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PAGE 64 Eddy Norder JRC Team NetherlandsJed Kent JRC Team UK Eddy Norder Team Netherlands Jed Kent Team UK Age: 23 Home town: Lowestoft I first wet a line at around the tender age of two, from that moment on fishing was to become a massive part of my life. I landed that first milestone double when I was five, then at age ten I had a mouthful of beer to celebrate when I landed my first monstrous twenty. I now enjoy fishing for carp of all sizes and from a variety of different types of venues . My old school carp angling dad, who's fished for thirty odd years, has had a massive influence on my angling. As a result I love making all my own bait from scratch and fish for nice old English carp. A rig that I use a lot and have caught fish from every lake is my faithful broken back pop up rig. This consists of 15lb cocoon coated braid in brown and a size 6 mbt 4 hook. I love working for JRC as they are in the forefront of the carping world offering great products right through their extensive range. LANDING NETS My name is Eddy Norder, I am 35 years old and born in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. I am working in the process industry. The disadvantage of working in shifts is that you have to work in the weekends and holidays. The advantage is that you can go fishing during the week when it is quiet at the banks. But as so often when someone catches a carp for the first time you become very attached to these species and before you know it you are infected with the carp virus. It seems that every year I get more pleasure out of it to be on the banks. Enjoy what you do and you can go on for a lifetime. In the world of carpfishing you get to know very different people, and some of these people were members of the Carp Studygroup Netherlands ( KSN). I am working with the KSN now on a regional level. I am also a member of the VBK ( Association of Belgian Carp Anglers). This membership of the KSN has brought me much. First you gather additional information on the meetings by exchanging experiences with fellow members and in second the KSN brought me good acquaintances and friendships. So all in all just nice extra's. The most important is that we secure the carp fishing for future generations and it is obvious that we will have to fight for it in the future. Several years ago I joined the Region Commission( rCBB) of KSN region Groningen- Drenthe. In this way I hope I can do some good for carpfishing in particular and I can still learn things in other areas of the carp fishing process. And besides, the meetings and presentations are of course always very pleasant to visit. Finally, I am very happy with the fact that I became a member of the JRC team and so I will proudly wear the brand JRC outwards. I will also do my best to contribute to the goals that JRC has set. Of course I am also very pleased with the fact that JRC gave me this opportunity and I am therefore convinced that we can have a very good cooperation with each other. I can only thank JRC again for the confidence and wish everyone tight lines.

PAGE 65 SPECIALIST PLUS ITEM 1153587 ROAMER ITEM 1153585 50" ITEM 1153586 42" . Unique carbon composite 2 piece pole construction . New carbon composite heavy duty spreader block . Deep, soft, weed green mesh . Supplied in a " Nylon Stuff Bag" . Available with 42" or 50" arms . Carbon composite construction . Folding block machined from 7075 aerospace aluminium . Deep, soft, weed green mesh . Supplied in anti stink sleeve I use one of these for the majority of my fishing due to the versatility afforded with the two part handle. It is excellent for boat work offering manoeuvrability in tight spaces. Much of my short session fishing is done accompanied by this net as it folds away and is compact for transportation. ' This net incorporates a new heavy duty spreader block' With our Roamer Nets range the days of trying to wrestle the net's arms from the sockets are long gone. Simply inserting your arm between the two carbon arms and releasing the tension easily allows the folding aluminium block to drop and swing out of the way. The net can then be easily removed from the pole to allow you to transport your catch to the unhooking mat. The weed green colour of the mesh is now a firm favourite for many anglers. The Roamer Net is available in both 42" and 50" and both come complete with a nylon stuff bag. www. jrc- fishing. co. uk