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page 32 01202 677 272Why choose Rockley Adventure?Recognised Qualificationsbritish activity PROVIDERS association (baPa)Rockley Adventure activity programmes develop higher-level skills through coaching in any of the core activities and, satisfy all areas of the Outdoor and Adventurous Activities section of the PE National Curriculum at key stages 3 and 4. All Rockley Adventure centres can provide a programme tailored to meet the requirements of the sailing and windsurfing physical activities section of the GCSE PE syllabus. In addition, groups can choose to concentrate on a specific activity and in doing so gain National Governing Body Qualifications and work towards Duke of Edinburgh Awards.Our centres are recognised for sailing, windsurfing and powerboating by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) and are inspected on an annual basis to make sure we continue to work to the highest standards. Our centres are also licensed by Adventurous Activities Licensing Authority (AALA) and hold the Learning Outside the Classroom (LOtC) and Adventuremark Quality Badges as well as recognition from the British Activity Providers Association (BAPA).We are dedicated to ensuring that we set high standards of good operatingpractice which are above and beyond any inspector's requirements.You and Your Group Come FirstIt's simple but true - you and your group come first with us. Your safety and enjoyment are always our number one priority.LocationsWe have been very careful to select locations for our centres that provide our unique blend of quality and well-appointed campsites with safe yet challengingsailing areas set in spectacular and beautiful surroundings.Education is at our coreThe Rockley Classroom will make your trip an unforgettable, incredible learning experience and action adventure, all rolled into one superb trip.CommunicationWe give full support to all Group Leaders right from your initial enquiry to returning your group to school. Our sales team have worked as instructors and centre managers themselves and have extensive knowledge of our activities and procedures to provide you, your group and school management team with all the information required.Know HowExcellent Value for MoneyOur programmes use modern equipment and a high level of instructional staff. We work continually with our Group Leaders to assess every aspect of our trips to improve year after year.You and your group willbenefit from a huge depthof knowledge acquired through more than 35 years of involvement with teaching and leading young people on activity sessions in the outdoors.

OUR CORE 01202 677 272School & Group Activity Trips 2011Catamaran SailingSailed by up to 4 people, these boats are fast and stable - giving students a real voyage of discovery.Skills. To participate as part of a team & actively coach each other when roles are swapped. To listen to and respond appropriately to others and provide feedback in relation to progressionKAYAKINGExplore the secret creeks and channels and land on secluded beaches only accessible to paddlers or develop skills with a game of kayak polo.Skills. To demonstrate the basic skills required for kayaking including a variety of paddle strokes. To work as team to manoeuvre the boats and understand how different roles exist and their importancemountain bikingSchool & Group Activity Trips 2011Explore the peace and beauty of the local area as you rally downthe trails, through streams andover bumps.Skills. To acknowledge and understand the basic concepts of bike anatomy and functions. To understand and incorporate skills to ensure that riding performance is conducted in a safe and consistent mannerbell boats (uk only)The Bell Boat is a totally unique design in watercraft, its purpose is to remove the fear of taking part and to help with team work and co-operation.Skills. To apply personal skills in communication, teamwork and/or leadership throughout the session. To listen to and respond appropriately to othersDINGHY SAILINGPupils will sail on their own, or with friends, whilst our instructorscoach from one of our many safety boats.Skills. To be able to sail a dinghy with guidance . To apply the basic skills required . To recognise scenarios & act pre-emptivelySchool & Group Activity Trips 2011climbing (uk only)School & Group Activity Trips 2011Climbing is sure to challenge even the most athletic groups. The instructors will emphasise the need for trust, teamwork and concentration in a safe, well-equipped environment.Skills. To undertake a series of physical challenges. To work both individually and as part of a group. To acknowledge and understand the need for different techniques across a variety of obstaclesWindsurfingWith fun games and encouragement our enthusiastic instructors will take you quickly through thebasics of this addictive sport.Skills. To be able to stand and balance on a board. To raise sail and control correctly. To be aware of position in relation to others and what measures to take in order to avoid contactI'm steering!Don't look down!Paddle in time!Looking good!