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WHAT YOU CAN 01202 677 272AM PMMonSailing RecapSeamanship Skills (1)TueSeamanship Skills (2)Single-Handed SailingWedSpinnaker SailingSpinnaker SailingThuRacing SkillsRacing Skills FriCatamaran SailingTrapezing SkillsSatRegattaSAILING PLUS+ SAMPLE PLAN5 days (Mon-Fri) Course Code: SPFrom your first tentative steps to the sheer exhilaration of blasting along in the footstraps and harness there are few sports more addictive than windsurfing. With a quality range of beginner and intermediate equipment and warm water, there can't be many better places to develop your skills.BeginnersOur centre is ideally located to offer beginner courses for children (10+) to adults. The water is shallow and the beach sandy and of course when you fall in, the water is lovely and warm! Teaching sessions include simulator work on land and plenty of on-water coaching to ensure your skills and confidence develop quickly! ImproversWith our ideal conditions, it won't be long before you are developing your windsurfing techniques in the stronger afternoon breezes. Our instructors will provide teaching tips and encouragement to get you into those footstraps and harnesses, which will see you racing across the lake, turning around and coming back again! WINDSURFING COURSES2 days (Mon-Tues) Course Code: W2 2 days (Thu-Fri) Course Code: WT3 days (Wed-Fri) Course Code: W3 5 days (Mon-Fri) Course Code: W5SAILING PLUS+Aimed at more experienced youth and adult sailors, our 5-day Sailing Plus+ course consists of multiple skill development clinics. Each session is managed to ensure every sailor achieves the maximum possible from the course and focuses on how to carry on improving whilst free sailing. With clinics covering a number of differing techniques we aim to use a variety of boats over the course of the week to ensure the best combination of skills training. The beauty of the Sailing Plus+ syllabus is that with each clinic focusing on a different topic, you can pick and choose your clinic sessions to tailor your own week.We ask that all sailors taking part in the Sailing Plus+ course are of an intermediate standard at the start of the week. 01202 677 272MULTI ACTIVITY WEEKAM PMMonTueWedThuFriMULTI ACTIVITY SAMPLE PLAN5 days (Mon-Fri) Course Code: SPDinghy Sailing Catamaran Sailing Trail-Cycling Windsurfing Kayak Safari Kayak Safari Dinghy Sailing Catamaran Sailing Trail-Cycling Windsurfing SatRegattaDuring this exciting week you will spend your time enjoying a range of activities including dinghy sailing, windsurfing, trail-cycling, kayaking and catamaran sailing. Enjoy the week on your own or together with the rest of your family. The course offers something for everyone.NEW FOR 2012