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POWERBOAT COURSES 01202 677 272RYA POWERBOAT LEVEL 1 & 2 (14+)Our 1-day RYA Powerboat Level 1 course includes basic seamanship skills such as handling the boat safely under power in a variety of conditions and is an ideal introduction to the pleasures of powerboating.Our 2-day RYA Powerboat Level 2 course incorporates the above skills and you will also spend time practising manoeuvres such as coming alongside and man overboard. Some high-speed work will also be undertaken, generally outside the harbour. Completion of the RYA Level 2 course will enable you to apply for the International Certificate of Competence, which is a necessity for boating abroad.Experienced drivers are welcome to join us for the 2nd day of the course for assessment only. The Powerboat Level 2 certificate is a requirement for all RYA Instructor courses and for rescue boat duty at most sailing clubs.RYA Level 1 - 1 day (Thu or Sat) Course Code: P5/P7Assessment only 1 day (Fri or Sun) Course Code: P6/P8RYA Level 2 - 2 days (Thu-Fri or Sat-Sun) Course Code: P2RYA INTERMEDIATE POWERBOAT (16+)Our 2-day Intermediate course concentrates on developing your boat handling skills and includes navigational and passage planning work. By the end of the course you are expected to be able to complete a short passage by day. Before the course you should hold the RYA Level 2 certificate.RYA Intermediate Powerboat 2 days Course Code: PNRYA ADVANCED POWERBOAT (16+)Our 2-day Advanced course covers high-speed navigation and handling of powerboats in coastal waters, it also includes a night exercise. You will need to have several years of experience as well as background knowledge up to Day Skipper Theory level, a valid first aid certificate and a VHF License.RYA Advanced Powerboat 2 days Course Code: PARYA SAFETY BOAT (16+)The RYA Safety Boat course trains competent powerboat drivers in fleet rescue and the techniques required when rescuing small craft. It is useful for those wishing to assist with rescue cover at their sailing club and is also a pre-requisite for the RYA Senior Instructor course.RYA Safety Boat 2 days (Sat-Sun) Course Code: PS 01202 677 272SHOREBASED COURSScEhSo ol & Group Activity Trips 2011* Option to extend to a 5-day courseRYA DAY SKIPPER THEORY The 5-day course introduces basic navigation, including chartwork, position fixing, tides, buoyage and passage planning as well as the essential subjects of safety and meteorology. On completion, successful candidates will have the knowledge to navigate around familiar waters by day. The course is suitable for beginners and students with little experience in yachts and dinghies. This course is also useful for candidates who want to extend their background sailing knowledge before entering onto an RYA Dinghy Instructor course.RYA FIRST AID CERTIFICATEWe offer the RYA 1-day course covering the principles of first aid with the emphasis on working in a water-based environment. Your certificate is valid for 3 years and is recognised for all RYA Instructor qualifications. Each course member is required to have a copy of the current edition of the First Aid Manual.RYA VHF SHORT RANGE CERTIFICATEThis 1-day course starts by looking at the practical operation of a standard marine VHF, channel usage, distress, urgency, safety and routine voice procedures. It then goes on to look at the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) scheme including the practical use of DSC equipment. Successful completion of the course/exam leads to the new Short Range Certificate (SRC) and covers the new GMDSS. Before the course you must be fluent in the phonetic alphabet and bring a passport photograph with you. Please note there is an RYA registration fee payable on the day of the course.RYA First Aid 1 day (Sat) Course Code: FARYA VHF 1 day Course Code: VHRYA Day Skipper 5 days (Mon-Fri) Course Code: DS