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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK CodeItem RRPPrice LD7795S1Pop- Up Rig Sz 6 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7796S1Pop- Up Rig Sz 10 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7797S1Hair Rig Sz 6 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7798S1Hair Rig Sz 8 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7799S1Hair Rig Sz 10 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7800S1Bag Rig Sz 6 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7801S1Bag Rig Sz 8 Barbed £ 3.99£ 1.99 LD7803S1Pop Up Rig Sz 10 Barbless £ 3.99£ 1.99 . Velcro sealed main zip storm cover . Reinforced neoprene elbows & Neoprene sealing cuffs . 4 layer construction: . 100% waterproof Polyurethane lamination . Waterproof Rating: 8,000 mm CodeSize SV6566S140/ 41 SV6567S142/ 43 SV6568S144/ 45 SV6569S146/ 47 MAX 1 BREATHABLE WADERS The essential summertime accessory. These top quality polarized glasses not only look the part, they will also put you more fi sh on the bank! CodeItemPrice SV5824S1Green Frame/ Black Lens£ 19.99 SV5825S1Green Frame/ Brown Lens£ 19.99 RAZORWEAR POLARIZED SUNGLASSES F POINT HOOKS CodeTypeSize RRPPrice SH3698S1F12 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3699S1F14 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3703S1F22 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3704S1F24 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3705S1F26 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3708S1F34 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 CodeTypeSize RRPPrice SH3711S1F4 2 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3712S1F4 4 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3714S1F52 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3715S1F54 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3719S1F66 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3720S1F68 10pk £ 3.00£ 1.50 SH3727S1F84 10pk £ 3.99£ 1.99 The holdall system is a completely modular and expandable piece of kit. The Expander system on the quiver base makes it a truly versatile and is able to carry between 2 and 6 rods. This is also makes the base ideal for carrying a range of bivvies and shelters which can vary in size dramatically. Bungee retainers on the base mean that the base can be used without the need for sleeves or a hood. Whilst the sleeves themselves will take both 12ft & 13ft rods even with 50mm butt guides. The perfect rod carrying system not just only for platinum carp rod users but all anglers looking for top protection for their carp rods. Contains 1x Expanda Quiver, 1x Hood, 3 x single sleeves. HALF PRICEPRICE XL CARP SACK . Dimensions 110cm x 80cm . Extra soft material . Drawstring closure . Large enough for carp to 50lb LD6350S1 . Dimensions 75cm x 112cm . Ideal for Carp, Pike, Zander LD5134S1 PIT BULL CARP CodeModelRRPPrice SV6126S112ft 2.75lb £ 54.99£ 29.99 SV6127S112ft 3lb£ 54.99£ 29.99 . Powerful carbon blank . Woven butt section . 3 legged SIC guides . Depth markers included . Carbon line clip INCREDIBLESPECIAL OFFERS ORDERORDERORDER NOWNOWNOW 3 SAVE £ 20£ 20This Heavy Duty groundsheet will help keep your kit clean, increase warmth and stop rising damp. FITS ALL OVAL BROLLIY'S OVAL HEAVY DUTY GROUNDSHEET £ 9.99 ONLY RRP : £ 29.99 JR0550S1 MARKER FLOAT £ 3.99 ONLY RRP : £ 6.99 LD6079S1 SAVE OVER 40% . High fl oat foam body. . Interchangeable black and orange fl uted sights. . Designed for use with leads above 3oz and above. 2 ROD SUPPORT SET LESS THAN HALF PRICE 2 telecopic banks and 2 alloy buzz bars and 4 rod rests perfect for most venues. £ 4.99 ONLY RRP : £ 11.99 LD7468S1 Top- quality PVA bags from the renowned Wychwood brand. Neutral pH level and no residue means these bags are not only among the strongest bags around, but are undetectable to the fi sh. CodeSize RRPPrice LD7678S1100mm x 125mm ( x50) £ 11.99£ 3.99 50 PVA BAGS Size 100mm SAVE OVERSAVE OVER 65% EGG FLOATER CONTROLLERS CodeSize LD7735S150g LD7736S135g £ 1.99 ONLY RRP : £ 7.99 SAVE 75% £ 4.99 ONLY RRP : £ 14.99SAVE £ 10£ 10 PLUGS & TACKLE BOX SET With plugs often costing £ 5+ each this set of 5 plugs and tackle box is a great deal. Perfect for Pike, Zander and Perch on any venue. LD7899S1 £ 9.99 ONLY RRP : £ 29.99SAVE £ 20£ 20 An amazing offer, this headlamp features 6 led's plus a halogen lamp, with 4 different settings it is the ultimate night time companion. 100% waterproof unit with 360 degree adjustable direction. 4 FUNCTION HEAD TORCH WITH 6 LED + 1 HALOGEN LAMP LI0576S1 CHAAPnMglAinNgS Exclusive to: INSTA ERECT 2 MAN BIVVY An instant Erect 2 man dome that sets up in seconds and is light as a feather. £ 29.99 ONLY RRP : £ 49.99 LI0738S1 SAVESAVE £ 20£ 20 £ 11.99 ONLY RRP : £ 29.99 SAVE 60% 2 DRAGS REEL LI0894S1 A brilliant carp freespool reel the 2D 600 features adjustable front drag system and adjustable freespool system. ASSORTED RIGS LESS THAN HALF PRICE These are high quality, thermal, waterproof suits. With zipped boot legs, hand warmer pockets and a Velcro breast pocket. CodeSize LI1039S1XL LI1040S1XXL LI1041S1XXXL DELUXE THERMAL 1PCE SUIT £ 39.99 ONLY RRP : £ 89.99 BUY 6 FOR £ 5 LURE BAG CodeModel RRPPrice LI1042S1Deluxe £ 39.99£ 19.99 LI1043S1Standard £ 29.99£ 14.99 £ HALFHALF PRICEPRICEPRICE · padded shoulder strap which easy unclips if not required · contains 6 poly lure boxes 20cm x 4cm x 13.5cm · also 1 large poly lure box 36cm x 23cm x 5cm Okuma Lexsan Pro Bait Feeder Patented EOS system 2 Stainless steel bearings 1 one- way roller bearing Aluminium spool Patented bait feeder system Micro adjustable bait feeder system. LEXSAN PRO BAITFEEDER LXB  55 2+ 1BB PRICE£ 39.99 ONLY RRP : £ 129.99 XLNT BRAID 15LBS 1000MTRSAVE £ 90£ 90 CodeSize RRPPrice SV7276S1XXL £ 119.99£ 49.99 SV7277S1XXXL £ 119.99£ 49.99 MAX  4 HYDRO  ACTIVE JACKET LESS THAN HALF PRICE CodeModel RRPPrice SV7281S1Eyewear Black Lense £ 19.99£ 7.99 SV7282S1Eyewear Amber Lense £ 19.99£ 7.99 SV7284S1Eyewear # 7 Black Lense £ 19.99£ 7.99 SV7285S1Eyewear # 7 Brown Lense £ 19.99£ 7.99 EYEWEARLESS THAN HALF PRICE SURVIVOR LUGGAGE CodeModel RRPPrice SV7287S1 Cooler Bag Large£ 24.99£ 11.99 SV7288S1Deluxe Rig Wallet£ 19.99£ 9.99 SV7290S1Bivvy Pillow£ 12.99£ 5.99 SACK/ WEIGH SLING £ 7.99 ONLY RRP : £ 12.99 £ 6.99 ONLY RRP : £ 10.99 CodeModelRRPPrice LD6957S1Epic 12ft 3.5lb£ 179.99£ 89.99 LD7932S1Epic 13ft 3lb£ 179.99£ 89.99 SAVE £ 90£ 90 EPIC CARP RODS Carp rods for the most discerning of carp angler. If you aspire to own top quality rods, this is a unique opportunity. reels costing £ 100. CodeModelRRPPrice LI0984S1FD60£ 34.99£ 14.99 These Black Match reels represent an incredible bargain. With the specifi cation of match LESS THAN HALF PRICE Code BLACK SEAL FD60 REEL Tough and durable with very low battery drain makes these lanterns perfect for all anglers whether it be pleasure or barbel anglers fi shing into the night or the hard core carper looking for a bivvy lamp. FLOURESCENT LANTERN £ 9.99SP2732S1 ONLY RRP : £ 14.99 SAVE OVER 40% SAVE £ 30£ 30 POWERLINER PRO . 8 Stainless Steel bearings . 1 one- way roller bearing . 2 x cold forged Aluminium spools . Flexi line clips . Aluminium spare spool £ 49.99 ONLY RRP : £ 79.99 SV6393S1 SV6566S1 SV6567S1 SV6568S1 SV6569S1 SV6393S1£ 69.99 ONLY RRP : £ 129.99 SAVESAVE £ 60 SAVE 60£ SAVE £ 20 BUY 3 PACKS FOR £ 3 Designed to offer the angler super sharp and strong points. The name F Point is derived from the fi nal step in the hook production. At this stage the hook has a point that most of the competitors would be proud of. PLATINUM LUGGAGE SET £ 69.99 ONLY RRP : £ 179.99 SAVESAVE £ 110£ 110 GR0736S1 £ 14.99 ONLY RRP : £ 29.99 SV5779S1 SV7231S1

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 WARRIOR ZRANGER XT RANGE APPLICATION RODS CodeLengthT/ CPrice SO0006S112ft2.5lb£ 99.99 SO0007S112ft2.75lb£ 99.99 SO0008S112ft3lb£ 99.99 SO0009S112ft3.5lb£ 109.99 Sk4 carp rods are slimmer, lighter, more responsive and better specifi ed than any other carp rods on the market at this price. Period. You only need to pick one up to realise how well balanced and responsive the blank feels. Beautiful for playing fi sh, but still with plenty of ' gas in the tank' when it comes to launching a fully loaded PVA bag to the horizon. We guarantee that once you have tried them you will fi nd it diffi cult to justify spending any more on a set of carp rods. Superbly built with a careful attention to detail that typifi es the SONIK approach to rod design. * Smooth, matt grey carbon blanks with powerful casting actions. * Slim, contoured full Duplon handles for extra comfort and grip when playing fi sh. * Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo. * Custom SONIK graphite ' Soft touch' reel seat with gun smoke aluminium collars at each end. * Smooth Carbon Line Clip. * Lightweight SIC Guides - 40mm butt and 30mm rings are double legged, remainder single leg for reduced weight and improved response to the tip section. * Black whippings with best quality low build varnish fi nish. * Supplied in quality cloth bag. * Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind. * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! * Smooth matt grey high modulus carbon blanks incorporating a 1K carbon weave between the handles for extra hoop strength and durability. * Ultra slim, abbreviated handles with Japanese shrink wrap on lower handle for comfortable grip. * Gun smoke aluminium end cap, laser engraved with SONIK logo. * Genuine Fuji DNPS customised with soft touch paint for secure and comfortable grip. * Smooth carbon line clip. * Lightweight SIC Guides - 40mm & 30mm double legged, remainder single leg for improved tip response. * Supplied in quality cloth bag. * Backed up by the SONIK Product Warranty and RAPIDEX immediate replacement service for total peace of mind. * 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 4CARP RODS SK3 carp rods have powerful casting actions that are easy to compress and will therefore adapt to a wide variety of casting styles. Manufactured from the fi nest Japanese Toray carbon fi bres, the advanced tapers produce rapid ' dampening' properties to ensure long, accurate casts time after time. Having achieved over 200 yards in testing with a standard off the ground cast, they are superb, all round big pit rods that are also equally at home when playing fi sh in the margins, thanks to the forgiving tip. Available in 12' 2.5lb, 2.75lb, 3lb and 3.5lb to cover the vast majority of UK fi shing applications. CARP RODSCARP RODS CodeLengthT/ CPrice SO0010S112ft2.75lb£ 149.99 SO0011S112ft3lb£ 149.99 SO0012S112ft3.25lb£ 149.99 SO0013S112ft3.5lb£ 159.99 CARP RODS IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE CALL 01724 277 610 & WE'LL BEAT IT SUBJECT TO VERIFICATION & STOCK CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice FO3048S1Twig 6ft2.75lb£ 89.99£ 79.99 FO3049S1Stalker 9ft2.5lb£ 109.99£ 99.99 FO3003S1Stalker X 9ft2.75lb£ 119.99£ 99.99 FO3006S1Controller 11ft1.75lb£ 129.99£ 109.99 FO3004S1Controller 12ft2.25lb£ 139.99£ 114.99 All of these rods are now made with a lighter, grey blank and with the new CAD- engineered Fox FX reel seat- a huge benefi t as you have the rod in your head a lot more than when carp fi shing in the traditional manner. All three rods have a forgiving action that will allow you to use lighter hooklengths for fi shing in shallow, clear marginal water. TWIG CARP ROD STALKER CARP ROD CONTROLLER CARP ROD The Warrior Z continues the proven and incredibly popular Warrior series by providing an ' entry level' carp rod that offers amazing value for money and unparalleled performance. Featuring an abbreviated handle which uses a combination of Duplon and shrink tube to create a matt, non slip central section, the ES has the stylish looks and performance which have become synonymous with the Warrior range. Without a doubt the new Warrior Z range is THE best Warrior range to date. available now for next day delivery BEST PRICESGUARANTEED CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice FO3040S112ft2.75lb£ 59.99£ 44.99 FO3041S112ft3.00lb£ 59.99£ 44.99 FO3043S112ft Marker2.75lb£ 64.99£ 49.99 FO3042S112ft Spod5.5lb£ 64.99£ 49.99 NEW LOWER PRICES SPOD AND MARKER RODS SPECIAL OFFER CodeModelPrice SO0042S1SK3 Marker 12ft 3lb£ 99.99 SO0044S1SK4 Marker 12ft 3.5lb£ 129.99 SO0043S1SK3 Spod 12ft 4.5lb£ 99.99 SO0045S1SK4 Spod Rod 12ft 5.5lb£ 129.99 SPECIAL OFFER BUY ANY 3 RODS AND GET A MARKER OR SPOD FOR 1/ 2 PRICE The Ranger XT series has been designed to offer the angler a ' will do anything rod'. Its progressive through action means it's equally suited to targeting big carp at short range, as it is to casting a lead into the horizon. You can also see from the understated graphics, classic- style reel seat and gun- smoke grey anodised butt cap and cappings, the Ranger XT is a range of rods that look as good as they perform. . Fox's ceramic- lined braid friendly SLIKS Guides . Guide sizes: 40mm butt to 14mm tip . Slide- over joints . Understated cosmetics . Abbreviated handle . 18mm Graphite fi nish reel seat on 12ft rods . 20mm Graphite fi nish reel seat on 13ft, Spod and Marker rods . Line safe CAD- engineered line clip . Gun- smoke grey anodised butt cap and cappings . All- round, parabolic action . Six and 12 inch distance markers on Marker rod BRAND NEW FOR 2010 CodeLengthT/ CRRPPrice FO3343S112ft2.75lb£ 99.99£ 79.99 FO3344S112ft3lb£ 99.99£ 79.99 FO3345S112ftSpod£ 109.99£ 89.99 FO3346S113ftMarker£ 109.99£ 89.99 £ 79.99 FROM ONLY BUY ANY 3 RANGER XT'S FOR £ 225 excludes spod & marker SAVESAVE £ 20£ 20 Sonik SK3 and SK4 Spod and Marker rods are designed to complement the SK3 and SK4 carp rods to provide a matching set. Each rod is manufactured to the same high specifi cation as all our rods to give you many years of outstanding performance and reliability. At the price, this has to be one of the best stalker- type rods on the market today. With a superb tip- action that translates into extra power in the butt section, ideal for controlling the powerful lunges of a large fi sh at close range. Supremely adaptable, this rod is the business for snag or surface fi shing at close range, spinning, touch ledgering and a multitude of other uses. With a slim, contoured full- duplon handle, that provides a com-fortable grip in all conditions, the SIC- lined, lightweight guides are suitable for use with braid or monofi lament. MARGIN ROD 9FT 2.5LB BEST PRICESGUARANTEED £ 79.99 ONLY SO0041S1