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CREATE YOUR OWN FAVOURITE FAMILY HAMPER BY COMBINING ANY 3 HAMPERS FROM PAGES 12-14 AND SAVE $15!The earlier you start, the smaller your payments Mix 'n Match | 13Create your favourite Meat, Pantry & Freezer Hampers for all your family's summer needs. Order 3 different Hampers, or 3 of the same - you can choose what you want all for the same low price. For example, combine 'Janes' (pg 12) with 'Fruit & Veggies' (pg 13) and 'Wong Wing' (pg 14) - or any combination of 3 Hampers from pages 12-14. Combine the Mini Hampers to suit you - it is that easy! Mix 'n Match Hampers on pages 12-14 can also be ordered individually, but you will SAVE $15 by ordering 3!Beef Grill CODE 1236$3.17 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $165.00Marc Angelo Beef Souvlaki Kabobs4pkNew York Steak2x(2x500g)Rib-Eye Steaks2x(2x500g)Top Sirloin Steak2x500gFresh Chicken CODE 1239$2.79 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $145.00Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts2x1kgChicken Drumsticks2x1kgMarc Angelo Chicken Kabobs3x4pkRoasting Chicken2x2kgSkin-On Bone-In Chicken Breasts2x1kgFruit & Veggies CODE 1525$1.83 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $95.00Green Giant Valley Selections Garlic Pasta2x500gGreen Giant Valley Selections Green Beans & Carrot Medley 2x500gGreen Giant Valley Selections Japanese Mix Blend 2x500gGreen Giant Valley Selections Rice Primavera2x500gGreen Giant Valley Selections Stir Fry Medley2x400gGreen Giant Valley Selections Vegetable Fried Rice 2x500gNudeFruit Blushing Strawberries2x600gNudeFruit Four Very Bare Berries2x600gNudeFruit Wild Blueberries2x600g

Mix 'n Match - Pantry & Freezer14 | Mix 'n Match Call us TODAY at 1.800.847.0236 to place your orderKraft CODE 1521$2.79 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $145.00Christie Crispers Sour Cream & Onion2x200gChristie Oreo Cookie350gChristie Ritz Crackers Original2x225gJell-O Chocolate Pudding2x113gJell-O No Bake Oreo363gKool-Aid Singles Grape2x132gKool-Aid Singles Sweet Cherry2x132gKraft Bull's Eye Bold Original BBQ Sauce2x425mlKraft Cheez Whiz2x500gKraft Creamy Caesar Dressing2x475mlKraft Dinner Easy Mac2x366gKraft Mayonnaise950mlKraft Miracle Whip Squeeze532mlKraft Pasta Salad Macaroni4x200gKraft Pizza Sauce & Crust Kit2x450gKraft Rancher's Choice475mlKraft Smooth Peanut Butter2x500gKraft Spiral Dinner2x200gKraft White Cheddar Dinner4x200gOreo Cakesters Chocolate Crème2x342gMcCain CODE 1531$3.08 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $160.00McCain Cool Quenchers Orange2x225mlMcCain Cool Quenchers Strawberry Kiwi2x225mlMcCain Crescendo Pizza Deluxe2x900gMcCain Crescendo Pizza Pepperoni2x830gMcCain Crescendo Pizza Roast Chicken Deluxe2x825gMcCain Deep 'n Delicious Chocolate Cake2x510gMcCain Pizza Pockets Pepperoni4pkMcCain Premium Superfries Crinkle Cut2x900gMcCain Smiles Regular4x750gMcCain Super Spirals Seasoned2x750gMcCain Sweet Potato Fries - Crinkle Cut2x454gMcCain Tasti Taters Regular4x1kgMcCain Xtracrispy Superfries Savoury Wedges2x750gOld South Frozen Orange Juice4x330mlWong Wing CODE 1524$3.08 PER WEEK FOR 52 WEEKS | TOTAL PRICE $160.00Wong Wing Chicken Chow Mein3x400gWong Wing Chicken Fried Rice4x400gWong Wing Dumplings3x536gWong Wing Honey Garlic Spare Ribs3x400gWong Wing Sweet & Sour Chicken3x400gWong Wing Vegetable Egg Rolls3x680gWong Wing Vegetable Spring Rolls4x545gWong Wing Won Ton Soup4x426mlHAMPER ORDERCODEHAMPER NAMEQTYPRICETOTAL PRICE1237Great Beef1$145$1451241Cardinal1$120$1201521Kraft1$145$145CREDITMix 'n Match (SAVE $15)1-$15-$15TOTALMix 'n Match (with Savings)1$395$395TO ORDER. Create your own Hamper simply by writing down Mix 'n Match as the Hamper name, and specify the 3 Hampers you've selected using their codes from pages 12-14 (example to the right).Mix 'n Match Hampers, on pages 12-14, are priced individually but you will SAVE $15 by ordering 3!