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WHAT YOU CAN 01202 677 272Our main activities are based around RYA (Royal Yachting Association) courses in dinghy sailing and windsurfing. Dinghy sailing especially is suitable for all ages and abilities from the youngest members of your family - our junior courses start at age 6 - up to mums, dads and grandparents and from beginner to advanced level. Nippers ClubJunior Sailing ClubBeginner Sailing CoursesImprover Sailing CoursesIntermediate Sailing CoursesSailing Plus+Introduction to RacingWindsurfing CoursesMulti Activity WeekAge3-56-7Junior, Youth & AdultJunior & YouthJunior & Youth combined and AdultYouth & Adult combined courseYouth & Adult combined course Youth & Adult combined courseYouth & Adult combined courseLevelCreche Non RYA courseRYA Stage 1 & 2RYA Level 1 & 2RYA Stage 3 & 4RYA Seamanship SkillsNon RYA course for advanced level sailorsRYA Start Racing & racing skill developmentBeginner & IntermediateAll abilities welcomeCourse CodeNC JCJ2, Y2, A2J4, Y4YD, ADSPRCW2, WT, W3, W5MAA 5-day course is a great way to learn a new skill and make new friends. Don't worry if you are not particularly sporty or have never sailed before, as sailing is taught in different types of dinghies suitable for different ages and abilities. 01202 677 272School & Group Activity Trips 2011This is an ideal course for children aged 6-7 years old, too young to join our RYA courses, but keen to get out on the water and have loads of fun. They will spend the week under the watchful eyes of our fully qualified RYA instructors. When not on the water, youngsters will enjoy fun land-based games in and around the water, enabling the children to gain water confidence in preparation for them joining an RYA course in the future.JUNIOR SAILING CLUB (6-7 YEARS)Sailing at La Reserve offers the perfect location and environment to get to grips with the basics of sailing. Our friendly instructors will soon have you all sailing independently and having fun along the way. BEGINNER SAILING COURSES Having mastered the basics, the improver course for Junior and Youth sailors offers the opportunity to further develop skills. This course focuses on getting to grips with sailing crewed boats. The gentle breeze in the morning allows for perfect conditions to build confidence and practice in a safe environment, ready for the more challenging conditions in the afternoon.IMPROVER SAILING COURSESThis course is suitable for all sailors that can sail around a triangular course independently and works on your problem solving skills afloat. The course covers seamanship skills and offers a gentle introduction to sailing with spinnakers. A perfect course for the recreational or club sailor.INTERMEDIATE SAILING COURSESINTRODUCTION TO RACING WEEKNEW FOR 2012 This course is suitable for more experienced youth and adult sailors who are at intermediate level and above. The week will take you through the RYA Start Racing certificate and look at developing your racing skills and techniques, helping you to win more races!NIPPERS CLUB (3-5YEARS)To ensure that our youngest guests enjoy their holiday too, we have developed a special programme to keep them fully occupied while Mum and Dad are out on the water. Each day offers something completely new and exciting with a range of activities including treasure hunts, face painting and both outdoor and indoor games. Our enthusiastic Nippers Club Leaders provide even the most energetic youngster with a great holiday experience in a safe and enjoyable environment.