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ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPECIAL OFFER SIDESTRIKE RIVER REST FO2851S1 ROD SUPPORT CLIP The horizon offers a snag bar or ' goal post' style setup with all the fl exibility of a pod. The uniquely shaped aluminium tube guarantees a highly stable yet light- weight setup. An adjustable central body means the pod's overall length can be increased to give even greater stability or to accomodate longer rods. Included with the Horizon Pod is a pair of buzz bars. . Body length can be adjusted to suit rod length . Adjustable leg splay . Front legs can be positioned along the body to alter pitch . Wide range of angles from the horizontal to almost vertical . Rear buzz bar can be positioned along various lengths of the body . Profi led aluminium body and buzz bars for a wobble free setup . Body length can be extended from 900mm to 1470mm CodeTypeLengthRRPPrice FO1948S13ÊRod900- 1470mm£ 114.99£ 89.99 FO1832S1CarryÊCase/£ 31.99 THE STALKER AND A  POD SHARE MANY OF THE FEATURES OF THE BEST SELLING SKY POD, BUT AT A FRACTION OF THE PRICE. BOTH MODELS COMBINE THE BENEFITS OF A SNAG OR GOAL POST STYLE SETUP WITH THE FLEXIBILITY OF A POD. THE PROFILED ALUMINIUM TUBE USED IN THE CENTRAL BODY AND BUZZ BARS CREATE A ROCK SOLID SETUP THAT REMAINS LIGHT AND EASY TO CARRY. STALKER POD FEATURES: . Body length can be adjusted to suit rod length . Adjustable leg length . Buzz bar height can be raised and lowered . Profi led aluminium body and buzz bars for greater stability A POD FEATURES . Profi led aluminium aluminium body and buzz bars for a wobble free setup . Buzz bar height can be raised and lowered . Comes complete with 3 rod buzz bars Like many good ideas, the principal behind the X Pod is extremely simple: four legs housed in a central boss are fanned out in a scissor type action and the banksticks inserted. The ease with which the X Pods are assembled gives the user the convenience of a pod and all the benefi ts of a ' goal post' style setup. Sitting very low to the ground, X- Pods have a very low centre of gravity which makes them incredibly stable. Over the past 2 years X Pods have received numerous accolades. Anglers Mail readers voted them the ' best buy' in their tackle on test feature and the Total Carp readers voted X Pods ' Best Rod Pod' for 2 years running. This Deluxe model which comes complete with a pair of front and rear adjustable banksticks measuring 300mm and 250mm respectively. Also included are a pair of 3 ' Rod Lok' buzz bars. The overall length makes it ideal for 13ft rods. ROD LOK REAR ' U' REST DUO GRIP FRONT RUNNER CAPTIVE BACK LEADS CodeModel FO0176S11.25ozÊ( 35g) FO0177S12ozÊ( 56g) FO1946S13ozÊ( 84g) FO1947S14ozÊ( 112g) FO1950S1 FO1160S1FO0271S1FO0269S1FO1181S1 FO2502 QUATTRO POD IIHORIZON PODTREK POD The Trek is a totally new pod concept that is super lightweight and incredibly compact. Operates via a central hub which houses each of the four legs which can be locked into position using the cam locking lever. Solid, portable, sturdy and reli-able, the Trek is poised to set new standards in pod design. FEATURES: . Leg retaining clasp . Front and rear buzz bars . 4x banksticks and locking key FO2717S1 CAPTIVE BACK LEAD BARS CodeModel FO2539S13ÊRodÊ( Quattro/ X- Pod) FO2540S14ÊRodÊ( Quattro/ X- Pod) FO2537S13ÊRodÊ( Stalker/ A/ Horizon) FO2538S14ÊRodÊ( Stalker/ A/ Horizon) PODS RRP: £ 31.99 CARRY CASE£ 34.99 ACCESSORIES 3 ROD ' ROD  LOK' BUZZ BARS FO0274S1 3 ROD EURO BUZZ BARS FO0272S1 3 ROD FIXED/ GOAL POST B. BARS FO0268S1  PAIR  X  POD PLUS FO1236S1  PAIR  STALKER POD & A POD RRP: £ 31.99FO2501 CARRY CASE£ 34.99 FO1951S1 16ROD PODS & ACCESSORIES INCLUDES FREE CARRYCASE FO3053S1 RANGER PODS CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3054S13ÊRod£ 219.99£ 189.99 FO3055S14ÊRod£ 249.99£ 219.99 INCLUDES FREE CARRYCASE ECLIPSE PODS CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3056S13ÊRod£ 119.99£ 99.99 FO3057S14ÊRod£ 129.99£ 109.99 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE PHONE 01724 277 610 AND WE'LL BEAT IT Subject to verifi cation & stock MINI POD ANCHORS FO1960S1 FO3058S1 This new addition for 2009 is the next generation of the Quattro Pod, one of Fox's most popular designs. The Quattro 2 has an oval frame which eliminates any chance of twisting. It's also fully adjustable to suit all types of anglers, with symmetrical leg movement for assembly BUTT KLINGER ROD REST 2PK CodeTypePrice SV3923S1Small£ 11.99 SV3256S1Medium£ 11.99 SV3924S1Large£ 11.99 QUICK RELEASE CONNECTORS Superb spring loaded butt grip Stillwater A complete range of high quality and practical stainless steel with nothing left to chance. CodeModelPrice JL0014S130inÊTeleÊBankstick£ 8.99 JL0015S112inÊTeleÊ3rodÊBuzzÊBar£ 6.99 JL0023S1RearÊRest£ 3.99 JL0012S112inÊTeleÊBankstick£ 6.99 JL0013S120inÊTeleÊBankstick£ 7.99 STAINLESS STEEL METALWARE Designed for European waters, the new Ranger is the ultimate in pod technology and utilises ideas from some of the world's best anglers. As you can see, the ranger can be used in a plethora of positions to cope with the most uneven bankside terrain. It's chunky dual frame design, durable fi ttings and numerous leg length options make it the pod of choice for angers who like to target extreme venues. The Eclipse is one of the most versatile and easily adjusted pods available, suited to all styles of carp fi shing- either on large continental venues or smaller, UK carp waters. The Eclipse is based around a central tripod system which allows the pod to be positioned pointing up or down in a matter of seconds. A central Quick Release lever allows three adjustments to be made with ease. Like all Fox pods, it's ultra stable too with quick release fi ttings to make it extremely user friendly. SPEND OVER £ 50 ON THIS PAGE & RECEIVE 3 X DELUXE STAINLESS REAR ROD RESTS WORTH OVER £ 25 TREK JL0039S1  X3  BEST PRICES GUARANTEED FREE RESTS BEST SELLER 2009 FREE RESTS £ 5.99 ONLY SV5831S1 NEW LOWER PRICES NEW LOWERPRICES FREE RESTS £ 149.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 169.99 FREE RESTS £ 79.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 89.99 £ 84.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 99.99 £ 69.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 89.99 FREE RESTS£ 39.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 49.99 FREE RESTS £ 189.99 FROM ONLYFREE RESTS £ 3.99 FROM ONLY £ 6.50£ 9.99 £ 3.99£ 4.99£ 4.50£ 21.99£ 7.99£ 4.99 £ 14.99£ 4.9922.9921.99

WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK DOUBLE RIVER TRIPOD PR2312 FEATURES: . Made from lightweight aluminum, the korum Double Rod River Tripod is a must for anglers who fi sh rivers and need to keep line out of the water. . All legs are telescopic and can be independently adjusted to produce a very stable rest set up. . The whole rest unit folds fl at for easy transport. . Comes with twin buzz bars and 2 Korum Butt Cups and line Flow Rests. STABILISER PODS FEATURES: . Extending leg adjustment ( 270mm- 460mm) . Front and rear sliding buzzer bar frames . Overall length= 720mm . Weight= 4kg ( Stabiliser) 4.2kg ( Extender) CARBON FX STICKS & BARS EQUALISER POD FEATURES: . Extending leg adjustment ( 270mm- 460mm) . Overall length= 980mm- 1420mm . Weight= 6kg SV4855S1 THE MOST STABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT POD EVER MISSION ROD PODS CodeModelPrice DW1878S1StainlessÊ3ÊRodÊPod£ 64.99 DW1932S1AluminiumÊ3ÊRodÊPod£ 39.99 DW1879S1StainlessÊ3ÊRodÊBuzz£ 12.99 DW1880S1AluminiumÊ3ÊRodÊBuzz£ 6.99 Highly stable and well suited to rough conditions and awkward terrain. Collapsible into a compact shape and supplied in a quality pouch. FEATURES: . Tough powder coated anti- fl ash olive fi nish . Wide centre bar for increased stability . Adjustable height 3 rod buzz bars . Cam locking system X  LITE POD JR0257S1 Excellent fully adjustable pod with cam lock system for easy adjustment which instantly converts to a goalpost setup when needed. X  LITE EURO POD Very popular tripod style pods that offer stability and huge height angle versatility from pointing downward on high banks to skyward for rivers or to avoid margin snags. FEATURES: . Central handing hook for pegging down or centre weight . With quality carry bag with zipped dividers . Adjustable height 3 rod buzz bars . Adjustable components . X- Lite weighs only 3.1kg JR0351S1 FREE CARRY CASE ROD PODS & ACCESSORIES17 CodeTypeRRPPrice SV4853S1Stabiliser£ 49.99£ 39.99 SV4854S1Extending£ 59.99£ 49.99 CARBON EFFEX BANKSTICKS CARBON EFFEX BUZZER BAR CodeTypePrice SV4798S112'- 22'£ 5.99 SV4799S116'- 30'£ 6.99 SV4800S120'- 38'£ 6.99 SV4801S1 INFINITY ROVING POD Brilliant new design DW2357S1 by Daiwa, the perfect rod support system for the roving angler. Lightweight aluminium and designed for 3 or 2 rods thanks to a removable thread. Supplied with case. . Extending snap lock mechanism . Hard wearing ground spike . Set for 3 alarms . Durable threads FREE RESTS FREE RESTS IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED FREE RESTSFREE RESTS LITE SPEED Perfect for any bank the TFG Power Pod provides an ex-tremely stable base for your rods. Manufactured using high grade aluminium, making it extremely strong yet feather light. Acces-sories available below. CodeModelPrice AF2452S13ÊrodÊpod£ 39.99 TOTAL METAL GEAR SOLID POD Forged from the fi nest quality metals, hand crafted, and fi nished to the highest standard. Total Metal Gear will be treasured by anglers for their precise engineered parts, their incredible durability, their stunning good looks and the knowledge that it will last you a lifetime. CodeModelPrice AF2520S1TMGÊSolidÊpod£ 59.99 £ 59.99 ONLY BRAND NEW RRPÊ: Ê£ 89.99 FOR 2010 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 FREE CARRY CASE FREE CARRY CASE NEW LOWER PRICES NEW LOWER PRICE FREE CARRY CASE NEW LOWER PRICE TRI LUX ROD POD CodeModelRRPPrice SV7420S13ÊRodÊPod£ 79.99£ 69.99 SV7421S14ÊRodÊPod£ 89.99£ 74.99 . Lightweight aluminium construction . Extra wide 3 & 4 rod buzzer bars . Perfect for Big Pit Reels . CNC machined aluminium fi ttings . Tilt angle adjustment . Adjustable legs . An incredibly stable pod! . Complete with pod bag . Adjustable height 60- 95cm . Adjustable length 70- 114cm BRAND NEW FOR 2010 ROD PODSBRAND NEW FOR 2010 SPECIAL OFFER SPEND OVER £ 50 ON THIS PAGE & RECEIVE 3 X DELUXE STAINLESS REAR ROD RESTS WORTH OVER £ 25 JL0039S1  X3  £ 39.99 FROM ONLY £ 64.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 79.99 £ 39.99 FROM ONLY £ 59.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 85.99 £ 19.99 ONLY £ 64.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 89.99 £ 44.99 ONLY £ 9.99 £ 39.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 59.99 £ 69.99 FROM ONLY