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19 Life at St James is about more than just academic excellence, it is about bringing out the best in all the boys whatever their abilities; it is about culture, about courtesy, respect and self discipline, about introducing them to new ideas and new ways of thinking. There is a feeling of both nurturing the boys yet also challenging them to exceed what they believe are their capabilities. Mark O'Kelly - parent Right from the start our son felt at home at St James, the atmosphere of the school is singularly warm, open and nurturing, and the staff skilled at building a camaraderie within the class. The benefit of a small school, we have found, is that the boys seem to know everyone and, importantly, take part in everything. They therefore develop a confidence and openness to every activity and no- one is left out. We have also liked the school's distinctive philosophy - teaching naturally competitive and adventurous boys the value of stillness and inner peace is commendable and a valuable lesson for life. Julie Protheroe - Parent My son is thriving at St James Senior Boys. The school's focus on a philosophy that looks beyond the self- seeking values of the modern world is helping him to become an insightful and caring individual. Jane Horrocks - Actress My son started the St James experience in Year 7, five years ago. My overwhelming impression of the boys and young men of St James is of confidence, articulation, a sense of self and humour. My son has dyslexia and had quite low self esteem when he joined St James. Now I see a young man with the confidence and self belief to take on the world. Kim Weir - Parent St James wears its heart on its sleeve. Its strong ethical and philosophical approach to education is strongly evident in the day to day lives of the boys. It is particularly good at developing each individual, nurturing their particular talents, and in so doing, increasing their self confidence and maturity. It never attempts to fit a square peg into a round hole, rather it adapts the hole in the first place! Victoria Webb - Parent If you are seeking a school that understands education in the fullest sense of the word; that will help your son develop his full academic, social and sporting potential; that will involve you appropriately as a parent in that development and which combines traditional Western education with an appreciation of Eastern values appropriate for a rapidly changing world, then you may well choose St James. Whilst St James is not led by League Tables, its universal and enlightened approach provides a foundation which enables it to deliver academic excellence. Norman & Sue Black - Parents I would say that over the years, the school's unique philosophy has provided me with a much more open perspective on life. Together with meditation, this has definitely given me a greater awareness of others as well as of myself, and guided me towards the discovery of the incredible powers enclosed within each human being. I feel so indebted to the school for its level of care which teachers and pupils alike show to each other. Andrea Caio - Past Pupil It is a challenge to summarise all that we would like to say about the school. The ethos comes first; strong moral principles with the emphasis on the wellbeing of the whole child. The academic side is important but not everything, and there is a good proportion of time devoted to sport and music. Also, of prime importance is the attention to the spiritual side - we have experienced the benefits of this and hope that meditation might one day be offered in all schools. Whilst the boys are encouraged to show good will towards each other when in school, many carry this out into the community with a significant emphasis on charities. The schools are of a size that after a few terms the students all know each other and become one big family, with integration throughout the age groups. While St James is not coeducational the boys do have regular contact with the girls' school at Olympia in the form of wonderful joint musical and theatrical productions. Johnny and Sarah Bouchier - Parents As the school's guest speaker this year I was impressed by the fluency and maturity of the boys who also spoke. Most of them gave better speeches than I did, illustrating that St. James does what the best schools should do - it givesthe pupils self- confidence. Academic excellence is important. The school knows that, but to its credit, it also knows that equally important is producing well- rounded, well- mannered young people - independent thinkers sure of themselves but not arrogant. It seems to me that St James ticks all these boxes. Barry Norman - Writer, Broadcaster, Presenter St James has provided me with a supportive environment in which to explore my potential. The knowledge I have gained is only part of the education I have received and I believe that I am a more rounded person as a result. The school has taught me to value and respect other people and, as I have grown up and gained responsibility, I feel I have been able to make my own contribution to its community. Andrew Wilson - Past Pupil

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