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PAGE 23 James Vincent JRC Team UK James Vincent Team UK Robert Valkeneer JRC Team Netherlands Robert Valkeneer Team Netherlands HOW TO MINIMIZE CONDENSATION IN A BIVVY The JRC twin skin bivvies have been specifically designed to stabilise the temperature within the shelter by the inclusion of an outer cover and a breathable inner skin. Bivvy condensation is created by the extreme difference between the outer and inner temperature of the material. By creating a thermal layer between the two skins all problems involving condensation are eliminated and the conditions within the living section of the bivvy will remain warm and dry. In the warmer weather the bivvy will remain cool, as the heat is held back on the outer skin and the vented inner allows cooler air to circulate. In the colder months this process works in reverse and the heat will be retained in the inner dome whilst the moisture created will be vented away through the breathable panels. In all bivvy use condensation can be reduced by using a ground sheet to prevent moisture rising from the ground and adequate venting to allow a good circulation of air. Started fishing at the age of 5 with my father using massive hooks and even bigger lumps of bread flake, watching as the fish took the bait in the Little Ouse at Brandon. I used to match fish as a junior and converted from match fishing into Carp fishing about 16 years ago after realising that using bite alarms wasn't so bad after all. I still try to keep my hand in fishing for pike through the winter on numerous local haunts with a few zander caught too. I traded a carbon fibre mountain bike for my first carp setup and started fishing for the carp in the local pond. I then went on my first visit to a commercial carp water, all the way over to France for a week, I'd only ever done a couple of overnighters prior to this week long trip. This got me the bug for French fishing after catching the second biggest carp in the lake ' Double D' at 49lb. I soon realised with my limited time and working away in London a couple of weeks a year away to France was all the fishing I could manage and that was how it continued for a number of years. I have tried to concentrate on my English fishing for the last couple of seasons, I've joined and plan to fish a lake where a new PB is possible and I'm really looking forward to it, had a couple of smaller ones so far this season. I still don't have the huge amount of time to angle that one wishes for due to family commitments but any spare time I get I do try to spend it on the bank. I also run a very small carp syndicate on a stunning 1960' s gravel workings, learning as I go.. Age 36 yrs Worked for BT for 20yrs since leaving school 2005 caught World Record Carp Brace, consisted of the two largest in Croix Blanche caught within 16 hours of each other. 67.12 and 60.10 along with some other twenties, thirties, forties and fifties... Been sponsored by JRC since 2006 Like most people, I started my hobby chasing small roach and bream. I started catching carp when a good friend of mine asked me to join him surface fishing in the city pond. There it happened, I caught my first carp off the surface! Now despite all the modern techniques and methods I still find the most exciting way to catch carp is from the surface.

PAGE 38 Ellis Brazier JRC Team England Ellis Brazier Team England Jan Mertens JRC Team Belgium Jan Mertens Team Belgium LUGGAGE I have been involved with angling for as long as I can remember thanks mainly to my father who from the tender age of 4yrs old encouraged me to fish with him at every opportunity. This lifelong adventure has led me in all different directions of the sport from match to sea fishing. As time passed and I grew a little older I started to fish on my own with the aid of my push bike and as happens to so many of us I discovered a small pool with some very mysterious big fish in them. Needless to say once I had managed to catch my first carp I was hooked and the obsession started, carp fishing now has led me on a wondrous journey around the country and has provided me with many new friends and experiences. Over the last six years I have been writing for a number of angling publications on a regular basis and also have become involved with the testing and development of Pure Fishing and JRC products. This has been an amazing experience and a great privilege to be involved with arguably the greatest angling company in the world. Long may the adventure continue! Hello I am Jan Mertens, Category Manager at Pure Fishing so fishing and fishing related work keeps me busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I started fishing at the age of 5 with my grandfather, mostly sea fishing from the beach. When I was 9 or so I went fishing with my younger brother in a local pond for roach and bream. After a while I wanted to catch that " monster fish" that kept breaking my line. When I finally caught my first carp I became hooked on the sport of carp fishing and I am just as passionate today. I like to fish on the bigger gravel pits home and abroad and make the occasional to France and Germany. My fishing in Belgium is based around the local lake where I spend 2 or 3 evenings walking round and pre baiting for the weekend, I usually fish overnight one of the weekend evenings. If the fishing is really good I will try to convince my wife that I have to be on the bank one more night... Finding the balance between family, work and fishing is the most difficult part about being a carp angler. Favourite venue: Lac de Madine. Personal best: 23.6kg mirror Favourite JRC product: Sti X- LITE Bivvy Tight Lines