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PAGE 79 PVA 4 3 1 2 The strength of the bags is phenomenal considering their quick and total dispersion qualities. Long cast bags are designed to add aero dynamics to long range bag work. The PVA mesh is the very best we've ever tried and comes supplied with an ergonomic JRC moulded bait compression tool. Incredible quality for the price. Used materials: 1 Cocoon Braid 35 lb 2 Connect 1 Size 6 3 Shrink Tube 2,4- 0,8 mm 4 Anti tangle sleeve 5 Tungsten Putty 6 Quick Fit Link When and why using the rig The Withy Pool Rig I use in situations when the fish are very shy, that means waters wich stand under a lot of preasure of carpanglers. The heavy counterweight from at least 5 grams allows the hook to turn quickly in the mouth due through the long curve of the shrink tube wich results in hooking the carp beautifully in the lip. In fact you create an extreme benthook. The Withy Pool Rig, used by most people with a pop- up, can also be used fine with a sinking boilie. This rig is also good to use in obstacle situations. For quickly changing the rigs I use the quick fit links. They are very usefull, you don't have to knot anymore in the dark. An Anti Tangle Sleeve finishes the rig. www. jrc- fishing. co. uk Step 1: Cut approximately 40 cm Cocoon Braid and strip 12 cm of the coating. Step 2: Make a flat knot with a litlle loop at the end. Pass the other end through the back of the eye of a Connect 1 hook. Step 3: Determine the length of the hair and connect the hook with a knotless knot. Step 4: Cut 5 cm Shrink Tube and slide it over the eye of the hook and the knotless knot. Step 5: Shrink the Shrink Tube in boiling water or with steam from a kettle and bend it inside. Watch out! Be careful that you don't burn yourself. Step 6: Determine the length of the rig and make a flat knot at the end. Step 7: With a boilie needle you can lace an anti tangle sleeve on the line. Step 8: Put the tungsten putty above the shrink tube around the line. Step 9: The rig is ready for use and can be connected to the quick fit link. Withy Pool Rig STEP BY STEP

PAGE 80 HELI- GRIPTER BEADS 1153734 BUFFER BEADS 1153735 TWIN BORE BEADS green: 1153736 - brown: 1153737 SLIDING BAIT RINGS AND HOOK BEADS 1153738 CONNECTION These helicopter system beads have been designed with carp safety in mind. The top bead has a massive bore of 2.8mm to ensure easy passage over leader knots. This safety system will grip onto lead core leaders in any position. Ideal for all lead core helicopter and chod rigs. Shock resistant tapered beads. Designed to create the perfect knot protection for all plumbing and running lead requirements. Finished in weed green. Constructed with a 2.5mm hole on one side that fits snugly over the eye of a size 8 swivel. The other side has a 1.5mm hole that will offer full protection to the swivel knot. Moulded from anti-glare rubber in weed green or silt brown. These low profile teardrop beads are designed to grip tightly to the shank of the hook, staying in position even when distance casting. Supplied with easy glide oval ring for attaching bait. Perfect for creating all blow back and 360 rigs. Extreme Bottom Bait Rig STEP BY STEP This is a rig I use in 80% of my fishing. It is perfect for the high pressured waters wher the carp have seen a lot of rigs. This rig just gives that extra sting. The most important part about this rig is that the hair runs all the way with the shank and curve of the hook, this way the hook turns extremely fast. I use this rig mostly with bottom baits, of course also usable with a pop- up or as a snowman presentation. The extra heavy split shot gives this rig just that extra weight so the hook will always hold in the bottom lip. Materials you need to make this rig: 25lb JRC Cocoon coated hook link braid ( following colors are available green, brown or sand) JRC connection shrink tube ( 1.6mm- 0.5mm) Connect 2 in size 6 of 8 Silicone tube 0.5mm Split shot size AAA ( 0.8gr) of SG ( 1.2gr) Take a 35cm piece( for a 6" or 15cm finished rig) or 40cm piece ( for a 8" or 20cm finished rig) JRC Cocoon Coated Braid and strip 6.5" ( 16cm) off the coating. Tie a loop on the stripped tag end and attach a boilie of your preference. Take the JRC Connect 2 hook size 8 and tie this one on using a knotless knot, leaving a longer hair than normally. This because after attaching the small pieces of silicone tubing, you still need about 1cm of space between the hook and the boilie, so that the hooks stays nice