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School & Group Activity Trips 01202 677 272Richard Howard, Schools Sales Managersimply messing about in boatsrockley poole parkRockley at Poole Park is based in a purpose-built boat house. Located in central Poole on the shores of the largest inland saltwater lake in the UK where your group can be on the water within minutes of arriving! Rockley at Poole Park offers the ideal environ-ment for groups to experience wa-tersports either for the first time or for short taster sessions. Our Poole Park centre offers a range of activities from short courses in sailing, windsurfingand kayaking to two-hour taster sessions and the ultimate team activity, Bell Boating.Poole Park specialises in sailing, windsurfing and kayaking, enabling your students to gain or work towards RYA and BCU certificates according to ability. This will be especially suitablefor local or locally-based groups requiring activity sessions by the half or full day. Short courses and activity sessions mean these are extremely good value thus allowing greater participation by many more pupils.If you are looking for a quality, challenging activity experience for your pupils during your school's activity week then look no further than Rockley at Poole Park. Not only can your group participate in the aforementioned activities they can also try their hand at rowing and see who's fastest in our pedaloes!why rockley poole park?The shallow and extremely safe waters of Poole Park Lake makes this the perfect introduction to watersports. We can offer short taster sessions and multi activity sessions, which will suit the widest range of pupils than at any of our other centres. Short sessions are also more affordable for most pupils making watersports even more accessible.short coursesactivity daysOakmead School"Fantastic facility forbeginners as well as more experienced pupils." prices from just £8plus vat 01202 677 272School & Group Activity Trips 2011Inspiring Healthier Livesthe choice is yours...BreakfastCereals - Rice pops, honey pops, muesli, oat bran, bran flakes.Drinks - apple juice, orange juice, pineapple juice, tea, coffee, milk.Others - Baguettes, toast, jam, honey, cheese, marmite and cold meats.LunchBuffet selection of cold meats,cheeses, fish, salad, pasta,rice, potatoes, dressings with a choice of yoghurts, cakes and pastries or fresh fruit.DinnerA choice of two dishes of meat, fish or a vegetarian option (for specified vegetarians only). Dishes such as Lasagne, Tagliatelle, Enchiladas, curries, cottage pies with vegetables.Light desserts including yoghurts and fresh fruit."I loved the Buffet lunches""Baguette every day!""Loads of fresh fruit""I even tried seafood . and I loved it!"Three healthy balanced meals a day; breakfast, lunch and dinner, freshly prepared by our onsite chef. We ensure that all our guests get provided with their five-a-day and are well fed to re-fuel after a full day of outdoor activities. At Rockley Adventure the only food choice is a healthy choice. Our alfresco dining area makes a positive contribution to the dining experience. The meal times are an important social aspect to the trip. At Rockley Adventure we ensure there is adequate time available to eat their meal and chat about the activities and learning that the children have experienced in the day.Healthy eating contributes significantly to the lives of children and young people.