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12 Business Footprint winter 2010 news focusIt's a high returning investment thanks to changes in legislationNew legislation means that businesses can now make money from installing green electricity generating systems on their premises - while helping the environment at the same time, according to consultants Ingleton Wood.Ingleton Wood advises many businesses from its office in the East of England and the company says it's an expert on the new Feed in Tariffs legislation and installing green technology."The new Feed in Tariffs are payments from the energy company for every KWh or electricity generated by renewable systems, such as wind turbines and solar panels," says Robert Diamond, sustainability associate at Ingleton Wood.The law changed at the beginning of the financial year 2010 to make bigger pay outs to businesses who install green technology. It means that installing green energy at your business premises can bring a 12 per cent return - far higher than most banks or building societies."Further payments are also made for any surplus electricity you generate that is fed back into the national grid," says Mr Diamond."There are also substantial savings to be made on electricity bills by using the electricity at source," he adds.Feed in Tariff payments are made for 25 years from the date that a system is installed. "Until this change in the law it might take 100 years or more for green energy to pay for itself when you install a wind turbine or solar panels in your premises."Now, it will pay back in a dramatically shorter time - eight to 12 years - and after that can start earning a business money when the set up costs are paid off. Free electricity is provided and the Government continues paying even though costs are covered," says Mr Diamond."It's such an excellent investment opportunity that many banks are now offering loans to encourage people to invest in green technology - because they know pay back is guaranteed by the government and it's a safe investment.Ingleton Wood installed a wind turbine at their office in Colchester and originally expected it to pay for itself in about 100 years."Now thanks to the 'feed in tariff" it will pay for itself in jus t 12 years"Germany has had a similar system for many years - two decades and mini wind turbines and solar panels, green energy has proliferated in business premises."In Germany you see this type of technology and with this UK businesses are likely to follow suit. It's good for the environment but it is also a sound business investment.'For example, installing a wind turbine would cost about £10k and would pay for itself in approximately 10 years. Photovoltaic solar panels would cost about £12k with pay back in about nine years."The return on investment is so good that banks will now give loans for installing green energy because of the excellent pay back," says Mr Diamond. "It's a safe venture because if you install this technology you are guaranteed payments from the government for 25 years, so safe banks are getting involved and giving loans for it."Greening your business premises winter 2010 Business Footprint 13news focusLate in 2010 the Carbon Trust asked for small companies interested in reducing their CO2 emissions and receiving recognition for the achievement, to become part of a trial scheme they were launching, writes David Whitelegg of Triquetra Environmental Health and Safety.This scheme allows online registration and a significantly reduced cost for certification. Being a consultancy that helps businesses to reduce their CO2 emissions and gain business advantages from doing so, it seemed an opportunity too good to miss. The process required us to look closely at how much energy we used as a business and how decisions were made. As a small business, some of the questions were quite difficult to answer but the work undertaken has made us think about how we make decisions. We now consider the CO2 emissions more objectively than we did before. Even an organisation as aware as we were before, has been able to make improvements. Overall we reduced our emissions by 3.3% and identified potential further reductions for the future. What are the benefits of doing this? Well we have been mentioned in a number of articles such as the Financial Times and we are able to use the Carbon Reduction logo that we hope will encourage other companies to do business with us. Under the Carbon Reduction Commitment, carbon management is now required by a company with at least one half-hourly electricity meter (HHM) settled on the half-hourly market across the whole organisation. Additionally, this applies if it has a total half-hourly electricity consumption of more than 6,000 megawatt-hours (MWh), once electricity used for transport and domestic accommodation has been excluded. With the need to reduce further CO2 emissions within the UK it is certain that smaller businesses will be required to measure and manage their CO2. How well prepared will you be when you need to manage yours? Details of CO2 Reduction scheme can be found at If you would like to know about the process please contact me. Hard work has paid dividendsBy David Whitelegg, Triquetra EHS Consultancy Ltd !DNUORA SSENISUB RUOY NRUT PLEH NAC EW YADOTAre you having trouble understanding this phrase?Are you having trouble understanding issues within your business?Would a free half hour consultation with a specialist commercial solicitor help?Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LLP act for businesses of all sizes and are experts in all areas of commercial law.For an informal discussion on how we may be able to help, call Brendan O'Brien, one of the Directors in the Company Commercial department on 01279 715333 or e-mail Savings Friends of the Earth have a way of re-using greeting cards and saving paper (and money). They're offering labels that you just 'lick and stick'!33Pad of 50 gummed labels with 'season's greetings' message;33148mm x 105mm, printed on paper made from 100 % post-consumer waste;33Features Friends of the Earth logo. 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