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page 28 winter 2010 Business Footprint 9products and servicesWorkplace service provider the PHS Group plc, has launched a new and exciting scheme, designed to win over the 'hearts and minds' of office staff in favour of active waste paper recycling.PHS Paper Track is a highly visible office paper recycling service with the unique benefit of converting that paper into high quality toilet tissue, which is then returned to customer. Think of it. old letterhead and invoices reborn as a company's 'own brand' toilet tissue! As such, it presents facilities managers with the first 'closed-loop' office paper recycling service of its kind.A big benefit for the bottom line is that, used within a company's 'reduce, re-use, recycle' strategy, Paper Track stands to excite, enthuse and engage office staff in cost-effective waste paper recycling, as they see a useful product created by it and returning for use in their company washrooms. Paper Track also provides a visible example of a company's commitment to sustainability, and adherence to international environmental management standards, such as ISO 14001.How does Paper Track work?Very simply, the Paper Track service involves PHS collecting an office's paper waste, shredding it and recycling it at its specialist plant into toilet tissue, which is then returned back to the same organisation for re-use in its washrooms. As such, it presents the first 100% 'closed-loop' office paper recycling service of its kind.To really enthuse staff, Paper Track's paper collection bins and toilet tissue dispensers display recycling messages and clear instruction on how the system works, providing strong internal communication of the organisation's environmental focus, and encouragement to use the Paper Track system.To get staff actively involved, PHS believe that the service should be simple and easy to use; therefore only basic segregation of paper is needed in the office. That's because PHS' paper mill and conversion plant is equipped to handle all the 'extras' with which waste paper is so often discarded - dyes and inks, staples, plastic covers, sellotape, book bindings, labels, brown envelopes, other non-bleachables and even grit - and still produce high quality recycled tissue. The scheme has a low carbon footprint, being serviced by PHS' nationwide branch network and a UK-based paper mill and conversion operation. This means none of the recycled paper has to travel far for processing. In addition, no harmful chemicals are used in the conversion process, and any waste produced is used as fertiliser on local farms. Paper Track recycling certificates are also provided, to help demonstrate the environmental benefit to staff and management, and to show compliance with the Data Protection Act. James Clark, Managing Director of PHS Direct, which supplies Paper Track, comments on the new initiative: PHS' new Paper Track service collects office paper waste, shreds it, then recycles it into high quality toilet tissue, which is returned to the customer. With its visible product, Paper Track enthuses staff into good recycling practice and demonstrates organisational commitment to environmental protection, with associated benefits for the bottom line.Keeping waste paper visible"Operating, as we do ourselves, to the 14001 international environmental management standard, PHS is constantly looking for new ways to help customers reduce their own environmental impact. As such, the Group has launched a variety of products and services to encourage resource reduction and recycling. PHS Paper Track is the latest of these, and we're very excited at its potential. Our customers have been extremely responsive, knowing that they are buying into a unique recycling scheme which pays more than lip-service to the environmental banner.Closed-loop recycling of this kind ensures that waste is viewed as a resource, really engaging staff in the process because they can see a tangible end-product, and helping businesses to benefit financially from a company-wide increase in cost-effective waste management practice.Paper Track is ideal for those organisations with a strong environmental ethos, who are on the look-out for new ways to demonstrate and enhance their recycling credentials."

10 Business Footprint winter 2010 NEws focusThe Loneliness of the Long Distance PastyBy David WalterOne of the great mantras of the environmental movement is that it is better to buy local produce. It is something of a disappointment, therefore, to read a spate of recent stories about so-called local produce which turns out to have clocked up large numbers of food miles.First there was the tale of the Ginsters pasties. In order for them to be delivered from the factory in Callington in Cornwall to the Co-op a mile away, they are transported to a depot in Portbury near Bristol and then driven back, a round trip of 250 miles.Many other such examples have emerged. A tub of Rodda's Cornish clotted cream will do a 340 mile journey to Avonmouth and back to be sold in Tesco's at Redruth, two miles from the factory.Organic yoghourts made at Rachel's dairy in Aberystwyth go to a depot in Oswestry in Shropshire before being returned to Aberystwyth shops, clocking up 130 miles.