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TX BIVVY ITEM 1153656 PAGE 8 TX BIVVY Wrap ITEM 1153657 . 10.000 PU 300 D Hydra- Tex material . YKK zips and Duraflex fittings . Reinforced and bar stitched pegging points . Reinforced bar stitched pegging points . Locating ring on front to clip wrap to bivvy frame . Elasticated tensioning points . Supplied with peg set . Weight 2,0 kg . 10.000 PU 300 D Hydra- Tex material . YKK zips and Duraflex fittings . Reinforced and bar stitched pegging points . 16 mm lightweight 6061 aluminium poles coated in chip resistant paint . Separate bivvy wrap also available . 3- Way zipped removable door system . Supplied with heavy duty peg set . Weight 11,0 kg The lightweight TX bivvy system is one of the most durable, breathable and fully waterproof systems ever, weighing in at only 6.6 kilo or 9 kilo including groundsheet. The 10.000 HH Hydra- Tex material has been extensively tested in the field. The entire front panel can be removed to leave an even lighter umbrella system for the warmer weather or short trips. Supplied with a soft touch heavy- duty groundsheet and peg set. The TX bivvy was designed to sit right at the top of the JRC range of shelters. Using a revolutionary new coated material we have created the closest thing to a truly breathable shelter currently available, whilst retaining a Hydrostatic Head, waterproof rating of 10,000 PU. The poles have been spray coated with a hardened matt paint finish that will resist chipping and peeling and joint protectors are fitted to all pole joints. The three section pole construction provides a far quicker erection time than existing five section pole shelters and means that it will fit neatly into a rod- bag or sling. The brace poles have a new inline clip design that allows them to run symmetrically across the top of the product. On the front of the bivvy there is a fully removable zipped panel, consisting of three separate door openings and the main door is fitted with a mosquito panel. The TX has also been fitted with top quality fittings and clips to ensure reliability and durability, this really is a shelter built to last and withstand the very worst the weather can throw at it. During the warmer weather the entire front can be removed, leaving an open fronted brolly system that give a complete view of the lake and, should the weather turn for the worst, the front can be re- attached in moments. Supplied with a heavy duty, soft touch, groundsheet and peg set this is the complete shelter for the more discerning angler. SHELTERS A three quarter wrap constructed from the same 10.000 PU Hydra- Tex material as the bivvy. Offering an extra thermal layer to keep in warmth during the colder months, without the added encumbrance of a second door. All fittings are genuine Duraflex parts.

QUAD 2 MAN ITEM 1153175 PAGE 9 QUAD 2 MAN Wrap ITEM 1153176 Markus Lotz Team Germany . New ultra light 6061 series aerospace grade 20mm aluminium poles . Optional tension bar set available . Double P. U. coated 10.000 hydrostatic head Oxford nylon . 3 door setting options, clear window, mosquito panel and green door panel . Covered ventilation panels fitted front and rear . Tape sealed seams throughout for 100% protection . Bar stitched for maximum strength throughout . Supplied with new rubberised heavy duty groundsheet and pegs . Weight 12,0 kg . Double P. U. coated 10.000 hydrostatic head Oxford nylon . Tape sealed seams throughout for 100% protection . Bar stitched for maximum strength throughout . Elastic tensioners fitted as standard to the front panel of the wrap . 2 covered ventilation panels at front and rear . 2 height/ width positions to suit your swim . Weight 4,0 kg THE WATERPROOF GUARANTEED LABEL The HH rating on our bivvies and brollies is an indication of the waterproof rating of the material used. Hydrostatic Head is the amount of water, in a column, that a piece of material can resist or hold back before it can force its way through and cause leakage. The number 5,000 refers to the height of that water, measured in millimetres. Therefore a 5,000 HH rated material will be able to repel a column of water, placed in an open ended tube, of up to 5,000mm high. A 10,000 rated material will support a full ten metres of water pressure without leakage, that's a lot of rain! " I THINK THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST BIVVIES EVER" MARKUS LOTZ