change, as our transport providers may vary their schedule / timetable.Most schools choose to arrange a Parents Information Evening before the trip departs. This is an ideal oportunity to chase any outstanding documents and answer any queries parents may have. Some groups choose to invite a Rockley Adventure representative to deliver a presentation and help answer questions on this evening.Your Final Balance Payment is due 8 weeks before your departure date. This date will be shown on your Confirmation of Booking and statement invoice. Where your school is split over numerous sites, or the coach pick up point is not immediately obvious, please provide our schools admin team with a map and directions to the pick up point.Upon receipt of your final balance payment we will forward the Final Travel Details for your group. Please check this information carefully before distribution to parents/guardians.

06www.rockleyadventure.coM 01202 677 272pupil detailsparental consentnames listYou will require the written consent of Parents/ Guardians that their son/daughter may participate in the planned activity trip and we have provided an example Consent Form for your use (Appendix IV, page 27).In order for us to arrange insurance cover, plan activity groupings and accommodation space, we require a list of names that includes EVERYONE in your party. Your names list must include not just the details of the full paying group places but also the details of all accompanying adults (free places), half price places and any additional adult places. Please use the format below when providing information on sailing experience, swimming ability and dietary requirements using number 1, 2 or 3 in each category:sailing experience (please select as appropriate)This is only necessary for groups taking part in RYA sailing courses.1 - No sailing experience 2 - Limited sailing experience 3 - Some sailing experienceSwimming Ability (please select as appropriate)This is only necessary for groups taking part in RYA sailing courses.1 - Non swimmer 2 - Weak swimmer (up to 50m) 3 - Competent swimmer (50m+)Dietary Requirements (please select as appropriate)This is only necessary for groups taking part in RYA sailing courses.1 - None 2 - Vegetarian * 3 - Special *** for vegetarians please specify if eggs, cheese etc are acceptable ** for special diets please give as much information as possible eg for gluten-free diets a suggested menu would be helpful (obtained from the parent/guardian) and it may be advisable for the child in question to bring a small supply of appropriate foodstuffs to supplement our meals - please contact us if you require further information or assistance regarding dietary requirements* See following sections ** See following sectionsamendments to names listAny amendments to your booking MUST be made in writing. No change to your booking will be actioned until we receive written confirmation of the amendment from you. Please note that changes to your booking may incur a charge as detailed belowAdditional PlacesSubstitution of names (up to within 2 months of departure date)Cancellation of place/s- No charge- £20 per substitution*- Cancellation charges apply**