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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK Ultra light, J shaped throwing stick with unique slimline textured handle SKYLINE & SKYRAIDER SPODS SKYLINE The Korda Mini Skyliner will deliver 2.40z of hemp when fi lled and is a scaled down version of the larger Skyliner SKYRAIDER Purpose built distance casting bait rocket which the Korda Team has designed specifi cally for spodding at ultra long range. SKYRAIDER & DROP ZONE MARKER FLOAT PACK CodeItemPrice KO0339S1SkyraiderÊPack£ 9.99 CodeItemPrice KO0352S1MKIIÊOrange£ 6.99 KO0353S1MKIIÊYellow£ 6.99 KO0354S1MiniÊOrange£ 5.99 KO0355S1MiniÊYellow£ 5.99 CodeItemPrice KO0356S1SkyraiderÊOrange£ 6.99 KO0357S1SkyraiderÊYellow£ 6.99 EAZI  STICK GreenBlackSizePrice KO0105S1KO0324S1Small£ 14.99 KO0106S1KO0325S1Medium£ 14.99 KO0107S1KO0326S1Large£ 14.99 KO0108S1KO0327S1X- Large£ 14.99 KO0109S1KO0328S1XX- Large£ 17.99 KO0110S1KO0329S1XXX- Large£ 17.99 DVD'S & BOOKS STATE OF THE ART UNDERWATER CARP FISHING The defi nitive collection of edu-cational and informative DVDs. Incredible underwater footage will literally teach you things it's taken other anglers years to learn. EVERY carp angler must watch these! State of the Art Car Fishing also available. CodeModelPrice KO0168S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ1£ 19.99 KO0175S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ2£ 19.99 KO0178S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ3£ 19.99 KO0092S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ4£ 19.99 KO0217S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ5£ 19.99 KO0284S1UnderwaterÊCarpÊ FishingÊPartÊ6£ 19.99 KO0181S1CarpÊFishingÊPartÊ1£ 20.99 KO0182S1CarpÊFishingÊPartÊ2£ 20.99 CodeItemPrice KO0361S1ThinkingÊTackleÊSeriesÊ2Ê ( 3Êdisks)£ 19.99 KO0400S1UnderwaterÊpartÊ1,2,3Ê& Ê ThinkingÊTackleÊp1£ 39.99 KO0393S1CompleteÊguide/ holidayÊcarpÊ( softÊback)£ 9.99 KO0392S1CompleteÊguide/ holidayÊcarpÊ( DVDÊ& ÊBook)£ 19.99 KO0413S1ThinkingÊTackleÊSeriesÊ3Ê ( 3Êdisks)£ 19.99 KO0431S1KordaÊAliÊHamidiÊCarpÊ FishingÊMasterclassÊDVD£ 14.99 £ £ THINKING TACKLE SERIES 4  3 DISKS  £ £ £ FUNNEL WEB PVA SYSTEM CodeModelPrice KO0013S1PVAÊSystem£ 9.99 KO0345S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 5m£ 5.99 KO0347S14 Season Micromesh Refi ll 5m£ 5.99 KO0344S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 20m£ 19.99 KO0346S14 Season Micromesh Refi ll 20m£ 19.99 BOILIE FUNNEL WEB PVA SYSTEM CodeModelPrice KO0088S1PVAÊSystem£ 9.99 KO0332S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 5m£ 5.99 KO0334S14 Season Micromesh Refi ll 5m£ 5.99 KO0331S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 20m£ 19.99 KO0333S14 Season Micromesh Refi ll 20m£ 19.99 LONGCHUCK FUNNEL WEB PVA SYSTEM CodeModelPrice KO0176S1PVAÊSystem£ 9.99 KO0341S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 5m£ 5.99 KO0340S14 Season Hexmesh Refi ll 20m£ 19.99 ' TONE ON TONE' BASEBALL CAP CodeColourÊÊÊSize KO0427S1GreenÊÊSmall KO0428S1GreenÊÊLarge KO0429S1BrownÊÊSmall KO0430S1BrownÊÊLarge ADRENA  LINE CodeSizePrice KO0362S110LB£ 17.99 KO0363S112LB£ 17.99 KO0364S115LB£ 17.99 KO0365S118LB£ 17.99 1000M 250M CodeSizePrice KO0366S110LB£ 5.99 KO0367S112LB£ 5.99 KO0368S115LB£ 5Ê. 99 Price £ £ £ Adrena- Line casting mono combines extreme suppleness with a level of toughness and dura-bility that would normally only be associated with coarse, wiry lines that are diffi cult to work with. PVA SYSTEMSKorda was the fi rst company to bring anglers the funnel web concept. They have now redesigned the full range to make them more ' carpy' and more economical without compromising the price. Each system now has 7 metres of PVA, a new moulded outer tube with a special quick turn thread on the cap. Included is a new look Kompressa, with a soft touch handle. DROP ZONE MARKER FLOAT Korda Drop Zone marker fl oats have been specifi cally designed to offer a robust and buoyant fl oat that will cope with the demands of the modern day carp angler. DROP ZONE MARKER FLOAT STEM Pack of two purpose made injection moulded bouyant stems to keep your marker fl oat clear of weed. DROP ZONE MARKER FLOAT KIT CLOTHING HEADWEAR POLO SHIRTS TERMINAL TACKLE31 FEEDER SPREAD ' EM PVA TAPE £ 3.99 KO0015S1 Holds baits apart. 5m dispenser. PVA STRING HEAVY £ 4.99KO0126S1 . 15m dispenser. KWIK MELT 10MM PVA TAPE £ 4.50 . 20m dispenser. CodeModel KO0197S110mmÊ20m KO0268S15mmÊ40m IQ  THE INTELLIGENT HOOKLINK MATERIAL Fluorocarbon that has passed demanding fi eld testing. Better anti- tangle and anti- eject properties and almost invisible. £ 8.99 only ARMA  KORD Abrasion resistant braided leader. 20m dispenser. CodeModel KO0163S130lb KO0164S150lb£ 13.99 SUPERNATURAL CodeModel KO0351S118lbÊWeedyÊGreen KO0350S118lbÊGravelÊBrown The perfect hooklink for a supple presentation and its true colour gives superb bottom camouglage. £ 9.99 HYBRID SOFT CodeModel KO0337S120lbÊWeedyÊGreen KO0338S120lbÊGravelÊBrown£ 12.99 Ideal for all carp fi shing situations, espe-cially when fi shing over weed and silt as it follows the contours of the lake bed. XTRA TOUGH SHOCKLEADER HIGHLY ABRASIVE LINE CodeModel KO0024S120lb KO0025S130lb£ 5.99 Highly abrasive resistant line in low visibility colour 90m spools. BarbedB/ LessSize KO0145S1KO0150S12 KO0146S1KO0151S14 KO0147S1KO0152S16 KO0148S1KO0153S18 KO0149S1KO0154S110 KO0285S1KO0286S112 £ 3.99 HYBRID WIDE GAPE HOOKS HYBRID LONGSHANK £ 3.80 per 10 pack £ 9.99 KO0307S1 £ 6.99 KO0390S1 £ 10.99 KO0391S1 The new Korda Drop Zone Marker fl oat kit contains the fl oat, marker stem, beads with 3oz and 4oz probe marker leads. Basically it has everything that you will need for feature fi nding. L/ SÊXSSize KO0140S12 KO0141S14 KO0142S16 KO0143S18 KO0144S110 KO0288S112 £ 3.99 HYBRID KURV SHANK BarbedB/ LessSize KO0369S1KO0374S12 KO0370S1KO0375S14 KO0371S1KO0376S16 KO0372S1KO0377S18 KO0373S1KO0394S110 HYBRID ' CHODDY" BarbedB/ LessSize KO0378S1KO0384S12 KO0379S1KO0385S14 KO0380S1KO0386S16 KO0381S1KO0387S18 KO0382S1KO0388S110 KO0383S1KO0389S112 CodeModel KO0016S120mm KO0017S125mm £ 14.99 Model 20mm 25mm £ 5.99 KO0263S1 EMBROIDERED BASEBALL CAP £ 5.99 KO0330S1 £ 5.99 From only £ 5.99 From only £ 5.99 From only CodeModelPrice KO0021S110lbÊxÊ20mm£ 8.99 KO0022S116lbÊxÊ20mm£ 8.99 KO0091S120lbÊxÊ20mm£ 8.99 KO0023S125lbÊxÊ20mm£ 8.99 KO0232S1Ex. ÊSoftÊ10lb£ 8.99 KO0233S1Ex. ÊSoftÊ12lb£ 8.99 KO0234S1Ex. ÊSoftÊ15lb£ 8.99 KO0235S1Ex. ÊSoftÊ20lb£ 8.99 £ 3.80 per 10 pack £ 3.99 £ 3.80 per 10 pack £ 3.99 £ 3.80 per 10 pack £ 19.99 KO0434S1 Sky sports highly acclaimed Season 4 of " thinking tackle" is a DVD that will give any carp angler hours of entertainment. RIG TOOLZ CodeModelPrice KO0270S1StrippaÊtool£ 5.99 KO0271S1Pulla£ 3.80 KO0272S1HeavyÊlatchÊneedle£ 2.50 KO0273S1FineÊlatchÊneedle£ 2.50 KO0274S1HeavyÊStickÊNeedle£ 2.80 KO0275S1BraidedÊHairÊneedle£ 2.50 KO0308S1SplicingÊNeedle£ 2.50 KO0349S1Razorblades£ 4.99 KO0279S1HybridÊbaitÊstops£ 1.99 From only£ 1.99 CodeModelPrice KO0276S1ExtendaÊStopsÊSmall£ 1.99 KO0277S1ExtendaÊStopsÊMedium£ 1.99 KO0278S1ExtendaÊStopsÊLarge£ 1.99 READY  TIED CARP RIGS CodeModelSizePrice KO0418S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊ6£ 2.30 KO0419S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊ8£ 2.30 KO0420S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊ10£ 2.30 KO0421S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊBarblessÊ6£ 2.30 KO0422S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊBarbless8£ 2.30 KO0423S1BraidÊWideÊGapeÊBarbless10£ 2.30 KO0424S1IQÊF/ CarbonÊLongshankÊXÊ66£ 2.30 KO0425S1IQÊF/ CarbonÊLongshankÊXÊ88£ 2.30 KO0426S1IQÊF/ CarbonÊLongshankÊXÊ1010£ 2.30 For instant carping and instant results, you just have to try these Ready- Tied Carp Rigs. Designed and tied to perfection, the most experienced of anglers will have no problem in incorporating them into their angling. SINKERS £ 2.50 Ultra smooth nylon ring to improve bite indication. Should it become snagged, the backlead will release. 3 per pack. CodeModel KO0018S10.5oz KO0019S11oz KO0020S11.5oz£ 4.50 CodeSize KO0264S14g KO0265S15g KO0266S17.5g . Pack of 6 MAGGOT CLIPS CodeSize KO0252S1XS KO0003S1S KO0133S1M KO0159S1L Designed for the easy attachment of maggots. INTELLIGENT BACKLEADS SAFEZONE FLYING BACKLEADS£ 5.50£ 3.80

32TERMINAL TACKLEORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 CodeModelPrice FO2196S1RigÊBoard£ 6.99 FO2195S1RigÊBoardÊSet£ 24.99 FO3194S1StorageÊBox£ 6.99 FO2188S1LineÊDispenser£ 3.99 CodeModelPrice AFO2162S1SystemÊLge£ 14.99 FO2163S1SystemÊMed£ 9.99 BFO2165S1SystemÊ2ÊComp.£ 4.99 F. Boxes F. BOX ACCESSORIES The classic modular format has been redesigned and restyled as the F- box with genuine improvements including waterproof rubber seals, non- mix compartments, super strong hinges, reliable slide closure and practical ergonomic styling. Features a deep main compartment and a second shallower overfl ow compartment. With two shallow and two deep dividers. Set comes with everything pictured, including: 2x spool dispensers, 8+ 6+ 4 compart-ment boxes, 2x fl ip- top boxes & an 2x shallow boxes & much more. DELUXE MEDIUM DBL DELUXE LARGE DBL Large double sided design with one deep and one shallow compartment to maximise space. Adjustable com-partments using supplied dividers. Set comes with everything pictured, including: 5x spool dispensers, 2x 8 compartment boxes, 2x fl ip- top boxes & 2x rig boards. A smaller, more compact model designed to accommodate rig dispensers and smaller F Boxes. Supplied with three dividers. Set comes as pictured, including: 2x spool dispensers, 8 compartment box & more. DELUXE MEDIUM SGL DELUXE LARGE SGL Single sided design to take the full range of smaller F Boxes and rig boards. Sup-plied with dividers. Set comes as pictured, including: 5x spool dispensers, 2x 8 compartment boxes, 2x rig boards CodeModelRRPPrice& much more. FO2172S1DeluxeÊSet£ 94.99£ 84.99 FO2176S1BoxÊonly/£ 29.99The original has become standard kit for specialist anglers. Handy storage boxes and dispensers which fi t snuggly into the F. Boxes. SYSTEM BOXES CodeModelPrice FO2198S1RigÊRackÊSgl£ 11.99 FO2199S1RigÊRackÊMulti£ 11.99 FO2197S1RigÊRackÊSgl/ Multi£ 11.99 FO2200S1RigÊRackÊSetÊofÊ3£ 29.99 CodeModelPrice CFO2168S1SystemÊ8ÊComp.£ 4.99 DFO2164S1SystemÊFullÊComp.£ 4.99 EFO2169S1SystemÊFlipÊTop£ 3.99 FFO2170S1SystemÊRigÊBoard£ 4.99 GFO2171S1SystemÊDisp. Ê& Êspool£ 3.50 CodeModelRRPPrice FO2173S1DeluxeÊSet£ 64.99£ 57.99 FO2177S1BoxÊonly/£ 24.99 CodeModelRRPPrice FO2174S1DeluxeÊSet£ 74.99£ 64.99 FO2178S1BoxÊonly/£ 24.99 CodeModelRRPPrice FO2175S1DeluxeÊSet£ 39.99£ 34.99 FO2179S1BoxÊonly/£ 16.99 LEADS WeightSwivelInlinePrice 1.25ozÊ( 35g) FO2339S1FO2350S1£ 1.35 1.75ozÊ( 50g) FO2340S1FO2351S1£ 1.35 2.25ozÊ( 64g) FO2341S1FO2352S1£ 1.40 2.75ozÊ( 78g) FO2342S1FO2353S1£ 1.40 3ozÊ( 85g) FO2343S1FO2354S1£ 1.55 3.25ozÊ( 92g) FO2344S1FO2355S1£ 1.55 3.75ozÊ( 108g) FO2345S1FO2356S1£ 1.55 4ozÊ( 113g) FO2346S1FO2357S1£ 1.65 4.25ozÊ( 121g) FO2347S1FO2358S1£ 1.65 4.75ozÊ( 135g) FO2348S1FO2359S1£ 1.65 5ozÊ( 142g) FO2349S1FO2360S1£ 1.75 FLAT PEAR LEADS WeightSwivelInlinePrice 2.25ozÊ( 64g) FO2383S1FO2392S1£ 1.35 2.75ozÊ( 78g) FO2384S1FO2393S1£ 1.35 3ozÊ( 85g) FO2385S1FO2394S1£ 1.50 3.25ozÊ( 92g) FO2386S1FO2395S1£ 1.50 3.75ozÊ( 108g) FO2387S1FO2396S1£ 1.50 4ozÊ( 113g) FO2388S1FO2397S1£ 1.60 4.25ozÊ( 121g) FO2389S1FO2398S1£ 1.60 4.75ozÊ( 135g) FO2390S1FO2399S1£ 1.60 5ozÊ( 142g) FO2391S1FO2400S1£ 1.70 HORIZON LEADS The fl attened profi le provides stability which prevents rolling on uneven or sloping lake beds and increases rig effi ciency. WeightSwivelInlinePrice 2.25ozÊ( 64g) FO2401S1FO2411S1£ 1.40 2.75ozÊ( 78g) FO2402S1FO2412S1£ 1.40 3ozÊ( 85g) FO2403S1FO2413S1£ 1.50 3.25ozÊ( 92g) FO2404S1FO2414S1£ 1.50 3.75ozÊ( 106g) FO2405S1FO2415S1£ 1.50 4ozÊ( 113g) FO2406S1FO2416S1£ 1.60 4.25ozÊ( 121g) FO2407S1FO2417S1£ 1.60 4.75ozÊ( 135g) FO2408S1FO2418S1£ 1.60 5ozÊ( 142g) FO2409S1FO2419S1£ 1.70 6ozÊ( 170g) FO2410S1FO2420S1£ 1.90 8ozÊ( 225g) FO2514S1FO2771S1£ 2.30 KLING ON LEADS Fox Kling- Ons have been CAD designed for optimum performance. Both sides of the lead are textured and feature pronounced studs which grip just about any type of bottom. WARRIOR READY MADE CARP RIGS Using Fox quality components throughout for complete piece of mind. CodeTypeSz FO2822S115lbÊMono4 FO2823S112lbÊMono6 FO2824S112lbÊMono8 FO2825S120lbÊBraid4 FO2826S115lbÊBraid6 FO2827S115lbÊBraid8 WARRIOR SERIES 1WARRIOR SERIES 1BWARRIOR CodeSize FO0453S11 FO0454S12 FO0455S14 FO0456S16 FO0457S18 FO1378S110 CodeSize FO1383S14 FO1140S16 FO1384S18 FO1385S110 CodeSize FO0443S11 FO0444S12 FO0445S14 FO0446S16 FO0447S18 FO0448S110 CodeSize FO1401S14 FO1402S16 FO1403S18 CodeSize FO1386S14 FO1387S16 FO1388S18  10 HOOKS PER PACK  RRP: £ 3.25 FOX SERIES 2FOX SERIES 2 BARBLESS FOX SERIES 2 X  STRONG FOX SERIES X  STRONG B/ LESS FOX SERIES 5 WARRIOR SERIES 2WARRIOR SERIES 2B ALL HOOKS ONLY £ 2.30 EACH ALL RIGS ONLY £ 1.80 EACH CodeTypeSz FO2828S115lbÊMono4 FO2829S112lbÊMono6 FO2830S112lbÊMono8 FO2831S120lbÊBraid4 FO2832S115lbÊBraid6 FO2833S115lbÊBraid8 CodeTypeSz FO2834S115lbÊMono4 FO2835S112lbÊMono6 FO2836S112lbÊMono8 FO2837S125lbÊBraid4 FO2838S115lbÊBraid6 FO2839S115lbÊBraid8 CodeTypeSz FO2840S115lbÊMono4 FO2841S112lbÊMono6 FO2842S112lbÊMono8 FO2843S125lbÊBraid4 FO2844S115lbÊBraid6 FO2845S115lbÊBraid8 MAGGOT CLIPS COMPLETE GUIDE TO CARP FISHING BOOK The Fox Complete Guide to Carp Fishing is a wealth of information for beginners and experienced carpers alike! CodeItemPrice FO2247S1WeedÊMarker£ 6.99 FO2248S1HorizonÊMarkers£ 6.99 FO2645S1HorizonÊMarkerÊXL£ 8.99 FO2249S1MicroÊMarkersÊ( 3Êcol. Êpk)£ 5.99 FO2529S12ozÊMicroÊMarkerÊKit£ 13.99 FO3259S1ExocetÊMarker£ 6.50 FO2266S1ExocetÊMarkerÊKitÊ3oz£ 13.99 FO3258S1ExocetÊMarkerÊKitÊ4oz£ 14.99 KITS CONTAIN: . 3x Micro markers or . Horizon Marker Float & 3 fl ights . 1x Slik ring . 1x Rubber stop bead . 2x Speed links . Explorer lead . Explorer lead & stem From only CodeItemPrice FO2511S1TB1ÊSpod£ 7.99 FO0173S1TB2ÊStubby£ 7.99 FO2783S1TB3ÊCompact£ 8.99 FO3356S1ExocetÊdualÊspodÊsmall£ 8.99 FO3357S1ExocetÊdualÊspodÊlarge£ 9.99 Awesome new spods from Fox. Fully adjustable to control spillage. The most versatile spods available. MARKERS & KITSTB SPODS £ 6.50 FO2845S115lbÊBraid Price £ £ £ 17.99 FO2988S1 CodeSize FO3117S16 FO3118S18 FO3119S110 FO3120S112 10 per pack. £ 3.50 FOR ALL FOX PRODUCTS GO TO WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK Tapered shape of the Horizon gives smooth water entry with little disturbance, making it ideal in the lighter sizes for use on smaller venues. Carp catapults feature soft touch rubber inserts in the handle and are ergonomically shaped to fi t comfortably in the palm of the hand. Elastics exit via the top of the frame so they can be fi red from either side. All pouches are highly durable and designed to introduce specifi c baits with precision and accuracy. The new spares kits offer excellent value coming complete with elastic and pouch. MEDIUM MULTI CATAPULT  50M  £ 8.99 FO2943S1 DISTANCE / BOILIE CATAPULT  100m  £ 8.99 FO2944S1 METHOD CATAPULT  80M  £ 8.99 FO2945S1 PELLET/ PARTICLE CATAPULT £ 8.99 FO2946S1 TO SEE ALL OUR TERMINAL VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK CATAPULTS A B C D E F G BFO2165S1SystemÊ2ÊComp. SystemÊRigÊBoard Êspool SystemÊDisp. FO2247S1 FO2248S1 FO2645S1 FO2249S1 FO2529S1 FO3259S1 FO2266S1 Size PELLET PEGS CodeSize FO3126S111mm FO3127S113mm FO3128S121mm 2 per pack £ 2.50 NEEDLE SET £ 7.50 Triple needle set to cover all baiting options. SLIDERS Tapered weights which fi t on the mainline and slide backwards to the cast. £ 7.50 FO3154S1 DOWN RIGGER BACK LEADS CodeSize FO3147S121gÊxÊ3 FO3148S143gÊxÊ3 £ 5.50 FO2265S1 NEW 2010