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PAGE 86 SHRINK TUBE kakiclear 12 CONNECTION Extremely high quality shrink tube that is easy to shrink in either steam or hot water and will form perfect line aligners, flip rigs etc, as well as keeping loops and knots covered and protected. Available in: Clear: 1,6 mm ( 1153710) - Clear: 2,4 mm ( 1153712) Kaki: 1,6 mm ( 1153711) - Kaki: 2,4 mm ( 1153713) Chod Style Blow Back Rig STEP BY STEP Used materials: 1 Cocoon Green 35 lb 2 Connect MTB 3 size 6 3 Shrink Tube 1.6- 0.5 mm 4 Sliding Ring & Hook Beads 5 Anti tangle sleeve 6 Elastic bait band 7 Spliced Leadcore Helicopter Leader When and why using the rig I use the Chod Style Blow Back Rig in circumstances with very wary carp. The length of the rig is only 8 centimetres ( 3.5 inches) so that the hook doesn't penetrate in the back of the mouth but in the front part, directly behind the lower lip. A little piece of shrink tube helps penetrating the hook even better. You must not use this rig in circumstances with snags! Because of the long hook shank this model can damage the carp mouth when you're playing the fish too hard. I use this rig as a helicopter rig on a leadcore leader. The rig I attach on a Heli- Gripter bead which I'm fixating ' chod style' about 30 centimetres ( 12 inches) above the lead. This makes it for the carp impossible to notice a lead in the nearness of the hookbait. The ready made Spliced Leadcore Helicopter Leaders are very suitable for this system and also are very safe for the fish. If the mainline breaks, the lead and leadcore leader will come free from the rig and will sink to the lakebed. The sleeve on the rig prevents the rig come lying on or under the leadcore leader. I don't use a pop- up but half a boilie as a hookbait. The half boilie I attach with an elastic bait band. Step 1: Take about 25 cm ( 10 inches) of Cocoon Green 35lb and strip the coating. Step 2: Mount the Sliding Ring & Beads on the hook shank of a Connect MTB 3. Step 3: Attach the hook using a Grinner knot. Step 4: Cut off 0.5 cm ( 0.2 inch) Shrink Tube and slide it on the eye of the hook. Step 5: Shrink the Shrink Tube in boiling water en bend it slightly toward the point of the hook. Take care so you don't burn yourself! Step 6: Make a loop in the rig using a simple overhand knot. The rig must have a length of 8 centimetres ( 3.5 inches). Step 7: Mount an anti tangle sleeve on the rig using a boilie needle. Step 8: Put the loop through the eye of the swivel of the Leadcore Helicopter Leader. Pull the rig, including the sleeve, back through the loop. Step 9: Slide the sleeve on the swivel. Mount the hookbait with an elastic bait band on the sliding rig ring. Step 10: The Chod Style Blow Back Rig is ready to use.

PAGE 87 HEAVYWEIGHT TUNGSTEN TUBE NO GLARE ANTI- TANGLE TUBE 1153756 11537571153758 1153755 2 3 1 4 5 6 7 An exceptionally heavy anti- tangle tube specifically coloured to blend into the lake bed or weedy environments. In keeping with the rest of the Connection range it has a matt, non-glare finish so as not to spook wary carp. GREENBROWN Non reflective matt finished tubing. Dense and flexible to blend in easily with the lake bed. 2 metres Snag Rig STEP BY STEP Used materials: 1 Cocoon Sand 25 lb 2 Connect MTB 4 size 6 3 Shrink Tube Kaki 1,6- 0,5 mm When and why using the rig De Snag Rig can be used best near snags where you need to play fish heavily. The Connect MBT 4 has a thick thread zo that the hook won ´ t bend open or break when there is a lot of pressure. The inturned hookpoint makes sure that you will have a lot of grip in the fish ´ s mouth so you won ´ t loose the fish during heavy play. The rig is approx 12 cm long and has a long hair, just to make sure that the hook stays in the front of the mouth and stings there where it ´ s best. Thanks to the shrink tube the hook will turn fast and stings very agressively. These properties make sure that the hook holds and doens ´ t tear in the fish ´ s mouth. So losing the fish will be limited to a minimum. Near the hook I strip some of the coating, the hair is also part of the rig and made from 25 lb Cocoon Braid. The hair leaves the hook in the middle of the curve and the hair should be long enough to keep 2 cm ´ s between the hook and the top of the boilie. The Snag Rig combines the hooking properties of a long shank and the " holding" properties of a claw hook. Best of both worlds! Step 1: Cut 30 cm Cocoon Braid Sand 25lb and strip 14 cm coating of the braid. Step 2: Make a loop for the hair and tie the hair as part of the complete rig in the curve of the hook Connect MBT 4 maat 8. Step 3: Guide the rest of the Cocoon Braid on the outside of the shank towards the eye and put the briad through the eye. Step 4: Tie the hook with a knotless knot and make sure the line along the shank stays there. Step 5: Cut 0,5 cm Shrink Tube and Sting a whole in the Shrink Tube just above the top. Step 6: Put the Cocoon Braid through the whole in the shrink tube and slide the tube over the hook eye with the whole facing the point. Step 7: Shrink the Shrink Tube in boiliing water, Leave a small piece of the shrink tube following the direction of the bend eye before you turn the shrink tube towards the point. Step 8: Before you make a figure 8 knot at the other end of the rig, make sure it is no longer than 12 cm. Step 9: The Snag Rig is ready to be fished.. www. jrc- fishing. co. uk GREENBROWN