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PAGE 57 INFLATABLE BOAT ITEM 1193087 ITEM 1193088 ELECTRIC ENGINE 44 LB THRUST ITEM 1193165 . Carpy green look . 5 forward speed settings and 2 reverse . Extendable throttle with twist grip . Sturdy motor mount . Powerful propeller . 12v power When you place your heavy tackle on our new one wheel barrow you will be amazed how light, stable and easy to manoeuvre it is. It can be folded away totally flat, and is supplied with 2 elastics to secure your equipment safely during transit. Our Easy Loader Barrow can be either pushed along or pulled behind, more like a trolley system. The difference between the Easy Loader and any other barrow system has to be tried to be believed; but once it has, you will probably never want to use a conventional style barrow again. Our new 3 and 4 rods Euro pod is supplied with a pair of 3 rod buzz bars and a pair on 4 rod buzz bars. The design allows the pod to be packed away in its own zipped padded carry case. The pod offers variable height, rod gradient positions and telescopic twist lock legs. Dimensions Boat 235: 235 cm x 132 cm Weight : 28 kg ( complete) Dimensions Boat 290: 290 cm x 148 cm Weight : 36 kg ( complete) . 2X two piece aluminium oars . Marine grade plywood bench seat . Foot pump . Repair kit . Carrying bag . Air mat floor . Heavy duty detachable engine mount . Inflatable hull . Boat 235: 350 kg - 2 persons Boat 290: 510 kg - 4 persons BOAT, BARROW & PODS INTRODUCTION www. jrc- fishing. co. uk

PAGE 58 BARROW ITEM 1193062 EASY LOADER BARROW ITEM 1153632 Theo Pustjens Team Belgium BOAT, BARROWS & PODS A lightweight barrow featuring a single wheel system for increased mobility and improved steering, but still capable of carrying all your kit for a shorter trip. Manufactured from quality hi- tensile steel. . Super Strong high tensile steel . Fully foldable with detachable wheel and handles . Easy steer single wheel design . Fold away adjustable legs with fold flat mud feet . 2x adjustable bungees included A Counter balanced, twin wheel barrow that gives a perfect weight distribution, dramatically reducing the lifting weight on the handles. . Super Strong high tensile steel . Fully foldable with optionally removable wheel . Almost weightless when correcly loaded . Handle design allows the barrow to be pushed or pulled . Twin wheel design for extra stability The unique design and perfect balance of this barrow negates the weight of the load, making transportation effortless. If it is loaded with the heavier items of tackle near the front and the bed- chair strapped to the handle you will find that this leaves a perfect flat bed on top to take the rod bag or quiver. With the barrow loaded in this way it can be easily pushed for huge distances without any of the weight being transferred to your arms. This is achieved by the perfect counter- balance effect of the handle length and wheel positioning. The barrow can be either pushed along or pulled behind, more like a trolley system. It has been constructed from heavy duty components and treated with an industrial powder coating to ensure it lasts, despite the harsh treatment that barrows are expected to endure. The Easy Loader will fold totally flat with the removal of handle and wheels or, if preferred, it can be folded up with the wheels in- place and located through the cut- outs in the top panel. All in all it is one of the most versatile and transportable barrow systems available today. Barrow video available on www. jrc- fishing. co. uk