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page 32 01202 677 27213. BROCHURES14. PERSONAL PROPERTY15. EQUIPMENT16. TRAVEL TICKETS17. COMPANY STAFF18. RESTAURANTS AND LOCAL FACILITIES11. FORCE MAJEURE12. COMPANY LIABILITY19. SPECIAL REQUESTS20. COMPLAINTS21. IMAGES22. FEEDBACK The Company reserves the right to cancel/curtail your trip due to circumstances amounting to 'Force Majeure' - these include, but are not limited to, war, riots, government action, terrorism, fire, weather conditions, strike action and all similar events outside the Company's or the supplier of contracted services' control which prevent or effect the Company's contractual obligation. Where such circumstances occur the Company will not beliable to pay you refunds or compensation.The Company accepts responsibility should any of the services which we are contractually obliged to provide prove deficient or not of reasonable standard. This includes responsibility for the acts or omissions of any of our employees, subcontractors and suppliers. Save that as detailed below, no liability is accepted for death, injury or illness. The Company does not accept liability or responsibility for personal injury to, or the death of any participant howsoever caused unless by the proven negligence of the Company, employees, suppliers or subcontractors. In addition, the Company is NOT liable for death, injury or illness caused by an activity outside of the Company's activities. The Company cannot accept liability for causes of dissatisfaction which are not notified to us, in writing, within 28 days of completion of the trip. The Company is only liable for the provision of special requests where the Company has confirmed their availability in writing beforehand. The Company's brochures are prepared some months in advance. Every reasonable effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the facts contained in the published brochures. If the Company ascertains or is notified of any subsequent changes to the published details herein, the Company will advise you as soon as is reasonably possible. Your personal property, including baggage, is your own responsibility at all times, unless any loss or damage is due to the negligence or failure of the Company to carry out its responsibility. All the dinghies used by the centres are fully approved by the Royal Yachting Association as suitable for teaching sailing. All buoyancy aids are of an approved design. All travel tickets or other vouchers provided before the trip are valid for that particular trip and no refunds can be made if lost, mislaid or unused. In the interests of the safety of the group, as well as individuals, the Company's Representatives have complete discretion over all waterbased activities and any other activities arranged by the Company regarding weather conditions and their assessment of group members' ability. All waterbased activities are offered subject to availability. The Company cannot be held responsible for loss of use of watersports equipment due to adverse weather conditions.In early and late season some restaurants and local facilities may be closed and although mentioned in the brochure and Group Leader's Guide, cannot be guaranteed. Any special requests must be clearly notified to the Company in writing. The Company will endeavour to meet any special requests made by you and ensure that these are forwarded to the appropriate persons. The Company cannot guarantee, however, that special requests will be fulfilled and failure to do so does not constitute a breach of contract. Special requests will only be held to form part of the contract between you and the Company when they have been confirmed in writing to be guaranteed by the Company. It is the Company's aim to give you an enjoyable and trouble-free trip. If you do have a problem or complaint it is important and in your own interest to tell your Centre Manager so that steps can be taken to resolve the matter on the spot. If your complaint cannot be resolved there and then, please complete one of our Client Liaison forms at the centre and notify us, in writing, immediately upon your return. Because of the difficulties of investigating a complaint too long after the event, the Company cannot consider any complaintunless it is received, in writing, within 28 days of your group's return from their trip. Disputes arising out of, or in connection with this contract which cannot be amicably settled may be referred to arbitration, if you so wish, under a special scheme which is administered quite independently by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.From time to time authorized parties may carry out photography and/or video recording. You agree that we may use such images in promotional, advertising or publicity material in any form whatsoever. You further agree that copyright rests with such authorized parties and/or the Company. The Company may use your written feedback in promotional materials whether this is received in the form of letters, our customer satisfaction questionnaires or in emails. If you would rather not be quoted, please let us know on any written feedback you send us. 01202 677 272ROCKLEY WATERSPORTS www.rockleywatersports.comGet on the water in our beautiful Poole harbour location on the edge of the Jurassic coast. Learn in one of Britain's finest natural environment. No sharks guaranteed. Probably the best harbour in the world, but we are biased! Courses, training, corporate days, taster sessions, boat hire, kids clubs and parties.ROCKLEY INTERNATIONAL www.rockleyinternational.comWe have a 35-year proven track record in developing and running accredited watersports centres both nationally and internationally. We are the official & exclusive Training Partner to the International Sailing Federation and played a pivotal role in the development of the acclaimed Royal Yachting Association "OnBoard" scheme. Our services include watersports consultancy, national training scheme development, programmes & initiatives, centre development & management, increasing demand and participation.ROCKLEY ACADEMY www.rockleyACADEMY.comMore than 35 years experience in watersports centre management and training. We have unrivalled expertise and know-how and are passionate about the marine and leisure industry. Make your sport a career. We offer gap year training to enable you to work in watersports. Instructor courses and internationally recognised training for watersports professionals.WATERSPORTSINTERNATIONALOther Rockley Products / What else do we do?