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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK A universal sleep system for 365 days a year. The outer shell is the usual waterproof and breathable quality expected from all Trakker's premium sleeping bags offering three season protection. The inner shell can be toggled in to give 5 season protection against the coldest winter nights. This inner shell also is reversible giving the option of fl eece or smooth material touch to the body. Super thick constructionwith warm infi ll and soft Peachskin fully waterproof outer fabric. PEACHSKIN SLEEPING BAG DEAL CodeModelRRPPrice TR0025S1Green£ 59.99£ 34.99 Fully breathable and waterproof. Attaches fi rmly to bedchair with snaplock buckles. Thick thermal lining. BIG Z BEDCHAIR COVERS TR0131S1 Buy Big- Z Green Bag & Cover worth £ 234.99 365 SLEEP SYSTEM TR0362S1 BUY THIS BED & GET FREE PILLOW & COTTON COVER WORTH £ 39.99 BUY THIS BED & GET FREE PILLOW WORTH £ 19.99 VENTEC ALL SEASON FO3242S1 EVO TS FO3241S1FO3240S1 EVO FO3235S1 SAVESAVE £ 30 SAVE SAVE £ 30 SAVESAVE £ 20 SAVE SAVESAVE £ 10 SAVE EVO S SLEEPING BAGSBRAND NEW FOR 2010 CARP BEDCHAIR COVER6 LEG BEDCHAIR SAVE £ 30 Virtually doubles the warmth of any sleeping bag. Having all the attributes of the ordinary fl eece Bedchair cover, this cover has a micro fl eece lining and a hollow fi bre layer the same as the sleeping bags. How ever good your sleeping bag is now, this will make it better! Also ideal for summer use on its own. CARP CHAIRDELUXE RECLINER MV1037S1 £ 74.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 89.99 Quality at its very best. This green 2400 denier chair boasts all the features required by the modern carp angler. Heavily padded back and seat with additional padding around the seating area and back rest. Heavily padded neoprene head and neck cushion. Weight 5.1kg. Back height 68cm, Width 65cm £ 114.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 139.99 £ 134.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 169.99 SAVE £ 20 DELUXE COMFI 4 BEDCHAIR FREE P& P PT0070 SLEEP EEZI BED Firmly established as one of the most popular beds on the market. Incredibly comfortable warm thanks to the super padded removable second mattress making it a real bed for all seasons. Full 4 leg design make it very strong, stable and supportive at a fraction of the prices of similar specialist beds. A major feature of this Bag is the Ven- Tec ® material used on the outer layer. This is the same material we've used on all of our new top- end domes, simply because it's the best in terms of being extremely waterproof and breathable. The Evo S continues utilising the amazing new features found on all new Fox sleeping bags. It includes all of the great innovations found on the Evo model, with the addition of being fully micro fl eece lined to add extra warmth. The Evo TS sleeping bag has been designed to utilise a number of new manufacturing techniques and materials now available to produce a year- round bag that offers the ultimate in comfort and warmth. The Evo, measuring 90cm wide and 220cm long, include a high grade silicone- treated hollow fi ll fi bre. This means that when the bag is rolled out, the fi bres expand to trap air helping you stay warm in all weather conditions. MV1035S1 MV1034S1 A beautifully constructed high quality 6 leg bed chair. Manufactured using a green 2400 denier material, that matches the new luggage range, with black detailing. Featuring an integrated padded pillow. The main padded area has been widened to ensure the padding always covers the two large handwheels that lock the back securely at the angle required. Each leg features a quick locking mechanism that allows the leg to extend and is complete with a swivel mudfoot. Supplied with a welly wipe that stores away in a neat pocket beneath the chair. A deluxe thermal lined bed chair cover is also available. Supplied in a neat carry bag with handles and quality zip. Weight 8.6kg. Dimensions: 210 x 92 x 33cm. FREE P& P CHAIRS & BEDCHAIRS29 WARRIOR BEDCHAIR The Fox Warrior BedChair is a very strong well designed chair at a very reasonable price. This new six- leg design bedchair is supplied ready tensioned on a durable, lightweight frame. It features six in-dependently adjustable legs with Fox's Spring Lok Leg Mechanism. Like all Warrior chairs, it features swivel feet. WARRIOR RECLINER CHAIR The fi rst ever reclining chair was designed by Fox, and the popularity of this model means, that a great number of anglers still sit on Recliners purchased many years ago. The Stalker range's value for money promise now means you can enjoy this same comfort for less than 60 pounds! This lightweight yet ultra strong chair is perfect for the roving angler. The fully adjustable legs are equally at home on both stillwater and river banks. The Fox Warrior chair guarantees a sturdy fi shing position leaving you to concentrate on the job in hand. The Warrior is a ' doddle' to carry and oh so simple to use making it an ideal chair for mobile anglers everywhere. FO3002S1ÊÊÊ FO3000S1ÊÊÊ FO3001S1ÊÊ WARRIOR CHAIR After consultation with top anglers, prestige have designed a range of bed chairs. Built to the same standard as the carp porters, the bed chairs offer top quality with top value. Prestige have listened to what anglers actually want in a chair and incorporated the following features: - Neoprene built- in pillow with zip out lining. De signed to avoid neck ache associated with excessively padded built- in pillows. Designed to be used with the included large fl eece pillow. Ultimate in comfort. - The extra wide padded base is extremely comfortable and incorporates extra thick padding at important comfort points. We think it is the most comfortable bed chair available. - Lightweight aluminium frame. - Reliable adjustable long legs allows one handed operation. The height can be altered in seconds . Automatic locking. Large rubber mud feet. - Detachable front leg gives extra stability without a big weight penalty. Locking pins to avoid bed chair folding during use. PT0071 £ 99.99 ONLY RRP:£ 119.99 £ 62.99 ONLY RRP:£ 69.99 £ 39.99 ONLY RRP:£ 44.99 £ 149.99 ONLY RRP:£ 179.99 £ 129.99 ONLY RRP:£ 149.99 £ 109.99 ONLY RRP:£ 139.99 £ 59.99 ONLY RRP:£ 89.99 £ 79.99 ONLY RRP:£ 99.99 £ 49.99 ONLY RRP:£ 59.99 £ 109.99 ONLY RRP:£ 139.99 £ 29.99 ONLY COVER MV1036S1 £ 49.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 59.99 Four leg chair covered with high quality green 2400 denier waterproof material. Each leg has a quick release push button extendable leg complete with swivel mud foot. Folding back which locks fi rmly into position. Lightweight and compact, manufactured to the highest of standards. Features a heavily padded back and seat. Weight 5kg. Back height 50cm, Width 47cm BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BIG SNOOZE SLEEP SYSTEM One of our best selling deals of all time. Buy the infamous big snooze bag coupled with the matching cover for only £ 69.99!! TR0109S1 £ 69.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 124.98 BEST PRICES GUARANTEED

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 Surface fi shing for carp can offer the angler some of the most exciting and productive sport, available. At Korda we thrive on this passion and look forward to the hazy days and warm weather that comes hand in hand with fi shing for carp on the ' top'. All the fl oats are radical in design, we have used a patented design that allows the fl oats to be manufactured from one material. There is NO added lead weights, resulting in very quiet water entry and less dive on impact, this equals more fi sh on bank for the angler! 30TERMINAL TACKLE DISTANCE CASTING: SWIVEL CodeWeightPrice KO0028S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0029S12ozÊ( 66g)£ 1.30 KO0030S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0170S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0031S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0032S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0033S14.5ozÊ( 125g)£ 1.40 KO0034S15ozÊ( 140g)£ 1.40 PEAR: SWIVEL CodeWeightPrice KO0171S11.1ozÊ( 31g)£ 1.30 KO0035S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0198S12ozÊ( 56g)£ 1.30 KO0036S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0199S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0037S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0038S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 FLAT PEAR: SWIVEL CodeWeightPrice KO0039S11.1ozÊ( 31g)£ 1.30 KO0040S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0041S12ozÊ( 56g)£ 1.30 KO0042S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0043S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0044S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0045S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0046S15ozÊ( 140g)£ 1.40 TOURNAMENT CASTING: SWIVEL CodeWeightPrice KO0069S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0070S12ozÊ( 56g)£ 1.30 KO0071S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0072S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0073S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0074S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0075S14.5ozÊ( 125g)£ 1.40 KO0076S15ozÊ( 140g)£ 1.40 BIG GRIPPA: SWIVEL CodeWeightPrice KO0112S11.1ozÊ( 31g)£ 1.30 KO0113S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0114S12ozÊ( 66g)£ 1.30 KO0115S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0116S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0117S15ozÊ( 140g)£ 1.40 KO0118S16ozÊ( 160g)£ 1.70 KO0119S18ozÊ( 224g)£ 1.70 KO0200S110ozÊ( 280g)£ 2.30 FLATLINER DISTANCE: INLINE CodeWeightPrice KO0047S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0048S12ozÊ( 56g)£ 1.30 KO0049S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0050S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0051S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0052S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 FLATLINER PEAR: INLINE CodeWeightPrice KO0053S11.1ozÊ( 31g)£ 1.30 KO0054S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0055S12ozÊ( 56g)£ 1.30 KO0056S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0057S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0058S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0059S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0060S15ozÊ( 140g)£ 1.40 BAIT  UP METHOD FEEDER £ 1.99 For only RUBBERS 10 pack. Tapered rubber that neatly connects either the lead system to the anti- tangle tubing or lead core leader. £ 2.99 LEAD CLIPS Very safe anti- tangle lead release clip. £ 3.99 SWIVELS Fits perfectly inside the leads & lead clips. Flexi rings are ideal for stiff links, for extra movement. CodeModelPrice KO0004S1SzÊ8ÊSwivelsÊ( 20pk)£ 2.99 KO0085S1SzÊ8ÊFlexiÊ( 8pk)£ 3.50 KO0086S1SzÊ11ÊFlexiÊ( 8pk)£ 3.50 KO0227S1BigÊEyeÊSwivel£ 3.50 KO0230S1MicroÊRigÊSwivel£ 2.99 KWIK LINK . Pack of 20 £ 3.50RUNNING RIG . Pack of 6 £ 3.50 KO0131S1 SHOK BEAD . Pack of 15 £ 2.99 KO0132S1 STIK KLIP . Pack of 20 £ 3.40 CodeModel KO0191S1Small KO0192S1Medium CodeModel KO0005S1Weed KO0006S1Clay KO0007S1Silt KO0306S1Gravel Fine anti- tangle tubing which sinks and is very unobtrusive. For only£ 1.99 LEAD CLIP ACTION CLIPS RIG RINGS . Pack of 20. CodeModelPrice KO0155S1Medium£ 3.50 KO0156S1Small£ 2.99 KO0157S1X- Small£ 3.50 KO0158S1Oval£ 3.80£ 2.99 From only SILICONE TUBE 1.5m pack. The ultimate silicone. Designed for fi ne tuning rigs. CodeModel KO0183S10.5mmÊGreen KO0184S10.7mmÊGreen KO0185S10.5mmÊBrown KO0186S10.7mmÊBrown £ 2.50 SHRINK TUBE Clear low heat shrink, easy to use tube, two sized to fi t all hooks. 6x 55mm lengths per pack. £ 2.80 SILICONE SLEEVES 3MM DIAMETER Pack of 20 multi- purpose sleeves. Use to cover swivels on leads, Kwik Links or Stik Klips. CodeModel KO0187S1WeedyÊGreen KO0188S1MuddyÊBrown £ 2.50 WeightSwivelInlinePrice 1.1ozÊ( 31g) KO0209S1KO0201S1£ 1.30 1.5ozÊ( 43g) KO0210S1KO0202S1£ 1.30 2ozÊ( 56g) KO0211S1KO0203S1£ 1.30 2.5ozÊ( 70g) KO0245S1KO0204S1£ 1.30 3ozÊ( 84g) KO0213S1KO0205S1£ 1.30 3.5ozÊ( 100g) KO0212S1KO0206S1£ 1.40 4ozÊ( 112g) KO0214S1KO0207S1£ 1.40 5ozÊ( 140g) KO0215S1KO0208S1£ 1.40 All you need to make 5 advanced rigs. SQUARE PEAR SWIVEL & INLINE CodeModel KO0128S1Weed KO0129S1Clay KO0348S1Slit KO0302S1Gravel RIG SAFE £ 16.99KO0229S1 Will become standard issue for all carpers. RING KLIP The Korda ' Ring Klip' has been specially designed for the easy attachment of hooklinks; the unique design allows greater movement due to the ring section of the clip.£ 3.50 KO0267S1 . Pack of 10 SAFEZONE ANTI  TANGLE SLEEVES CodeModel KO0246S1Weed KO0247S1Clay KO0283S1Silt KO0248S1Gravel £ 3.50 SAFE ZONE CAMO LEADERS CodeWeight KO0305S11ozÊ( 28g) KO0120S11.5ozÊ( 43g) KO0001S12ozÊ( 56g) KO0121S13ozÊ( 84g) CARP CARE KIT Essential for any responsible anglers £ 13.99 KO0317S1 Essential kit for only HAND TOWEL £ 4.99KO0251S1 CodeModel KO0130S1KwikÊLink KO0301S1XSÊKwikÊLink LINK LOOP . Pack of 15£ 3.99 Korda Safe Zone Kamo Leaders have been specifi cally designed to help create a ' Safe Zone' around the baited area. The unique colours and de-sign have come from the hundreds of hours of watching carp's behaviour around rigs and leaders whilst fi lming the ' Underwater' series of fi lms. The translucent, subtle colour blends in with the lake bed, whilst being kept pinned down with the tungsten collars away from wary feeding fifi sh. SAFE ZONE SPARES Type 4mmÊRub-berÊBeadÊ 25pk RunÊRigÊ RubberÊ 10pk HellÊBeadÊ 25pk HellÊRub-berÊ10pk WeedyÊGreenKO0218S1KO0280S1KO0221S1KO0224S1 MuddyÊBrownKO0219S1KO0281S1KO0222S1KO0225S1 KhakiKO0220S1KO0259S1KO0223S1KO0226S1 Silt/ KO0282S1// £ 1.99£ 2.80£ 2.80£ 2.80 LEADS SKYLINERS INLINE CodeWeightPrice KO0061S11.1ozÊ( 31g)£ 1.30 KO0062S11.5ozÊ( 43g)£ 1.30 KO0063S12ozÊ( 66g)£ 1.30 KO0064S12.5ozÊ( 70g)£ 1.30 KO0065S13ozÊ( 84g)£ 1.30 KO0066S13.5ozÊ( 100g)£ 1.40 KO0067S14ozÊ( 112g)£ 1.40 KO0068S14.5ozÊ( 125g)£ 1.40 CodeModel KO0011S1Weed KO0078S1Clay KO0077S1Gravel KO0318S1Silt CodeModel KO0319S1Weed KO0320S1Clay KO0321S1Silt KO0322S1Gravel £ 4.99 KO0231S1 TypeSizeÊ8ÊRingÊ SwivelÊ24" ÊLong WeedyÊGreenKO0237S1 ClayÊBrownKO0238S1 SiltÊBrownKO0239S1 GravelÊKhakiKO0240S1 £ 4.80 The Korda Krusher is a brilliant new item that takes the hard work out of chopping your pellets, particles and even Tigernuts up to use in spod and stick mixes. Simple to use, you just fi ll to the level with pellets or par-ticles of your choice and grind away until you get them to the size you want them down to, it will reduce baits from a rough chopped to virtually powder form in seconds! KORDA KRUSHAS CodeModelPrice KO0414S1KrushaÊSmall£ 10.99 KO0415S1KrushaÊLarge£ 13.99 CodeModel KO0269S11mmÊClear KO0161S11.2mmÊClear KO0162S11.6mmÊClear KO0309S11.2mmÊWeed KO0310S11.6mmÊWeed KO0311S11.2mmÊClay CodeModel KO0395S11.6mmÊClay KO0398S11.2mmÊGravel KO0399S11.6mmÊGravel KO0396S11.2mmÊSilt KO0397S11.6mmÊSilt CAMO RIG TUBE 4MM RUBBER BEAD 25PK Korda's 4mm Rubber Bead has been specially designed to use with the Safe Zone fl ying back leads. 4MM RIG RUBBER 10PK Our ' Safe Zone' Run Rig Rubbers have been specially designed for use with running rigs incorporating the ' Safe Zone' Kamo Leaders, Leadcore or our Kamo Rig Tube. As you'd expect from Korda these are like no other Run Rig beads available. HELICOPTER BEAD 25PK The Korda Safe Zone Helicopter Bead has been specially designed to fi t the safe zone Helicopter / Chod Kamo Leaders. HELICOPTER RUBBER 10PK Fits perfectly over Korda Kwik link to stop tangles. SURFACE SYSTEMS KRUISER CONTROLLER A more traditional shaped skittle controller available in three sizes, 10, 15 & 20 grams. It features an innovative line attachment that makes the Kruiser easy to control and virtually tangle free. CodeSizePrice KO0435S110g£ 3.99 KO0436S115g£ 3.99 KO0437S120g£ 5.99 INTERCEPTOR CONTROLLER This is a purposed designed long range surface controller that has a unique interchangeable facility. This allows the fl oat to be removed from the line and changed for another size without breaking down the tackle. CodeSizePrice KO0438S115g£ 5.99 KO0439S120g£ 5.99 KO0440S125g£ 5.99 KO0441S130g£ 5.99 KRUSIER CONTROL MONO Formulated to give exceptional casting performance, this super soft and supple line makes easy casting of lightweight controllers and even freelined baits. CodeSizePrice KO0450S16lb£ 4.99 KO0451S18lb£ 4.99 KO0452S110lb£ 4.99 KO0453S112lb£ 4.99 MIXA HOOKS The Korda Mixa is the fi rst dedicated hook designed for surface feeding carp. The special shape has evolved through countless hours spent on the bank by some of the country's fi nest fl oater anglers. BarbedBarblessSizePrice KO0442S1KO0446S16£ 3.99 KO0443S1KO0447S18£ 3.99 KO0444S1KO0448S110£ 3.99 KO0445S1KO0449S112£ 3.99 CodeModelRRPPrice KO0454S160lb£ 67.50£ 59.99 KO0455S1120lb£ 67.50£ 59.99 KO0456S1GiganticaÊ120lb£ 74.99£ 67.99 KORDA LIMITED EDITION SCALES The now legendary Reuben Heaton dial scales are available exclusively in two styles. A Korda branded version in both 60lb and 120lb and a Gigantica model in 120lb. NEW 2010 NEW 2010 NEW 2010 NEW 2010