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ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 £ 74.99 RRP:£ 89.99 £ 114.99 ONLY RRP:£ 149.99 £ 119.99 FROM ONLY £ 119.99 ONLY RRP:£ 169.99 26CHAIRS & BEDCHAIRS 74 ONLY DW2256S1 Lightweight 22mm aluminium frame - 5.9kg, made from 600D PVC backed polyester, multi- point recliner system with side arm rests, 4 adjustable legs with tilting mud feet, detachable side tray. INFINITY SPECIALIST CHAIR INFINITY BIG BEDCHAIR FEATURES: . Increase width + 10cm. . Padded neoprene headrest. . Sleeping bagfoot cover. . Light weight aluminium construction - 8.3kg. . Six telescopic legs. . Mud feet. . Zippered pocket. DW2622S1 SIGNATURE BED AND BAG COMBOSIGNATURE CHAIR COMFORT ZONE BREATHABLE BEDCHAIRS & CHAIRS CodeModelRRPPrice AF2272S13Êleg£ 149.99£ 119.99 AF2270S14Êleg£ 169.99£ 139.99 AF2468S1Kingsize£ 189.99£ 159.99 COMFORT ZONE BREATHABLE CHAIRS CHAIR: . Supportive Back Rest . Pillow helps support neck . Light and easy to carry . Frame tested for extreme strength . Breathable soft spot - regulates body temperature ARMCHAIR: . Ergonomic arms supply extra comfort . Pillow helps support neck . Exceptional bankside comfort . Strength and stability assured . Breathable soft spot - regulates body temperature One of THE successes of 2009 these beds offer the utmost in comfort, luxury & features at a fraction of the cost of other to top models. If you're looking for top quality kip without breaking the bank or your wallet, get one of these. CodeModelRRPPrice AF2273S1Chair£ 79.99£ 59.99 AF2271S1Armchair£ 99.99£ 79.99 LD7940S1 LD7941S1 A new bedchair & bag combination form Wychwood which offers great quality, performance and comfort. The bedchair features four adjustable legs with mud feet, is fully padded and built to the usual high Wychwood standard. The 4 season sleeping bag compliments the bedchair perfectly and will keep you warm and protected year through. A superb combination at a special introductory price. WYCHWOOD SIGNATURE BED AND BAG COMBO: . Two leg super strong framed bedchair . Four adjustable legs with swivel feet . Fully Padded and elasticated mattress . Comes fi tted with removable 4 season Signature sleeping bag . Folds fl at with sleeping bag fi tted. BAG FEATURES . Four Season lined sleeping Bag . Made from ' ripstop' high impact material . Bedchair fi xing sleeve and ties . Supplied with stuff sack . Ultra Lightweight . Extra layers of sumptuous fi llings . Max comfort pillow tech . Breathable soft spot-regulates body temperature . 6 adjustable legs engineered for stability . Purpose built for total slumber comfort . Tough, strong frame INFINITY DELUXE BEDCHAIR £ 89.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 99.99 £ 34.99 BAG ONLY FEATURES: . High strength steel frame . Four adjustable legs with swivel mud feet . Compact design perfect for the roving angler . Padded back and seat mattress CodeModelPrice LD7984S1Signature£ 34.99 A brilliant new compact chair, the Signature features a very high strength steel frame with four adjustable legs. It offers great comfort with its padded back and seat and is perfect for carp & specialist anglers. The compact design makes it essential for the more mobile anglers out there. £ 34.99 ONLYBRAND NEW FOR 2010 . Bedchairs for the biggest of anglers or those wanting the maximum in comfort . The alloy frame is unbelievably strong and light . Neoprene pillow, boot wipe and tailored mattress combined with a four double leg system creates indoor comfort, outdoors CodeModelRRPPrice LD7982S1Comforter£ 149.99£ 129.99 LD7981S1ComforterÊBMF£ 179.99£ 159.99 COMFORTER BEDCHAIRS Two large bedchairs designed with one thing in mind, comfort. Both models have all the usual features expected, neoprene pil-low, boot wipe, adjustable legs etc. Ever sat on the bank wishing you could have brought your double bed with you? Well this as the next best thing! the comforter range are the most comfortable bedchairs we have ever seen! The BMF model is the larger of the two beds and is designed to give maximum comfort to the bigger anglers out there, no more just ' making do' for the big fellas! FEATURES: . An amazing value for money bedchair . An ultra strong three leg steel frame bedchair with a padded tailored mattress . This provides awesome comfort at an unbeatable price CodeModelPrice LD7983S1Solace£ 89.99 Spec wise, very similar to its bigger Maximiser brothers the Solace comforter has a super strong three leg steel frame which is immensely strong and the high quality mattress provides awesome comfort. Without a doubt this bed is THE best we have seen for under a ton. COMFORTER BEDCHAIR BRAND NEW FOR 2010£ 89.99 ONLYBRAND NEW FOR 2010 SOLACE SLEEPING BAG MAXIMISER SLEEPING BAG . Double easy slide crash zips . Exclusive quilted ' turnover' fi nish lining . Bedchair securing system . Oversize compression bag . 4 Season rating . Dimension 220 x 100cm . Double easy slide crash zips . Exclusive quilted ' turnover' fi nish lining . Bedchair securing system . Oversize compression bag . 5 Season rating . Dimension 240 x 110cm LD7826S1LD7825S1 £ 44.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 49.99 £ 62.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 EPIC SLEEPING BAG WITH SPEED COVER The ultimate sleeping bag package. Brand new for 2010 peachskin sleeping bag from Wychwood which features triple layered insulation to offer the very best in warmth and comfort. The quilted speed cover offers an extra layer in winter or a convenient alternative in the warmer months. A great package which beats many competitors £ 150+ bags hands down. . Peachskin top layer . Bed- safe fi xings which include two hoods & a central securing strap . ' Tough stuff' sack with internal tensioners . Extra large size ( 240cm x 110cm) for the biggest of anglers . Unique quilted liner for the ultimate in comfort and warmth, extra deep triple layered insulation . Quilted ' speed cover' is secured in the boot wipe area for speed and ease of use . Drawstring hood and warmth baffl es . Wipe clean boot rest area LD7979S1 £ 89.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 99.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 This new eight leg chair is a dream to use. Superior comfort is offered thanks to the 90cm wide padding, the neoprene cushioned pillow and removable contoured mattress. All the leg frames are secured into place thanks to spring loaded locking pins at one side. DW2779S1 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BUY THE BED, BAG & CHAIR FOR ONLY £ 109.99 IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED SAVE £ 15£ 15 SAVE £ 50 SAVE £ 35£ 35 UKS BEST PRICE BEST SELLER 2009

WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK DEFENDER 3 LEG BEDCHAIR JR0261S1 . 100% Aluminium frame . Removable zip- out pillow . Thermally effi cient sponge and hollow fi bre layer . 600/ 450 D PVC coated polyester mattress cover . 2 10 D PU Nylon non- water splash coated wellie- wipe section . 8 mm green shock cord. STEALTH EXCEL SPECIALIST BEDCHAIRS RELAXA RECLINER Super strong hi- tensile steel and aluminium frame . Aluminium arm rests . Multi point recliner system . Extra long adjustable legs . Swivel and fold fl at mud feet . Foam padded cover JR0148S1 . New extra thick padded matress. . New matt olive coloured industrial powder coated 6061 aluminium frame. . Swivel and fold fl at mud feet. . Fully adjustable legs. . Zip out tackle organisers. * Weight: 8.8kg * Rated to 190kg * Dimensions: 200cm x 89cm JR0535S1 SPECIALIST X  LITE RECLINER . New ultra light 6061 series aluminium frame. . Fully adjustable legs. . Multi point recliner system. . Swivel and fold fl at mud feet. . New specifi cation material. . Weight: 5.2kg . Rated to 114kg . Width: 47cm JR0529S1 3D BOX BAG 5 SEASON . Box section side wall design. . Insufi l thermal micro fi bres. . Water resistant brushed outer . Anti twist bedchair attachment system. . Poly coated micro fi bre fi lled pillow. . Twin SBS full crash zips with non catch baffl e system. . Supplied in a stuff sack. . Dimensions: 230 x 94cm . Weight: 4.7kg JR0524S1 STORM 5 FLEECE LINED SLEEPING BAG . 5 Season rating . 100% hollow fi bre fi lling. . 300 D brushed water resistant polyester outer. . Fully micro fi bre fl eece lined. . Anti twist bedchair attachment system. . Baffl ed heavy duty twin crash zips. . Removable fl eece pillow. JR0136S1 NEW LOWER PRICES £ 119.99 ONLY RRP:£ 182.99 SAVE £ 63£ 63 £ 89.99 ONLY RRP:£ 139.99 SAVE £ 50£ 50 £ 64.99 ONLY RRP:£ 96.99 £ 59.99 ONLY RRP:£ 91.99 £ 34.99 ONLY RRP:£ 44.99 £ 94.99 ONLY RRP:£ 134.99 £ 74.99 ONLY RRP:£ 112.99 CONTACT CHAIR WITH ARMS £ 39.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 56.99 JR0592S1 . Super strong hi- tensile steel frame . Aluminium arm rests . Adjustable legs . Swivel and fold fl at mud feet . Foam padded cover . Ideal for the beginner, casual angler or those on a limited budget . Weight - 5.6kg . Rated to 114kg CONTACT BEDCHAIR £ 74.99 ONLY RRP:£ 102.99 SAVE £ 28£ 28 . Super strong hi- tensile steel frame with a tough powder coating . Three fully adjustable locking leg sets . Head section adjustable ratchet . Thermally effi cient, fully padded mattress . Nylon non- water splash coated welli- wipe section . Rated to 140kg . Weight 11kg . Dimension - length 202cm, width 82.5cm Superb value for money feature packed bedchair. JR0591S1 Designed for the mobile angler, the Stealth offers superb comfort, whilst being lightweight. Lower leg profi le helps to fi t the bedchair further under bivvies and brollies. Very lightweight three leg bedchair. Superb value for money bechair. Probably the most comfortable chair on the market. High legs, high back and arm rests combined with a fully padded cover. Lightweight chair complete with a high back which fully reclines. A very well proven chair, with the benefi ts of a super strong frame whilst not being heavy to carry. COMFORT LONG LEGS RECLINERCOMFORT BEDCHAIR FEATURES . Comfortable padded recliner. . Lightweight and robust frame. . Matches the 6 leg bed chair. . Rotating, wide mud feet for uneven ground. . Comfortable reinforced arm rests. . Fully reclining. . Adjustable legs. . Fully collapsible. Size: 54cm Legs: 43cm - 67cm SV5830S1 FEATURES . Extremely comfortable bed chair.. Lightweight and robust frame. . Adjustable legs. . Rotating, wide mud feet for uneven ground. . Extra wide padding for comfort. . Elastically sprung. . Durable, heavy duty mattress.. Fully collapsible. . Weight 8 kg approx. . Size: 210 x 80cm SV5829S1 A superb new reclining chair built with the emphasis on comfort. The chairoffers a highly padded seat and back, adjustable legs, reclining back and arm rests. The most comfortable recliner chair available. A superb 6 leg bedchair which offers the ultimate in comfort. Purchase one of these and enjoy the best bankside sleep you've everhad as the Comfort bedchair really lives up to its name. CHAIR CHAIRS & BEDCHAIRS27 CodeModelRRPPrice JR0522S13Êleg£ 128.99£ 84.99 Super strong Hi- Tensile Steel frame. Built in padded head pillow. Fully adjustable legs. High density foam cover. 210 D pu nylon wellie wipe section. £ 69.99 ONLY IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK BEST PRICESGUARANTEED NEW LOWER PRICES £ 99.99 ONLY RRP: Ê119.99 This brilliant new chair is compact & lightweight. It is ideal for day anglers or roaming and features the new ' stargrip' system which allows you to easily fi x and detach attachments such as side trays & umbrella arms to the chair. The Robo chair features adjustable legs and padded back support. This is the newest chair in our range which offers the benefi ts of being able to add attachments like a seatbox whilst offering the comfort of a fully padded chair. FULL MONTY PACKAGE INCLUDES: Robo Chair 2 x ' Stargrip' one way arms 1 x ' Stargrip' 21cm thread stikk 1 x Stargrip Tele Feeder arm 1 x Bait tray 1 x Top Notch Feeder Rest 1 x Top Notch U back/ Front Rest 2 x Bait boxes A brilliant new deal that will convert almost any chair to be accessory friendly! Get two Stargrip universal Arms, Stargrip Feeder Arm and 21cm Thredd Stikk. Will fi t any chair with 25mm round legs. £ 89.99 ONLY ROBO CHAIR FULL MONTY MI2322S1 Stargrip Accessories CodeModelPrice MI2390S130ÊplusÊStargripÊMatchÊTray£ 19.99 MI2383S130ÊplusÊStargripÊBoxÊ/ ÊchairÊarm£ 14.99 MI2384S130ÊplusÊStargripÊ2ÊWayÊarm£ 7.99 MI2385S130ÊplusÊStargripÊFeederÊarm£ 8.99 MI2388S130ÊplusÊStargripÊ1ÊWayÊarm£ 6.99 MI2389S130ÊplusÊStargripÊLongÊ/ ÊExtensionÊarm£ 6.99 MI2386S130ÊplusÊStargripÊThreadÊstickÊ12cm£ 1.99 MI2387S130ÊplusÊStargripÊThreadÊstickÊ21cm£ 2.25 MI2391S130ÊplusÊStargripÊThreadÊstickÊ35cm£ 2.50 Stargrip Chair Arm Conversion Kit £ 29.99 ONLY RRP:£ 40.99 MI2398S1 . Light high tensile steel frame . Four fully adjustable legs . Swivel and fold fl at mud feet . High density foam fi lled cover DEFENDER CHAIR JR0262S1 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 Superb value chair which offers superior comfort at this price bracket. Please note : When buying any of these accessories for any chair other than the Robo Chair, MI2383S1 must be purchased to make them compatable. UKS BEST PRICE UKS BEST PRICE