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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK CodeItemRRPPrice FO2742S1EOSÊXB4ÊExt. ÊBox£ 69.99£ 62.99 FO0390S1MicronÊXB1ÊExt. ÊBox£ 24.99£ 24.99 FO0391S1MicronÊXB4ÊExt. ÊBox£ 34.99£ 29.99 FO2743S110mÊSingleÊLead£ 4.99 FO2744S110mÊ3- wayÊLead£ 11.99 CodeItemPrice FO0410S1RX/ SX/ ST/ ES£ 5.99 FO0387S1MMX/ MMXr/ MX/ M£ 5.99 ALARM ACCESSORIESMICRON HARDCASES EXT. BOXES MICRON NTX RECEIVER FEATURES: . D- Tec Sensing System ( DTSS) . Multi colour LED . High quality Cone Speaker . Volume control, Tone control . Intelligent sensitivity control . Extension socket, Power out socket . Range test . Auto nite lite . Supplied with 2x AA Batteries . Supplied with hardcase FEATURES: . D- Tec Sensing System ( DTSS) . Multi colour LED . High quality Cone Speaker . Volume control, Tone control . Intelligent sensitivity control. Extension socket, Power out socket . Supplied with 2x AA Batteries CodeTypePrice DK0001S1FlameÊRed£ 84.50 DK0002S1EmeraldÊGreen£ 84.50 DK0003S1SunburstÊYellow£ 84.50 DK0004S1ElectricÊBlue£ 84.50 DK0005S1BrilliantÊWhite£ 84.50 DK0036S1PurpleÊHaze£ 89.50 CodeTypePrice DK0006S1FlameÊRed£ 122.50 DK0007S1EmeraldÊGreen£ 122.50 DK0008S1SunburstÊYellow£ 122.50 DK0009S1ElectricÊBlue£ 122.50 DK0010S1BrilliantÊWhite£ 122.50 DK0035S1PurpleÊHaze£ 127.50 CodeTypePrice DK0038S1FlameÊRed£ 59.50 DK0039S1EmeraldÊGreen£ 59.50 DK0040S1SunburstÊYellow£ 59.50 DK0041S1ElectricÊBlue£ 59.50 DK0042S1BrilliantÊWhite£ 59.50 DK0043S1PurpleÊHaze£ 64.50 . Sensing with no moving parts . Adjustable for all conditions . Push button power . Twin high visibility LEDs . Large rotary controls . High volume & wide tone range . Audio and NiteLite outputs . 2 year guarantee DELKIM PLUSDELKIM TX  I PLUSEV PLUS ALARMS MICRON WARRIOR FEATURES: . Volume setting . 3 weatherproof push buttons . 20 second latching high visibility red bite indication . High output weatherproof speaker . 4 Magnet rollerwheel, shaped to reduce line skate . Digital circuitry, Low battery drain . Protective coated electronics . Rigid bolt and locking ring CodeModelPrice FO2569S1MicronÊWarrior£ 24.99 FO2570S1WarriorÊHardcase£ 5.99 BUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 64.99 ALARMS The Warrior Micron offers styling, performance and features at an incredible price. Digital circuitry, with a protective coating, allows every feature needed to fi sh effectively all of which are accessed via simple push button controls. BITE ALARMS19 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE PHONE 01724 277 610 AND WE'LL BEAT IT Subject to verifi cation & stock BEST SELLER 2009 MICRON NTXR & PRESENTATION SET CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3062S1NX£ 99.99£ 84.99 FO3063S1N£ 79.99£ 69.99 FO3064S1Case/£ 6.99 MICRON N & NX CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3059S1NTXr£ 199.99£ 169.99 FO3060S1Presentation£ 774.99£ 599.99 CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3061S1NTXÊReceiver£ 199.99£ 169.99 The NTX= R is the top of the range model from the new N series and as such is compatible with the NTX Receiver. It's packed full of innovative features, all designed to offer unrivalled performance. A notable feature is the battery life on all N Series alarms also feature Fox's new D- Tec Sensing System which eliminates the need for reed switches, the fi rst part to break if the alarm is dropped or knocked. FEATURES: . Auto Sinc top and front LEDs . High quality Cone Speaker . On- off volume dial switch . Vibration feature . Powered by 3x AA Batteries The NTX Receiver is packed full of more features than any other Receiver to offer unrivalled performance and reliability ! Signal range is one of the most important qualities with a receiver. That's why Fox have selected the best technology available and then refi ned it further during extensive testing. This ensured the NTX Receiver has the best signal range we have ever seen, eclipsing anything that has gone before it. MICRON NX: The NX model is still packed with many of the innovative new features to blow away the competition. FEATURES: . D- Tec Sensing System ( DTSS) . Blue LED . High quality Cone Speaker . Volume control, Tone control . Extension socket, Power out socket. Supplied with 2x AA Batteries MICRON N: The Micron N benefi ts from the popular ' old school' Micron design that anglers have been crying out for. Includes toggle on/ off switch and front rotary dials SPEND OVER £ 100 AND RECEIVE FREE SOLID STAINLESS CARP CATAPULT WORTH £ 20HH0490 BUY 3 ALARMS & RECEIVER FOR ONLY £ 599 BEST PRICESSPECIAL OFFER GUARANTEED SPECIAL OFFER MICRON M+ MICRON MX+ BRAND NEW FOR 2010 The Micron M+ is the fi rst to benefi t from a whole host of new features. Immediately you'll notice its classic Fox Micron look, with a raised 5mm red LED. It's powered by 2x AAA batteries, which coupled with new internal circuitry, offers an extra long battery life. FEATURES: . 2x AAA batteries . Red 5mm LED . Indexed pot volume adjustment knob . 2 x outputs : 1 x power out. 1 x transmitter out . Raw plastic fi nish ( ABS) . Piezo speaker for clear sound . Hardcase . Rubber ear inlays FO3361S1 £ 26.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 29.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 Like the top N Series alarms, it has a cone speaker for a super crisp sound that travels further on the bank. It's powered by 2 X AAA batteries and has a raised 5mm blue front LED front rotational knobs allow the adjust-ment of the tone and volume. FEATURES: . 2x AAA batteries . Red 5mm LED . Cone speaker for enhanced sound quality . Indexed pot volume adjustment knob . 2 x outputs : 1 x power out. 1 x transmitter out . Piezo speaker for clear sound . Hardcase . Rubber ear inlays FO3362S1 £ 34.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 39.99 £ 24.99 ONLY MICRON NX  R MICRON NX  R RECEIVER BRAND NEW FOR 2010 The NX= R Micron is ultra reliable and durable, like all the new N Series alarms. Take the new D- Tec Sensing System, for example. It eliminates the need for reed switches which are usually the fi rst part to break if the alarm is dropped or knocked. FEATURES: . Blue LED . Adjustable volume, tone & sensitivity controls . Silent mode . High quality cone speaker . Low battery life . Tru- Run Roller wheel . D- Tec sensing system . Intelligent sensitivity system FO3363S1 £ 124.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 139.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 The new NX- R Receiver has been designed to work with the new NX- R Micron and TX- R Micro wireless, utilising many of the new features anglers have come to expect from the Micron N Series. Fox's in- house design team has spent a huge amount if time and money ensuring the Receiver's signal range betters that offered by any other manufacturer. they've created a super- strong signal strength that remains extremely strong in bad weather or in swims with lots of vegetation. FO3364S1 £ 124.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 139.99 MICRON TX  R MICRO BRAND NEW FOR 2010 As the name suggests, it's small wireless transmitter that can be attached to any bite alarm that has an extension box output ( 2.5mm or 3.5mm jacks). It's super simple to use too, as it has no buttons- it's always on, yet only triggered into action by the alarm. This means it has an extra long battery life, running on a single AAA battery. FEATURES: . Works with Fox's new NX- R Receiver . Works with any bite alarm that has an extension box output ( 2.5mm or 3.5mm jacks) . Extra long battery life . Powered by one AAA battery . Long range radio . Tru- Run Roller wheel . Waterproof design- ultrasonically welded together . Only active when triggered by alarm CodeItemRRPPrice FO3365S1TXRÊMicroÊtransmitter£ 39.99£ 34.99 FO3366S1TXRÊboxÊsetÊ( incÊReceiver)£ 249.99£ 224.99 BEST PRICESGUARANTEEDIF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE PHONE 01724 277 610 AND WE'LL BEAT ITSubject to verifi cation & stock

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 GLIMMER ALARM AF2486S1 NEW AND EXCLUSIVE TO CHAPMANS ANGLING FOR 2010 When you turn on your TFGear Glimmer Bite Alarm, you'll notice how everything has been created to improve bite detection. Super sensitive digital signals instantly relay any line movement and sealed inner circuits offer total reliability in all conditions. Simple yet precise touch button volume controls and muti- tone funtions allow you to personalise each alarm to your individual needs. Visionary nightlight technology illuminates your TFGear Glimmer Bite Alarm and helps you locate your rods during dark nights, and vibrant, interchangeable LED's ensure visual signals are effectively transmitted in all light conditions. Built without compromise. Simply fantastic value alarm set with 3 alarms, sounder box and 3 way cable. Proven reliable per-formance at a simply stunning price. £ 32.99 ONLY 20BITE ALARMS SENZORA VTSW 3+ 1 & 4+ 1 KITS . 3+ 1 Kit includes: 1 each red, yellow and orange VTSW alarms. 1 wireless receiver with the following functions: - Wireless with a 200m range. Batteries required ( not included): - Alarms 9v Receiver 3 x AAA CodeItemPrice SV5903S13+ 1£ 149.99 SV6218S14+ 1£ 179.99 CodeItemRRPPrice AF2020S1Alarm/£ 19.99 AF2239S1AlarmÊSet£ 69.99£ 59.99 SIGNATURE ALARM SET. Volume control . Tone control . Super sensitive . Totally reliable . 100% weatherproof . Long battery life POLYPHONIC VTSW  SINGLE ALARM  . Wireless . 16 tones, including voice, nature and standard tones . 4 Colour LED choices . Specifi c drop back LED indication . Night light function, with down light . Silent mode . Matt black soft touch fi nish . DV plug out for swinger/ hanger, including night light function for illuminated versions . Soft non- slip pads for the rod . All weather protection . Red, green, blue, yellow & gun smoke down light covers . Operates with 9v battery - battery saving unit circuit . Safe transit on/ off switch CodeItemPrice SV6344S1VTSW£ 59.99 SV6348S1Max4ÊVTSW£ 69.99 SV6343S1VTSÊ( nonÊ Wireless)£ 39.99 CodeItemPrice SV6346S13+ 1£ 179.99 SV6347S14+ 1£ 199.99 SV6355S1Max4Ê3+ 1£ 239.99 POLYPHONIC VTSW SET Price £ £ £ " Set contains : 3 alarms, receiver, leads & case" £ 179.99 FROM ONLY CodeColour GL0345S1Yellow GL0349S1Blue GL0350S1Red ALARM RANGE FEATURES: . Compact, stylish ergonomic design . Push button controls . State of the art sealed electronics for 100% weather . Proofi ng and total reliability . 8 sensitivity settings . 8 volume settings . 8 tone settings . 20 second latching light . Intermitant night mode . Two LED illumination . Dual recess for beta light . Rubberised soft touch fi nish " An amazing new alarm range for 2010. These new compact alarms feature state of the art technology and a whole host of features. Without a doubt this has to be the best value alarm range to date. If you're after some alarms that look the business and perform even better then look no further! " ALARM SET BLUE . 3 Alarms with Blue LED . Supplied with batteries . Comes supplied in presentation case £ 29.99 ONLY GL0346S1 WIRELESS ALARM SET & RECIEVER £ 59.99 ONLY GL0347S1 3 Alarms ( One of each colour, red, yellow, blue) Wireless Receiver . Push button controls Tone, Volume & Vibration . Can be used with up to four alarms . Four coloured LEDs . Supplied with 6 X LR1 and 1 x 9v batteries . Rubberised soft touch fi nish . Set supplied in a deluxe aluminium presentation case NEW FOR 20102010 £ 12.99 ONLY EACH BRAND NEW FOR 2010 POLYPHONIC ALARMS CodeItemPrice AF2311S1Alarm£ 49.99 AF2309S1Receiver£ 49.99 AF2310S1Set£ 179.99 I  TONE ALARM The TFG I- Tone Bite Alarm has been designed to inform you the instant a fi sh picks up your bait. A super sensi-tive roller delivers outstanding early warning bite detection, while digital circuits supply a reliable weatherproof alarm system that will never let you down. BRAND NEW FOR 2010 £ 99.99 ONLY XCEDE BITE ALARM SET SP2695S1 . Separate Tone and Volume controls. . Two Hi- Vis LED's. . Volume Control doubles up as an on/ off switch. . Jack Plug Socket. . Sounder Box has a volume control and three individual LED's plus strong spring clip arrangement for easy fi xing. . Supplied with three- way 10m extension lead. . Each indicator is powered by one PP3 9v battery ( not supplied). FREE SPECIALIST HOOKLINKDECEPTION Perfect for carp & barbel Free when you spend more than £ 40 on this pageIN0104 KBI BITE ALARM FREE ALARM COVER WITH EACH ALARM SUPPLIED WITH BATTERY £ 24.99 ONLY Korum's fi rst alarm has been designed from the ground up to be as user- friendly as possible, offering superb battery life, a weather resistant design and superior electronics for unrivalled performance. PR2589S1 £ 49.99 FROM ONLY FEATURES . Instant bite detection . Reliable in all weathers . Remote wireless receiver . High visibility LEDS . LED's remain active for 20 seconds after bite . Long battery life. Volume control . Tone control . Easy to use deluxe alarm system The TFG Signature Bite Alarms are totally reliable, super sensitive and 100% weatherproof. Providing essential early indication, the TFG Signature Bite Alarms can used with confi dence whilst angling for the wariest of fi sh. HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE HOOKLINK FREE