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PAGE 72 CONTACT TELE ITEM 1199902 12' 3,00lbs ITEM 1199903 13' 3,00lbs CONTACT 3 SECTION ITEM 1199900 12' 3,00lbs ITEM 1199901 13' 3,00lbs Simon Morris JRC Team UK Simon Morris Team UK Jan Mertens Team Belgium RODS . A new High Performance with reduced transport length . Incredible carbon strength . Japanese carbon composite blank . Original SIC Guides Quality . DPS reel seat . Rubber Handle for maximum comfort Not available in the UK A reduced series of Carp rods having very short transport length for Globe Trotter anglers ! . A new High Performance with reduced transport length . Incredible carbon strength . Japanese carbon composite blank . Original SIC Guides Quality . DPS reel seat . Rubber Handle for maximum comfort Not available in the UK My name is Simon Morris and I have been Carp fishing now for over 25 years. During this time I have fished a variety of venues both here and on the continent. If I had to pick favourites they would be the wild River Lot in France with its miles of untapped potential and a certain large little fished reservoir in middle England. Both of these offer interesting fishing in fantastic surroundings with the chance of something really special. I have caught fish to 48lb plus in Europe and fish to mid thirties in the UK. For the last nine years I have worked in the fishing tackle industry, designing and sourcing Carp fishing tackle. Working for JRC has given me access to some of the best tackle in the industry, if I had to pick a favourite item, it would be the TX bivvy. Once autumn hits and the night's pull in I want to know I am going to be warm, dry and comfortable so that I can concentrate on my fishing, the TX gives me this assurance.

Nicolas Jiroff JRC Team France Nicolas Jiroff Team France PAGE 73 CONNECTION Nicolas Jiroff I am 38 years old and have had a passion for carp and carp fishing for 22 years. My personal best is a fish of 24kg ( 52lbs 12ozs). I enjoy fishing a variety of waters and using different styles. However, I am never happier than when fishing for ' wild' fish in the lakes and rivers of Burgundy, rivers such as the Saone and Grosne. On the lakes I particularly love to stalk carp. After many years of fishing adventures, my passion is still as great as when I first started and the best catch will simply be the next...... Introducing the new ' Connection' range of JRC accessories. Designed by Dave Lane and the JRC consultant's team across Europe to cope with all accessory needs on a range of waters. From small pools and lakes in the UK to the large demanding expanses of European gravel pits and rivers. Each item has been specifically manufactured to exacting standards without compromise on quality or efficiency. Aimed at the top end of the carp fishing market, only the highest quality materials and components have been used in this new range of terminal tackle on offer from the JRC stable. Years of experience in development and practical usage has resulted in a bespoke range of components intended to take carp fishing into the next era. The emphasis has been geared towards low visibility components using the newest of non- reflective coatings and low profile materials. Particularly exciting has been the development of the Matt Black Teflon ( MBT) coated hooks including two specifically designed patterns, the MBT 360 hook and the MBT 4 reverse shank. All of the hooks are manufactured using cutting edge Japanese technology. The coloured tungsten tubing, low visibility anti tangle tube, Heli- Gripter beads are also derived from years of bank- side experience and add another dimension to subtle hookbait presentation. Subtly coated braided hook- links and high grade Fluorocarbons are just some of the technical advancements contained within the range. With the ever growing popularity of ready tied rigs we have also produced three extremely popular patterns that have excelled in use for an extended period of time and become almost ' classic' patterns in modern carp fishing.