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page 50 01202 677 272RELAX AND RECHARGESailing allows you to relax your mind,breathe the fresh air and exercise your body. Sea air especially rechargesand energises. Learning a new skillprovides a workout for the mind aswell as the body. Rockley Watersports centres are based in some of the most beautiful locations in Europe giving you the choice of a relaxing family holiday or learning new skills on an inspiring, challenging training course. (Adult)(Youth)(Junior)

School & Group Activity Trips 2011WHAT YOU CAN 01202 677 272At Rockley Watersports we offer a range of activities to suit all abilities and ages. Take your pick from .From your first tentative steps to the sheer exhilaration of blasting along in the footstraps and harness there are few sports more addictive. Our beginner courses take place at our centre in Poole Park and offer the ideal introduction to this sport with a quality range of beginner equipment, allowing you to develop your skills. We alsooffer the RYA Start Windsurf Instructor course at Rockley Point. WINDSURFINGDinghy sailing can mean anything from a gentle cruise to high speed thrills and occasional spills; our excellent instructors and range of boats can cater for all that and much more. With courses aimed specifically at every age group from juniors through to adults, at every level of experience and competence from beginners to advancedand instructor, we're confident that we have the course for you. Our RYA sailing courses are run at Rockley Point and La Reserve, we also run taster sessions and evening courses at Poole Park.SAILINGAt Rockley Point we have over 20 powerboats ranging from Commandoes with 15hp engines to a 5.5m RIB with a 75hp outboard engine. We have unrivalled expertise in driving and teaching in powerboats which is why we can offer a variety of powerboat courses every week of our season including the prestigious RYA Powerboat Level 2 course which we run twice a week. POWERBOATING