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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK CORELIGHT HANGERSSPRING LOK HANGER SPECIALIST SWINGERSPRESENTATION SETS CodeItemRRPPrice FO3071S1Small£ 24.99£ 21.99 FO3072S1Medium£ 27.99£ 24.99 FO3073S1Large£ 29.99£ 26.99 SWINGERS This lightweight model has been designed for anglers where sensitivity is paramount. The nature of the Fox Specialist Hanger model makes it perfect for fi shing baits at close range or in the margins. The Fox Specialist Hanger is manufactured in bright day- glo materials in a choice of Red or Blue colours. Just because this is a Fox Carp product, don't assume it only good for one species, many anglers have been known to use this indicator to target roach, tench and bream such is the sensitivity of the hanger! Superb value for money! The new ATTs Alarm from Advanced Technology Tackle is one of the most advanced, well thought- out alarms we have have seen in recent years. The ' s' is for silent, as it does not have a speaker. All audible indication comes from your receiver speaker; your receiver beeps where you are, not at the waters edge - so this this keeps you informed and not others around the lake, a real bonus to when margin fi shing! With built in transmitters, they provide a full wireless remote buzzer- receiver system. ATTS ALARMS ALARMS RECEIVERS CodeColour GA0301S1Red GA0302S1White GA0303S1Purple GA0304S1Green GA0305S1Yellow GA0306S1Orange CodeModel GA0312S1ReceiverÊMulti GA0313S1ReceiverÊBlue GA0314S1ReceiverÊWhite BUY 3 ALARMS & RECEIVER FOR £ 279.99 & GET 2 ' SOLID' STAINLESS 3 WAY BUZZ BARS WORTH £ 36 £ 68.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 73.99 £ 89.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 99.99 RECIEVER . Adjustable line clip system . Compact stainless steel arm offering greater sensitivity at short and medium range . 42g sliding collar weight . Light reactive acrylic indicator head . Beta light slot CodeModel FO0986S1Blue FO0987S1Red FO0989S1Green FO0988S1Yellow MICRO SWINGERS CodeModelPrice FO0969S1Blue£ 17.99 FO0999S1Red£ 17.99 FO1001S1Green£ 17.99 FO1000S1Yellow£ 17.99 . Spring loaded patented line gate system suitable for braid and monofi lament . 56g sliding collar weight . Lightt reactive acrylic indicator head . Beta light slot . Available in 4 colours . Available in three rod presentation sets MK. 2 SWINGERS Bobbin style indicator with a choice of different weight loadings to suit different circumstances. CodeModel FO0292S1Blue FO0293S1Red CodeModel FO0295S1Green FO0294S1Yellow . Light refl ective head which illuminates when the alarm is activated ( compatible with most Fox bite alarms) . Adjustable line clip . Isotope housing . Screw- on weight system ILLUMINATED CARP HANGERS CodeModel FO0305S1Blue FO0302S1Red FO0304S1Green FO0303S1Yellow CodeModelRRPPrice FO0990S1MicroÊSwingerÊ3xÊRodÊSet£ 39.99£ 34.99 FO1797S1MicroÊSwingerÊ3xÊRodÊSetÊ( Blue)£ 39.99£ 34.99 FO1002S1MK 2 Swinger 3x Rod Set£ 64.99£ 54.99 FO1569S1 MK 2 Swinger 3x Rod Set ( Blue)£ 64.99£ 54.99 FO0978S1EuroÊSwingerÊ3ÊRodÊilluminatedÊSet£ 99.99£ 89.99 FO0980S1EuroÊSwingerÊ4ÊRodÊilluminatedÊSet£ 144.99£ 124.99 BITE ALARMS & INDICATORS21 CodeModelPrice FO3065S1Clear£ 19.99 FO3066S1White£ 19.99 FO3067S1Blue£ 19.99 FO3068S1Red£ 19.99 FO3069S1Amber£ 19.99 FO3070S1Green£ 19.99 HANGERS £ £ £ SLAPHEADS CodeModelPrice NA3282S16g Head£ 5.99 NA3283S19g Head£ 6.99 NA3284S112g Head£ 7.99 NA3285S118g Head£ 8.99 NA3286S16g Chain£ 4.99 NA3287S110g Chain£ 5.99 NA3288S1Bracket£ 6.99 NA3289S1Isotope£ 8.99 We have all experienced it - a fi erce take and your line tangles around the line clip of your indicator; a scary experience that can lead to disaster. SlapHeads have NO EXTERNAL LINE CLIP. SlapHeads feature an integrated, self- tensioning line gate and the smooth rounded head ensures snag- free operation. SlapHeads are manufac-tured from solid PTFE. The body screws apart to expose four isotope slots ( so the indicator can be seen at night, from any angle). BUG INDICATORS Now available in Purple, Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Clear, Carbon and Black ( in certain sizes only, see below). An extremely versatile, top quality bobbin/ hanger indicator de-signed from scratch to fulfi l all the needs of the expert Carp angler. . Dual position precision line clip moulded in reinforced nylon - will not damage your line. . Extended ' antennae' will grip line, thus allowing the angler to fi sh slack lines and avoid wind bleeps for the ultimate in presentation. . Tight lines - with or without back leads - can be fi shed as nor-mal. Simply pass line through the clip for a running bobbin. . Supplied with New 15cm Anti- Rust Ball Chain. 30cm Anti- Rust Ball Chain is also available. CodeModel GA0331S1Micro Bug Purple GA0332S1Micro Bug Orange GA0333S1Micro Bug Red GA0334S1Micro Bug Blue GA0335S1Micro Bug Green GA0336S1Micro Bug Clear GA0337S1Micro Bug Black GA0338S1Micro Bug Carbon CodeModel GA0339S1Mini Bug Purple GA0340S1Mini Bug Orange GA0341S1Mini Bug Red GA0342S1Mini Bug Blue GA0343S1Mini Bug Green GA0344S1Mini Bug Clear Fox believe this will become the most popular hanger ever made, such is its universal nature to suit all styles of fi shing- whether it be light work in the margins or heavy, long distance fi shingThe all singing, all dancing Spring Lok Hanger has been designed for the angler who insist on the best fr their carp fi shing and won't contem-plate any aspect of their set- up not working to its optimum. Spring Lok system The new, stainless 30 Plus Viz Bobbinz, are so versatile that they offer the carp and specialist angler the ultimate in indication. They come with two ' reverible' weight loadings, enabling the angler to choose exactly how much weight to load the body chamber with. Viz Bobbinz are fi tted with a line friendly, ball- style line- clip, which can be adjusted to suit different thicknesses of mainline by simply turning the collar to open or close the clip. Available in four Hi- Viz colours, Yellow, Orange, green and blue. VIZ BOBBINZ CodeModelPrice MI2221S1Blue£ 8.99 MI2326S1Green£ 8.99 MI2327S1Yellow£ 8.99 MI2328S1Red£ 8.99 SPECIAL OFFERBUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 24.99SPECIAL OFFERBUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 50 £ 8.99 ONLY £ 17.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 19.99 £ 11.99 ONLY SPECIAL OFFERBUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 30 SPECIAL OFFERBUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 50 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED SPECIAL OFFERBUY 3 FOR ONLY £ 50 £ 17.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 19.99 £ 19.99 ONLY £ 4.99 FROM ONLY £ 6.99 ONLY £ 34.99 FROM ONLY AC0027S1 I  3 BITE ALARM The ACE i- 3 Bite Alarm signifi es the arrival of a new generation in intelligent bite indicator systems. Dispensing with conventional magnet/ reed switches, this new alarm incorporates the new patent pending dual sensing TGS system which can detect both line movement or just vibration capable of identifying the slightest of movements. Designed from scratch, ACE set out to design the ultimate bite alarm based upon practical features things like a mute control to allow you to set your indicators without having to turn the alarm off, a reli-able radio system that will perform no matter what trees or undergrowth your bankside has! Fully encapsulated electronics, radio range testing, low battery warning, night light and high visibility LEDS which you select the colour of your choice all coupled with unrivalled reliability come together to produce the most advanced bite alarm we could imagine! Fully tested over an extensive period by some of the country's highest profi le angler, ACE are proud to say; ' We've done the testing - so you don't have to' BRAND NEW FOR 2010 £ 139.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 149.99 SAVE £ 10£ 10

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPEND OVER £ 150 ON THIS PAGE & RECEIVE A FREE BIVVY LANTERN WORTH £ 20 GL0395 CodeModelRRPPrice AF1848S11ÊMan£ 199.99£ 99.99 AF1849S12ÊMan£ 249.99£ 149.99 Effortlessly set up in less than 20 seconds. The TFG Force 8 Bivvy is fast and easy to erect thanks to the revolutionary central hub system that quickly pulls its strong fl exi ribs into place. It is then just a simple matter of sliding the Flash- Touch power lock into position, and this incredible all season shelter is ready to go. FORCE 8 BIVVIESFORCE 8 EXTREME BIVVIES Built using the revolutionary Flash- Touch quick erection system, the remarkable TFGear Force 8 Giant Bivvy can be erected in less than 30 seconds. The TFGear Force 8 Giant Bivvy is perfect for those who require a little more room, for an extra comfortable stay on the bank. So stable, warm and luxurious, the fantastic TFGear Force 8 Giant Bivvy truly is a home from home. CodeModelRRPPrice AF2180S11ÊMan£ 219.99£ 179.99 AF2181S12ÊMan£ 269.99£ 219.99 FORCE 8 DAY SHELTER AF2017S1 Perfectly proportioned for all commercial fi shery pegs and erected in seconds, the Force 8 shelter is designed to give you immediate protection when con-ditions deteriorate. Lightweight, yet super strong, this remarkable shelter will keep you fi shing comfortably in the very worst weather conditions. 22BIVVIES & SHELTERS POWER BROLLY ALL ROUNDER BIVVY / DAY SHELTER AF2305S1 AF2349S1 The perfect choice for those who require a traditional umbrella system, Rock solid performance and quick and simple to erect. The Power brolly offers great fl ex-ibility in that it can be used as a simple umbrella set up or long session shelter with addition of front infi ll panel and storm poles which are provided. The shelter of choice for many leading carp anglers! ONE MAN W : 2500mm D : 2300mm H : 1300mm ONE MAN W : 2500mm D : 2300mm H : 1300mm Force 8 quick erect bivvies and day shelters have sold in the thousands since their introduction with unique fl ash touch erect system. The shelter has all the original quick erect advantages and great features but also of-fers the angler something extra - a full blown bivvy with the addition of zip in front panel and clip in groundsheet. TWO MAN W : 2800mm D : 3200mm H : 1300mm IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED SPECIAL OFFER £ 99.99 ONLY RRP:£ 159.99 SAVE £ 40£ 40 £ 79.99 ONLY RRP:£ 109.99 £ 129.99 ONLY RRP:£ 169.99 ECLIPSE 1 MAN CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3077S1EclispeÊ1Êman£ 369.99£ 299.99 FO3078S11ÊmanÊwrap£ 179.99£ 149.99 ECLIPSE 2 MAN CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3079S1EclispeÊ2Êman£ 429.99£ 349.99 FO3080S12ÊmanÊwrap£ 199.99£ 169.99 The ultimate in pram- hood systems, the Eclipse is undoubtedly the most versatile bivvy pack-age on the market! What impresses most anglers about this bivvy is the number of confi gura-tions it offers- the list is mind- boggling! Take the front system, for example, which can be used in up to 16 separate confi gurations to suit all types of anglers and weather conditions! ECLIPSE SERIES ONE MAN W : 2850mm D : 2350mm H : 1300mm Weight13.5kg Material Waterproof Poles Ven- Tec Yes Aluminium TWO MAN W : 2750mm D : 2600mm H : 1400mm Weight17kg Material Waterproof Poles Ven- Tec Yes Aluminium WARRIOR HOOD  WINTER SKIN Using the renowned fl exed three pole design made famous by the Fox Evolution series of shelters and bivvies the Warrior Bivvy erects in seconds to offer complete protection no matter how long the session or how diffi cult the conditions. Constructed from tough 200D nylon with a 3000mm hydrostatic head the Warrior Bivvy uses durable 8.5mm fi breglass poles, allowing the shelter shape to be altered, keeping you dry and comfortable in all conditions. Also comes supplied with Winter skin making this a perfect bivvy for all year round use. CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3220S1WarriorÊHood£ 234.99£ 189.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010EVO FX BIVVYONE MAN W : 2910mm D : 1950mm H : 1330mm Weightkg Material Waterproof Poles Ven- Tec Yes Aluminium The new Fox Evo FX Bivvy is a re- birth of a classic design, utilising new features, materials and manufacturing techniques to further improve a true legend! What most anglers love about the Evo design is its versatility. The bivvy's height can be adjusted, helping you get comfortable in the tightest of swims and the lightweight, compact nature of the Evo means it easily slots into your quiver to make transportation effortless. The new Evo FX Bivvy benefi ts from all of the innovative new features found on Fox's new Ven- Tec domes. The ultimate in bivvy design just got a whole lot better! CodeTypeRRPPrice FO3233S1FXÊBivvy£ 349.99£ 289.99 FO3234S1FXÊSkin£ 159.99£ 134.99 FREE LAMP FREE LAMP FREE LAMP FREE LAMP FREE LAMP pack- STORM RIDER SUMMIT 2 BIVVY & SHELL £ 399.99 ONLY RRP:£ 439.99 MV1165S1 This spacious two man bivvy has been designed to accommodate two beds with plenty of room to spare for additional luggage and tackle. Manufactured from a 420D fabric that is waterproof to 5000mm. Supplied complete with a high quality groundsheet and carry bag. TWO MAN W : / D : / H :/ Weight13.7kg Material Waterproof Poles 420 Denier fabric Yes Aluminium FREE LAMP STORM RIDER BASE CAMP BIVVY & OUTER SHELL COMBO £ 199.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 229.99 MV1166S1 Slightly taller than the original Storm Rider the Base Camp comes supplied with a full mosquito mesh front, that can be used on its own, or in conjunction with the standard front panel thanks to the double zip system on the front of the bivvy. TWO MAN W : / D : / H :/ Weight6.9kg Material Waterproof Poles 420 Denier fabric Yes Aluminium STORM RIDER DAY SHELTER MK2 £ 69.99 ONLY MV1167S1 This superb new offering from the Storm Rider range raises the standards for Day Shelters. Designed by Derek ' The Don' Ritchie himself, this quality Day Shelter features extended side panels, which provide additional protection when the direction of the wind or rain changes. TWO MAN W : / D : / H :/ Weight3.3kg Material Waterproof Poles 420 Denier fabric Yes Aluminium BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 FREE LAMP STORM RIDER BROLLY £ 59.99 ONLY MV1168S1 Designed for the angler who prefers to travel light, but needs protection from the elements. Practical, top quality construction provides an extremely stable, spacious shelter, complete with reinforced pegging points, steel pegs and velcro retaining rod straps on front. BRAND NEW FOR 2010 W : / D : / H :/ Weight / Waterproof Poles 420 Denier fabric Yes Aluminium Material ONE MAN CHILL OUT BIVVY CodeTypePrice AF2460S1ChillÊoutÊ1Êman£ 149.99 AF2451S1ChillÊoutÊ2Êman£ 199.99 NEW LOWER PRICE A bivvy built to withstand the worst weather, a bivvy guaranteed to protect you in all conditions, a bivvy that will last for years, a bivvy so quick and easy to erect, a bivvy at an unbelievable price. The Chill Out has been designed for the hardened carp angler, someone who expects the best from his kit, someone who appreci-ates the importance of staying warm on dry throughout those long, tough sessions. FREE LAMP