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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK FEATURES . SavageGear Tournament Series Blank. . Fuji reel seat. . Spigot joint. . Premium quality SIC Guides. . Comes complete with ' reel- on' rod bag. PIKE SEE FULL RANGE ON WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK A superb range of Predator rods which are all highly responsive with perfectly refi ned actions. All rods are manufactured on the Savagegear tournament series blanks and are fi tted with premium quality SiC guides. A superb new addition to our range, the new Agitators from Wychwood are among some of the best Pike rods we have ever seen. A great range that offers a rod to cover almost any situation from fi shing large dead baits for the biggest pike to small spinners for specimen perch! All rods in the range have tremendous actions and are manufactured to the usual top draw Wychwood standards. PIKE RODS CodeModelPrice LD7681S1Bait rod 12ft 3lb£ 69.99 LD7682S1Bait rod 10ft 2.75lb£ 54.99 LD7683S1Lure rod 9ft 60- 100g£ 49.99 LD7684S1Lure rod 8ft 20- 60g£ 44.99 LD7685S1Lure rod 7ft 20- 60g£ 39.99 BEST SELLER 2009 CodeLengthWeightSectsPrice SV7718S1Bushwhacker XLNT 8' 6" 2£ 69.99 SV7719S1M/ P Pro 9' 40- 100g2£ 59.99 SV7720S1CC30 6' 9" Dropshot5- 20g2£ 59.99 SV4696S1M/ P Predator 9'( 270cm) 40- 100g2£ 59.99 SV6729S1Road Runner 7ft ( 212cm) 12- 40g5£ 59.99 £ 39.99 FROM ONLY DUO  LITE BARBEL CodeModelM/ LinesRRPPrice FO2688S112ft 1.5lb Barbel8lb£ 149.99£ 124.99 FO2689S112ft 1.75lb Barbel Xtra10lb£ 159.99£ 129.99 FO2690S112ft 2.75lb Floodwater15lb£ 169.99£ 144.99 FO2691S113ft Specialist Float10lb£ 119.99£ 99.99 FO2692S115ft 2.75lb Barbel FEATURES: Extreme15lb£ 179.99£ 139.99 . Recommended reel lines 6 - 10 lb . Solid 1.50lb top section . Quiver Tip Section 1.50lb with 4 interchangeable tips: Glass - 2oz 2 ½ oz Carbon - 1 ¾ oz 3oz . Exclusive FOX- DS16 reel seat with soft touch woven fi nish Regarded by many as some of the best Barbel rods ever made. This range from Fox just oozes quality from the Fox Slik guides to the slim but powerful blanks these rods will never let you down. IQ TWIN TIP BARBEL IQ TWIN TIP BARBEL FEATURES: . 12' ( 3.6m) . Mainlines 15lb H. length 12lb . MTDI Radial carbon . F. Factor SC guides . Screw reel seats . X rubber grip handle . Free rod sleeve worth £ 9.99 . Two tops, quiver and standard EVOX CARP RUNNER FEATURES: . 3 Ball bearings . Gear ratio 5.6: 1 . One extra graphite spool . Excellent line lay oscillation . One way clutch . Multi stop point system Superb Avon style twin tip Barbel rod coupled with the popular Evox Carp runner reel. A superb Barbel fi shing combo supplied in its own ready rod sleeve for easy transportation " made up" MI2116S1£ 79.99 ONLY RRP : £ 140 SAVESAVE £ 60£ 60 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE PHONE 01724 277 610 AND WE'LL BEAT IT Subject to verifi cation & stock TYRAN SPIN Brand new for 2010 the Tyran rods are incredible value for money. Superb rods that feature slim, lightweight powerful blanks that are incredibly sensitive. Using brand new materials and manufacturing processes this rod range offers quality and performance never before seen at this price. FEATURES: . Hi modulus carbon, 2 sections . Raw power construction . licensed PBO fi bres . Split handle with Portuguese quality cork . Hi Quality SIC guides, for braid performance . Extreme lifting power, up to 10kg . Extreme strength . Super slim blank CodeModelPrice SV7689S17ft 5- 20g£ 29.99 SV7690S18ft 10- 30g£ 29.99 SV7692S19ft 15- 45g£ 29.99 PROWLA LURE / SPIN RODS CodeModelRRPPrice GR0929S110ft 56- 112g Lure£ 109.99£ 99.99 GR0928S19ft 28- 70g Lure£ 99.99£ 89.99 GR0927S18ft 28- 42g Lure£ 94.99£ 84.99 The Signature combo's offer amazing value for money, a brilliant rod & reel which are both widely regarded as the best available at their respective price points. The rods look brilliant and have superb actions, the freespin reel has all the features you expect from high class reels and give a super smooth performance. The combo is supplied in a special Signature rod bag to keep the combo made up and ready to go. Also for a limited time we will be giving away 50 Wychwood PVA bags FOC with each combo! SIGNATURE COMBO CodeModelPrice LD7990S112ft 2.75lb£ 69.99 LD7991S112ft 3lb£ 69.99 £ 69.99 ROD, REEL & SLEEVE FOR ONLY 50 FREE PVA BAGS WITH EACH COMBO Price £ £ WARRIOR BARBEL XT CodeModelPrice FO3050S111ft 1.75lb Twin Top£ 99.99 FO3051S112ft 1.75lb Twin Top£ 109.99 FEATURES: . Fox SLIKS guides . Full cork handle with EVA foregrip . 18mm screw fi x reel seat . Two piece rods. Two tip sections- solid carbon section and white 4oz carbon tip £ 99.99 FROM ONLY £ 84.99 FROM ONLY The Greys Platinum range of Lure/ Spin rods enables you to pick from and choose a desired length and casting weight depending on the type of fi sh and fi shing situation you wish to approach. All the rods are manufactured from ultra high modulus carbon providing super slim and well balanced blanks with a smooth middle to tip action. They possess excellent dampening capabilities helping you to avoid hook pulls on the strike or when playing a fi sh, while the braid safe under slung tip ring will prevent wrap- around and line shear during the cast. A soft touch Fuji DPS reel seat is accompanied by Fuji black hoods, with a screw down front handle allowing you to tighten and lock your reel in position with supreme confi dence. .99 Awesome Barbel rods from Fox that feature the same matt fi nish and understated graphics as the Warrior carp rods. The Warrior XT Barbel rods inherit the same quality RRP: £ 99.99RRP: £ 119.99 COMBOS & OUTFITS11 £ 29.99 ONLY BRAND NEW FOR 2010PROWLA BAIT & BOAT RODSBRAND NEW FOR 2010 PROWLA BAIT 11FT 2.25LB This Prowla 11ft rod is the lightest in the range, it's through action and 2.25lb test curve making it a perfect short to medium range pike or zander rod, ideal for trotting on a river or lobbing a bait off a reservoir dam wall. PROWLA BAIT 12FT 3.5LB The 12ft Prowla 3lb test curve is the ultimate pike rod. Made from high modulus carbon its smooth tip to butt through action provides plenty of power for casting live or dead baits medium to long range, and for setting hooks, but will give if a pike lunges away as you are about to net it, thus avoiding hook pulls. £ 89.99 ONLY GR0925S1 £ 107.99 ONLY GR0926S1 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BEST PRICESGUARANTEED MAXIMISER BARBEL Superb new Barbel rods from the Wychwood stable. The maximiser rods are specifi cally designed for big barbel fi shing on " British rivers". The 12ft is a great all rounder for all types of waters whereas the 13ft version is perfect for large fast fl owing rivers such as the Trent and rivers that are in fl ood. Both rods come supplied with 2 top sections offering the angler an option of test curves depending on the conditions or the venue. CodeModelRRPPrice LD7707S112ft 1.75lb / 2lb£ 119.99£ 99.99 LD7708S113ft 2lb / 2.5lb£ 129.99£ 114.99 THE BIG RIVER BARBEL ROD SPECIAL OFFER Add Stillwater GT6000 for only £ 14.99 ( RRP : £ 59.99 )

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 Big Baitrunner by name, bigger carp reel by nature. This is the defi nite casting and carp catching piece of kit- the most awesome reel for extreme work. A deluxe version of the popular Ultegra XSA with upgraded features that refl ect a higher price point. Specifi cation includes micro click, multi- disc front drag, biomechanical machined handle and a cold forged gun smoke grey, double anodised spool. The weight reducing spool skirt holes will stand out too, as will the maintenance lubrication port for mid service reel protection. BAITRUNNER L/ C FEATURES . A- RB . Aero Wrap . Hypergear. Dynabalance . Super Stopper II . Power Roller . Bio grip . Floating Shaft . Cold forged spool CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU0024S1L/ C5+ 14: 6: 1600yds/ 12lb£ 204.99£ 134.99 SUPER ULTEGRA XSA FEATURES . 2 Speed Oscillation . Aero Wrap . Hypergear. Dynabalance . A- RB . Super Stopper II . Power Roller . 2 Spare spools CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU0324S110000ÊXSA7+ 14: 3: 1440yds/ 12lb£ 229.99£ 179.99 The XTE- A incorporates many improvements. The Baitrunner release has been improved to ensure a faster connection to the fi sh. A look inside the reel will reveal the latest generation of gearing, oscillation and drag systems - making it the best Baitrunner... ever. BAITRUNNER AERO XTEABAITRUNNER FEATURES . 2 Speed Oscillation . Aero Wrap . Hypergear. Dynabalance . Double handle . Power Roller . Spare spool CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU0106S150007+ 14: 6: 1195yds/ 12lb£ 144.99£ 99.99 SU0107S160007+ 14: 6: 1265yds/ 12lb£ 149.99£ 104.99 SU0108S180007+ 14: 6: 1320yds/ 12lb£ 149.99£ 104.99 SU0109S110Ê0007+ 14: 6: 1420yds/ 17lb£ 154.99£ 109.99 Capacity 195yds/ 265yds/ CapacityRRPPrice Now upgraded with a lightweight double handle, Cold Forged double anodised spools ( 1 spare spool included) and a micro click, multi disc rear drag for fl awless Baitrunner and fi sh playing capabilities. FEATURES . 2 Speed Oscillation . Aero Wrap . Hypergear. Dynabalance . Double handle CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU0327S160004+ 14: 5: 1265yds/ 12lb£ 114.99£ 69.99 SU0328S180004+ 14: 5: 1320yds/ 12lb£ 114.99£ 69.99 SU0329S110Ê0004+ 14: 5: 1420yds/ 17lb£ 119.99£ 69.99 CapacityRRPPrice 265yds/ BAITRUNNER ST CodeWeightRRPPrice SU1232S1BaitrunnerÊSTÊ6000RA£ 59.99£ 39.99 SU1233S1BaitrunnerÊSTÊ10000RA£ 64.99£ 49.99 . Power Roller . Spare spool Already a huge hit in 2009, Shimano introduce a new freespool reel - the Baitrunner ST - which will elevate this legendary marque to even greater heights of popularity with specimen anglers worldwide A SHIMANO BAITRUNNER FOR UNDER £ 50 £ With its midnight blue body and gunmetal grey Cold Forged Aluminium main spool, Baitrunner DL also comes with a spare XT7 graphite spool as standard. Both have prodigious line capacities 430 yards of 12lb on the 10000 and 300 yards of 10 lb on the 6000 and are powered by a Diecast Drive Gear backed by three Shielded Stainless Steel bearings plus a roller bearing. Other features include Super Stopper II, Dyna- Balance, Floating Shaft II and a Power Roller to minimise line twist. BAITRUNNER DL CodeModelRRPPrice SU1235S110000ÊDL£ 89.99£ 69.99 UK'S BEST DEALSU1234S16000ÊDL£ 79.99£ 59.99£ 59.99 FROM ONLY UK'S BEST DEAL £ 179.99 ONLY UK'S BEST DEAL BRAND NEW FOR 2010 THE UK'S BEST DEALS ON SHIMANO REELS GUARANTEED. WE WILL BEAT ANY GENUINE QUOTE SUBJECT TO STOCKPRICE PRICE PROMISEPROMISE In time- honoured 6000, 8000 and 1000 sizes, the new Baitrunner XT- RA series is set to delight a whole new generation of anglers - plus legions of existing Baitrunner devotees. A worthy successor to the Aero GTE Baitrunners which had run their course, this handsome forest- green trio have 4.9: 1 gear ratios plus capacities from 240m to 380m of 0.35mm diameter line. Features include XT- 7 body and rotor, Zinc Diecast gear, Varispeed plus Cold Forged Aluminium main and spare spools. We're proud to declare this the best Baitrunner yet at such a price. XT  RA BAITRUNNER GTE C STOCK CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityPrice SU1483S160005+ 14: 9: 1300yds/ 10lb£ 94.99 SU1484S180005+ 14: 9: 1320yds/ 12lb£ 99.99 SU1482S1100005+ 14: 9: 1430yds/ 12lb£ 99.99 £ 94.99 FROM ONLY FREE BUZZ BARS FREE BUZZ BARS FREE BUZZ BARS FREE BUZZ BARS FREE BUZZ BARS FREE BUZZ BARS ULTEGRA 14000 XTB . XT7 Body . Power Roller . Hypergear . Cold forged Al. spool . Baitrunner spool system . 2 Speed Oscillation . Dyna balance . Zinc Diecast gear . Floating Shaft II . Super Stopper II . Biogrip . Aero wrap . Spare XT7 spool Hailed by many carp anglers as the ultimate big pit reel, the new XTA now includes a Shimano Baitrunner Spool. Features the tra-ditional powerful crank handle & 2 speed oscillation. With 3 A- RB bearings and a roller bearing. FEATURES: BIOMASTER XTA CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU0026S1BIO8000XTA3+ 14: 6: 1350yds/ 17lb£ 134.99£ 89.99 ALIVIO 10000 XTA A full- fl edged big pit reel at a budget price- featuring Varispeed line lay as standard- coulpled with a cold forged aluminium spool with AR- C spool lip technology for improved casting potential. Ideal for anglers on a budget who need to fi sh at long range and use larger lines in order to get bigger fi sh out. . Varispeed . Power Roller . Batrunner spool II . A- RB Spool . Baitrunner spool system . XT- 7 Body . Triangular rotor . Biogrip . Positive Bail . Dyna balance FEATURES: CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU1202S1AlivioXTA1+ 14: 9: 1440yds/ 12lb£ 89.99£ 64.99 Price 12REELS The compact big pit reel with massive big pit attitude. Featuring the incredible lightweight Biomechanical handle, Baitrunner II spool, 2 speed oscillation plus Aero Wrap II for line lay and smooth drag release. The new larger 14000 size even weighs in at less than its predecessor and features a vast array of features. Both models retrieve over 1m of line per crank of the handle, meaning retrieving from the horizon is less of an effort. CodeModelB/ BRatioCapacityRRPPrice SU1243S1ULT14000XTB3+ 14: 3: 1600yds/ 12lb£ 179.99£ 149.99 RRPPrice £ Receive 2 solid stainless 4 way buzz bars worth over £ 40 with reels as marked. HH0491 SPECIAL OFFER BUY 3 REELS FOR £ 180 £ 149.99 FOR ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 179.99