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16 | Admin Call us TODAY at 1.800.847.0236 to place your orderJust follow these simple steps when filling in your Order Form1 Customer DetailsWrite in your Customer Number, if you have one.2 Agent DetailsWrite your Agent's details, if you have one. Agent number must be provided at time of order and can't be changed after the order is placed.3 Mailing AddressComplete your personal and address details.4 Delivery AddressComplete delivery address details if different from Mailing Address above.Write any special delivery instructions for your Hamper delivery.5 Hamper Order DetailsWrite the details of the Hamper that you want: Code, Description, Quantity and Price. Total up your order and write the total amount in the box provided. Look on the back of the order form to work out what your weekly payments will be.6 Payment DetailsChoose your payment start date, payment frequency and payment day.Complete the payment details for your Pre-Authorized Payment method with all the required information. Other payment options are cheque, internet / telephone banking or money orders. Call us if you have any questions about the form!7 SignatureSign the bottom of the order form and fill in the date.Order early and keep your weekly payments lower! It's as simple as 1, 2, 3!1 Place Your Order2 Layaway your Groceries3 Delivery to Your DoorEasy ways to place your Santas Choice Order!1 PhoneJust phone through your order to:1.800.847.02362 FaxYou can fax your order through to:1.877.323.39833 MailYou can mail your order to:Santas Choice P.O. Box 6400, STN AGINCOURT Scarborough, Ontario M1S 0B24 WebYou can shop online at our web site at:www.santaschoice.carudolph@santaschoice.caHow to Order HampersFrequently Asked QuestionsWhy choose Santas Choice?We are proud to be Canada's favourite Hamper Company delivering groceries, gift and electronics to thousands of families at Christmas and Summer! We are dedicated to providing top quality customer service and we pride ourselves on listening to our customers.What is included in the price of the Hampers?Our Hamper prices include the food, all taxes, as well as shipping and handling of your order**. One price - from our catalogue to your door! Some people say that they can buy the same amount of food at the grocery store for less. That may be true today, but remember that our prices are LOCKED IN for a FULL YEAR. Food prices in the grocey store are constantly rising, so LOCK IN your pricing with Santas Choice!** If you live in an area deemed rural by Canada Post, delivery charges may apply. These will be confirmed at the time of your order.Can I change my order?Yes .. changes to your order up to April 19, 2013 (TWO WEEKS before final payment date).How do I pay for my Hampers?. Pre-Authorized Debit (Easiest!). Cheques. Money Orders. Telephone / Internet BankingPre-Authorized Debit straight from your bank account is the most convenient for regularly scheduled payments. You pick the payment schedule, and start date. Your total order amount is divided by the number of payments between the time you place your order and the final payment date of May 3, 2013. If you choose to pay by methods other than Pre-Authorized Debit, it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your payment according to your payment schedule to avoid having your order reduced or cancelled.What is your refund policy?We have a NO REFUND policy after the first 15 days.If necessary, we will work out a payment plan with you for your special circumstances. Write to us, and we will work out a solution. If you need to cancel your order, we will deliver any Hampers that you have paid for. This means that if you had saved $300, we will help you choose Hampers or products worth $300.Where does Santas Choice deliver?Santas Choice is pleased to deliver to most areas in Canada**! We do not deliver to NWT, YK, NU and some remote areas.** If you live in an area deemed rural by Canada Post, delivery charges may apply. These will be confirmed at the time of your order.When do I get my Hampers?All Hampers will be delivered between late May and mid June 2013!We will send you an account statement prior to delivery season to confirm your order and delivery details. We want to be sure that we have everything ready! A few weeks before delivery, we will mail you a Delivery Advice letter with your delivery date for your food Hampers. We cannot advise delivery dates until after final payment date, and you will need to make arrangements to be home on that day.Will I receive the same products as shown in the catalogue?We make every effort to supply Hamper products exactly as listed in the catalogue. Slight variations in weight may occur due to the changes in manufacturing and delivery. Note: All meat weights are average package weight. If necessary, substitutions may be made for products of equal or greater retail value and you will be notified of any substitutions.Address changes?Please let us know as soon as possible! For your own security, if you call us with a change of address, we will ask you some security questions.. E-mail: Phone: 1.800.847.0236. Mail: Santas Choice, P.O. Box 6400, STN AGINCOURT, Scarborough, ON M1S 0B2E-mail address?Do we have your e-mail address?We are moving towards a greener environment - and are e-mailing the majority of our customer correspondence. So, don't forget to update us with your e-mail address. it's the best way for us to share the latest Santas Choice news with you!More questions?Visit us online at or call us at 1.800.847.0236Our team will answer your questions promptly and knowledgeably. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 7 PM EST, so call us even if it is just for a chat.For a full list of FAQ, please visit our web site at and read our terms and conditions on the reverse of the order form.

SUMMER ORDER FORM 2013IT'S SO EASY, ORDER YOUR WAY!You can phone, fax, mail, or go online to order.Santas ChoiceP.O. Box 6400, Stn Agincourt Scarborough, ON M1S 0B21.800.847.02361.877.323.3983Online: www.santaschoice.caOrder Code: S13E Please quote this number when ordering.If your circumstances change and you can't continue your payments, we will supply Hampers to the value of payments made. No refunds.YOUR CONSUMER RIGHTS ARE OUTLINED ON THE REVERSE OF THIS FORM.IF YOU PHONE IN YOUR ORDER, YOU WILL NEED TO COMPLETE AND MAIL/FAX THE PAYMENT METHOD FORM TO US IMMEDIATELY. Mr. Mrs. Miss Ms.First NameLast NameApt No. Buzzer Code Street No.Street NameCityProvincePostal CodePhone (hm)Phone (wk)Phone (cell)E-mail3 MAILING ADDRESSFirst NameLast NameApt No. Buzzer Code Street No.Street NameCity Province Postal CodeSpecial Delivery Instructions4 DELIVERY ADDRESS (If different from mailing address, or if the order is a gift)Referred By Agent NameReferred By Agent No.2 DO YOU HAVE AN AGENT?1 CUSTOMER DETAILS I am a new customer I am an existing customerCustomer No.PLEASE NOTE EACH HAMPER/VOUCHER CONSTITUTES A SEPARATE SALE AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT.5 YOUR HAMPER ORDEREXAMPLE ONLY6 PAYMENT DETAILS (ALL HAMPERS MUST BE PAID IN FULL BY May 3, 2013) All Hamper orders must be finalized by April 19th, 2013 as we will start packing your hampers!PRE-AUTHORIZED DEBIT INFORMATION (Please note that we require 2 busines days notice to make changes to your pre-authorized payment)I/We___________________________________________ acknowledge that this PAD authorization is provided for the benefit of Santas Choice Inc. and the financial institution identified below in accordance with the rules of the Canadian Payments Association. This authorization is to remain in force in accordance with the terms described in the service agreement Santas Choice PAD Agreement explained on the reverse. I/We warrant and guarantee that all persons whose signatures are required to sign on this account have signed this agreement below.Signature_____________________________________ Date______________________ Signature_____________________________________ Date______________________Details of the Account to be Debited (PLEASE SEND A VOID CHEQUE TO CONFIRM YOUR BANKING DETAILS)Name of Bank/Credit Union_______________________________________________ Name of Account Holder_______________________________________________Transit Number Institution Number Account Number PAYMENT DATE DETAILSPlease process my payments as follows: Start Date______________________ I want to pay (check relevant box) Weekly Biweekly Monthly On this Day of the Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday FridayI have read and understood the terms and conditions as set out in the catalogue and on the opposing page of this form.7 Signature_______________________________________________________________________ Date_______________________ MM / DD / YY MM / DD / YY MM / DD / YY MM / DD / YY CodeHamper NameQtyPriceTotal Price1208Super Summer Meats1$610$610Calculate Total Price: (We will calculate your payments for you)THANK YOU FOR YOUR ORDER!Be a Santas Choice AgentYou + 2 = $$$ 4 YouSee catalogue for detailsContinue my payments for HeadStart 2014!