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PAGE 76 CONNECTION FLUO HOOKLINK BROWN CONNECTION SHOCKLEADER CONNECTION SINKING HOOKLINK CONNECTION COATED LEADCORE 1 3 2 4 CONNECTION These Hooklinks have all been developed in conjunction with the Match fishing sector and, as such, are of very high quality and extremely low visibility. The stiff Fluorocarbons behave very much like monofilaments but are virtually invisible under water. The stiffer Fluorocarbons have fantastic anti- eject properties and make ideal stiff links as well as sharing the low visibility aspect of the softer version. STIFF RIG STEP BY STEP Used materials: 1 Fluorocarbon Stiff 20 lb 2 Connect 1 Size 6 3 Quick Fit Link 4 Anti tangle sleeve When and why using the rig The Stiff Rig I use on waters that stand under a lot of pressure of carp anglers. This rig is 12 to 15 cm long and an essential part of the rig is the stiff hair. Thanks to the stiff hair it is very difficult for the boilie and the hook to leave the mouth of the carp without hooking when the carp tries to blow it out. The carp does not know what to do and flees with a bite as result. Because I always fish with a Quick Fit Link, I use an 8- knot to make a loop at the end of the line, I can quickly and easily change my rigs. An anti tangle sleeve provides a clean and smooth finish. Step 1: Cut approximately 25 cm Fluorocarbon Stiff. Step 2: Make a flat knot at the end of the line ( this will become the hair). Pass the other end through the back of the eye of a Connect 1 hook. Pay attention that you pull extra hard or twice to tighten the loop, the knot is usually not directly as solid as with a braided line. Step 3: Determine the length of the hair ad connect the hook with a knotless knot. Allow approximately 2.5 cm space between bait and the bending of the hook so it can properly respond. Step 4: Measure the rig ( 12- 15 cm) and make a loop at the end using the 8- knot Step 5: With a boilie needle you can lace an anti tangle sleeve on the line. Step 6: The rig is ready for use and can be connected to the quick fit link. . Extra Tough clear mono . 20 and 30lb breaking strain . extremely abrasion resistant . available on spools of 90mtr ( 100yds) . very soft and fast sinking braid . innovative color " lock" technology . strong and reliable . blends perfectly with the lakebed, 3 camouflaged colours ( sand beige, weed green and mud brown) . ideal for all supple rigs. . available on spools of 25mtrs in 15, 25 and 35lb . easy knottable . very soft and fast sinking leadcore . innovative coated material added . strong and reliable . blends perfectly with the lakebed . 45lb breaking strain. . available on spools of 25mtr . easy to splice

COCOON BRAID PAGE 77 1 5 2 4 3 LEAD CORE RIG STEP BY STEP Used materials: 1- +/- 20cm. camouflage leadcore 2- Ringswivel size 8 3- Ringswivel size 11 4- +/- 10cm. Cocoon Brown hooklink braid 5- +/- 1 cm. schrik tube khaki 6- connect 2 MBT hook 7- splicing needle Step 1: A lead core combi rig, due to its weight, sticks nicely to the bottom and its weight prevents the separation of the hook. The rig can be fished als pop- up snowman ore bottom bait.. It is a rig that can make a difference in difficult circumstances. Step 2: By splicing one end of the leadcore the ringswivel size 8 will be attached and then in the same way ringswivel size 11 connected to the other side. ( a drop of superglue where the mantle goes back inside.) Step 3: The cocoon braid is completely stripped and is then attached to the hook with a knotless knot. Leave the end a little longer for the formation of the hair. Step 4: A few mm. Shrink tubing is slid over the hook to keep the hair in place and about one cm. aligner is used to form the line. Then the braid can be tied to the ring of the swivel. Step 5: Heat the shrink tubing and shape the line- aligner. The length of the rig itself can be adjusted. www. jrc- fishing. co. uk A fast sinking high tensile braid, coated in a new non- reflective matt coating, easily stripped to create hinged rigs of all descriptions. These hooklink materials will keep a low profile in the water and not reflect sunlight from the outer surface; the supple inner will remain camouflaged to the lake bed and retain full strength when playing a fish. . Very soft and fast sinking inner braid . A non- reflective matt coating . Easy to strip with your finger nails . Blends perfectly with the lakebed, 3 camouflaged colours ( sand beige, weed green and mud brown) . Ideal for all combi rigs. . Available on spools of 20mtrs in 15, 25 and 35lb