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page 32 01202 677 272SScchhooooll && GGrroouupp AAccttiivviittyy TTrriippss 22001111our staffOur reputation as the premier providers of watersports activities and training comes not least from our committed and highly qualified team of staff - in fact they are our greatest asset. At Rockley Adventure, it is our staff who ensure that a trip with us is the one you and your school choose year after year.All members of our team do everything they can to ensure you and your group have the best possible time with us. All members of staff have been chosen for their professionalism, enthusiasm, their passion for the outdoors and their ability to instill a sense of fun into all aspects of your trip; from teaching toour programme of 'after hours' activities.Being part of the Rockley Watersports group we can boast the highest level of qualified staff with 6 RYA Coach Assessors and 7 Senior Instructors amongst our permanent staff. We are dedicated to the continuous training and development of all staff in order to maintain our high standards of excellence.All our activity instructors are qualified in First Aid and the majority are qualified in more than one discipline. Rockley Adventure staff are a highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team who will motivate and entertain your group as they enjoy all the different activities on offer.We choose the best and most suitable equipment for our activities, which, combined with safe teaching practices mean everyone can enjoy the thrills and gain a sense of achievement on a Rockley Adventure activity is our number one priority. Our water activity areas are among the safest in the world. ALL our instructors hold a valid First Aid certificate. EVERY student and instructor MUST wear a buoyancy aid when on the water. NO dinghy sailor, windsurfer or kayaker is allowed on the water without a safety boat in attendance. ALL our main safety boats carry a First Aid Kit, Flares and VHF radio. EACH group of students is always in the charge of a fully qualified instructor. EVERY accommodation unit is fitted with a personal alarm. We have staff on duty 24 hours a day - our staff make regular patrols during the night. Best choice for Instructor: Student Ratios 01202 677 272School & Group Activity Trips 2011The cost of our overseas trip includes travel insurance cover for each member of your party (except anyone normally resident outside the UK). Your insurance is covered under a master policy specially arranged through Fogg Travel Insurance Services Limited. The insurance is valid for trip departures between 1st January 2013 to 31st December 2013. A summary of cover can be found below and on our website: you are forced to cancel or cut short your journey (for example because of illness, accidental injury or redundancy) we will reimburse any costs that you have incurred up to the total cost of the trip. Limit £3,000.Covers hospital and other medical expenses, additional transport and accommodation costs are necessitated by injury or illness while abroad. Limit £5,000,000.An additional cash benefit is payable for the period while you are receiving treatment as a hospital inpatient abroad. Benefit £15 per day, up to £500 max.For loss or damage to your personal belongings. Limit £1,000 (single item limit £250 / valuables in all £250).Covers for loss of money. Limit £500 (cash £250).If you lose your passport during the trip, we will pay your additional travel and accommodation costs necessary while it is being replaced. Limit £250.If you are held to be legally liable for injury or damage to other people or their property, cover is provided to pay for damages and claimant's costs and expenses. Limit £2,000,000.If your ferry or aircraft is delayed for more than 12 hours, we will pay a cash benefit of £20 per person after the first 12 hours and £20 for each subsequent 12 hour delay (up to a maximum of £100).If you fail to reach the port or airport on time because of the failure of public transport due to breakdown, adverse weather or industrial action, or if you have an accident or breakdown with your car, we will pay for extra transport and accommodation costs. Limit £500.InsuranceCANCELLATION OR CURTAILMENTmedical expenseshospital benefitspersonal luggageLOSS OF PASSPORT EXPENSESpersonal moneyPERSONAL LEGAL LIABILITYDEPARTURE DELAYMISSED DEPARTUREinsuranceA watersports trip (unlike a ski trip) does not require much in the way of specialist equipment. We provide all the necessary boats, boards, bikes and kayaks as well as approved buoyancy aids and waterproofs! You usually only need to bring swimming things as well as old clothing and trainers you don't mind getting wet. Nevertheless, the watersports activities can be enjoyed to the full if participants wear a rash vest and wetsuit shoes, which are widely available to purchase. A wetsuit might also be a useful purchase and these are also now widely available at reasonable cost.Funnily enough you don't have to be a strong swimmer, or even a swimmer at all, to enjoy our watersports activities although it helps to be water confident. As mentioned above, we provide buoyancy aids and, pro-vided we are notified, we can cater for non-swimmers.Our residential school group trips are fully inclusive of our activities as detailed here and in your group's itinerary, all meals and drinks from arrival to departure at the centre, insurance and, for trips to our French centres, return travel. We do offer a number of extra additional activities and excursions to enhance your trip. These can be arranged and paid for in advance or on arrival and are subject to availability. No refunds will be given for extras booked and paid for but not used. Our residential activity trips include personal accident and travel insurance. Please see the Trip Planner, or our website, for further details and complete policy word-ing. For activity trips that fall within the Package Travel Regulations (1993) your money is fully protected by an insurance scheme operated by International Passenger Protection Ltd.All our watersports centres are fully recognised by the RYA (Royal Yachting Association) for the tuition of sailing, windsurfing and powerboating and are inspected annu-ally. This means that our watersports activities are run in line with the guidelines laid down by our NGB, the Royal Yachting Association, and encompass staff qualifications and experience, instructor to participant ratios and our operational procedures. In addition, our UK centres are AALS (Adventure Activities Licensing Scheme) licensed. We have also developed a comprehensive Safety Management System to monitor, record and implement safe operation of our centres and activities, which encompasses policies, risk assessment, emergency and operating procedures. See also our website for further information on our safety procedures and for downloads of documentation such as our risk assessments at the UK coach company operators used on our inclu-sive French activity trips comply with UK, as well as EU law, and are fitted with seatbelts. It is the Group Leader's responsibility to ensure that the seatbelts are worn. You are required to have a full 10 year passport in order to visit France and non-EU passport holders may require visas. Young people traveling as a group can travel under a Group Passport obtainable from the Passport Agency. Contact them for further information on 0870 5210410 and see also our Trip Planner. Lost, stolen or new passports will take a minimum of 2 weeks to replace. At the time of writing and as a resident of the UK you do not require a passport to visit our centres in Poole!faqsWhat specialist equipment is required?Do my group have to be strong swimmers?Are there any extra charges?What about insurance?What about safety? Do the coaches have seatbelts?Do we need passports? We ask that all our groups comply with the rules set out by the campsites and ourselves. This helps ensure the enjoyment and safety of all our customers and other users of the campsites and facilities. These rules are to be found in our pupil behaviour charter and will be detailed in our Welcome Talk on arrival of your group. The campsites organise their own evening entertainment programmes throughout high season such as cabaret performances and a disco, which is generally open until 1am. Daytime programmes such as sporting activities can be arranged at the campsite reception. All the activi-ties are subject to demand and may be altered.Rockley Adventure staff are resident at our centres and therefore provide supervision during the day and evening. Certain of our staff are nominated as contacts for Group Leaders and group members throughout the day and evening; we also have a member of staff on duty through the night. Group Leaders are required to nominate two of the adults from their group on a daily basis to be their group's duty contact staff throughout the day, evening and night. Both our tent and bunkroom accommodation sleeps a maximum of 6 people. Each of our watersports centres is located on a private campsite with only one entrance/exit and is in a separate area of the campsite itself. Our centres can store passports, EHIC cards and any cash float held by the Group Leader in the centre safe. We are, however, unable to provide secure storage for pupils' mobile phones, MP3 or ipod players etc which is why we strongly discourage the bringing of valuable belongings on the trip. Our centres are fully equipped with first aid boxes located in the Rockley offices on site. All our main safety boats carry a First Aid kit and VHF radio. All our Instructors hold a valid First Aid certificate and attend a health and safety induction when joining us. We recommend that you carry a float of Euros/ Sterling for unforeseen circumstances. However, for safety reasons we suggest that you use travellers cheques or credit cards where possible. Pupils should be advised to bring only a small amount of pocket money; up to ?100 is normally sufficient for trips to our French centres and between £20 to £40 for residential trips to our UK centre. We try to be as accurate as possible with regards to the availability and opening times of the facilities available on the campsites. However, due to circumstances beyond our control ie weather, time of year, local regulations or demand, some facilities may not be available - this will particularly be the case outside of high season (July and August) when the campsites are quieter.Entertainment SupervisionAccommodation Security SafesFurther InformationCampsite and Centre RulesFirst Aid Currency & Pocket Money Facilities there any extra charges?