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Business QuestionsSaving energy in the workplace - is it worth the effort? asks Helen Chadwickthat might be hard if you don't get much natural light in your workplace.Access to cheap and reliable energy has been at the heart of delivery at all of our businesses.As we go forward the market in energy is much more uncertain. The UK is reliant on old energy generation plant and current estimates are suggesting a big hole in our energy supply in the next 10 years. Fuel for energy plant (gas, oil, nuclear and coal) is coming from more politically unstable areas of the globe, making our supply less secure. We are also being squeezed in the energy markets such as China, India and other emergent economies, start to buy supply. Finally the need to reduce carbon will introduce new challenges and fiscal measures like the CRC. Times are challenging, so it's worth a really good look at your energy supply and seeing if you can reduce your use and there is plenty of help out there, so read on...In the factoryIf you have lots of electrical kit you'll be feeling the crunch, higher prices and the new CRC levy may affect you. However, there are good opportunities to save energy and maybe even make money. There are grants and loans available to replace old equipment or install voltage optimisation equipment. These changes can often pay for themselves in under a year. You may find it is worthwhile installing your own renewable energy equipment, perhaps generate electricity from sunlight on your roof, and even better sell it to the grid, getting a new income stream. Or if you use a lot of heat CHP might be for you.Look at your meter readings, if you have a meter that read hourly you can see your usage over the day. Perhaps you are using lots of energy at night or over the weekend when no-one is around, check out what is left on. Get your staff involved. They'll have loads of money saving ideas. Maybe organise a competition across the business - that should generate savings! In the officeYou may be thinking... "We can't do anything. The landlord owns the building, so we can't change anything." But you'd be surprised. Have a look at your computers. How many monitors are left on standby overnight? Just one computer and monitor left on could cost as much as £35 per year.And how much of your printing is colour and perhaps single-sided? Double-sided printing can save money, on power as well as paper.Perhaps you can replace normal lights with low energy lights.When you are buying new equipment, think about the energy usage, ask your supplier if you are not sure. Again - get your staff involved, how about having a green team and doing an audit and a chocolate left for the person who switches off their monitor will be a real incentive to check!Business link at will be able to put you in touch with experts to advise.The Carbon Trust have lots of help and advice for businesses.WRAP can help on save waste and water your local council may have some special schemes running.What are you waiting for? Get calling.Helen Chadwick Consulting. h.chadwick@ntlworld.comIn this country we are lucky to have a very robust energy infrastructure. We rarely suffer serious loss of power and we have become very used to switching stuff on and expecting a response. Just think about what you could do if the power went off now. I'll make some calls . can't do that phones are off, mobile is out of charge!I'll print that document and read it... can't do that no powerI'll browse the internet....can't do that no power!I'll make a cup of tea .. can't do that no power!Work more or less comes to a standstill. All you can do is tidy your desk and even winter 2010 Business Footprint 7

8 Business Footprint winter 2010 Products and servicesThe world's first truly auditable CSR management system The newly-launched Sustainability iQ is the world's first truly auditable management system for CSR and sustainability, specifically designed to harvest, validate, audit and publish all the data needed to formulate and implement a sustainability/CSR policy. That's the claim of Warwick-based Integrated fm Ltd, the company that's launched Sustainability iQ. The company says its a powerful new online tool able to collate environmental and other sustainability data from a wide range of sources, delivering massive savings in management time. In fact, what would once have been months of work can literally be reduced to just minutes.Developed by information management specialists Integrated fm, Sustainability iQ builds on over 20 years experience of managing operational data and is fully web-enabled and highly configurable to suit each organisation's processes, as well as industry-wide standards (e.g. Defra, Accounting for Sustainability). It can import data from a wide range of sources, including FM software, supply chain partners' systems and from spreadsheets - with the ability to input data direct into the system as well. All data is validated and made available for fast evaluation and reporting, with a full audit trail of origins and any changes. Sustainability iQ enables reporting by service type (utilities, waste etc) and/or service line (heating, lighting, glass recycling, paper recycling, etc.) - collated by department, building, region or entire global portfolio - over any time period, while also taking account of seasonal variation. It can also be compared directly against corporate sustainability targets (e.g. electricity consumption, carbon emissions, travel mileage). A digital dashboard facilitates reporting at all levels from macro overview down to granular detail, populating pre-prepared report templates for even greater time-savings. Reports can be generated in a range of formats, including PDF and Excel. Each user is assigned a defined role with pre-determined permissions and guided through the procedures by the software's inbuilt logic, so that processes are adhered to at every stage. Crucially, the software records every action in the background, creating a detailed audit trail that can be examined and reported on at any time, ensuring complete control throughout the process. Further information can be found at or you can contact Amy Ball at Integrated fm Ltd, Charles Court, Budbrooke Road, Warwick Warwickshire, CV34 5LZ Tel: 01926 517700 Fax: 01926 517701 E-mail: