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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK TERMINAL TACKLE READY MADE RIGS CASTING GLOVE Another Gardner fi rst - this dedicated casting glove has been specially designed for spod casting, braid users and long range casting with fifi xed spool reels. ADVANCED CARP EQUIPMENTFOR THE FULL RANGE VISIT : WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK Camo Core is a highly abrasion resistant hooklink material ideal for making all ' combi link' rigs as well as being used ' un- stripped' creating a semi rigid hooklink. Displaying superb knot strength, this fast sinking coated hooklink can be easily knotted without damaging the outer coating and features a multi colour core which ' breaks up' it's profi le on the bottom making it much harder to see! £ 11.99 only £ 5.99 only £ 5.99 only £ 9.99 only CodeModelPrice GA0171S1Std£ 2.80 GA0022S1XL£ 3.50 Extra Long version of ' old faithful', the Braided Hair Needle. Possibly the safest baiting needle to use, these needles have become an iconic piece of carp angling hardware. StandardÊ Barbed StandardÊ Barbless CovertÊ Barbed CovertÊ BarblessSze GA0478S1GA0480S1GA0400S1GA0405S14 GA0194S1GA0197S1GA0401S1GA0406S16 GA0195S1GA0198S1GA0402S1GA0407S18 GA0196S1GA0199S1GA0398S1GA0403S110 GA0479S1GA0481S1GA0399S1GA0404S112 £ 3.75£ 4.50£ 3.75£ 4.50 StandardÊ Barbed StandardÊ Barbless CovertÊ Barbed CovertÊ BarblessSze GA0391S1GA0395S1// 4 GA0392S1GA0396S1GA0482S1GA0485S16 GA0393S1GA0397S1GA0483S1GA0486S18 GA0390S1GA0394S1GA0484S1GA0487S110 £ 3.75£ 4.50£ 3.75£ 4.50 StandardÊ Barbed StandardÊ Barbless CovertÊ Barbed CovertÊ BarblessSze GA0488S1GA0490S1GA0377S1GA0381S14 GA0190S1GA0192S1GA0378S1GA0382S16 GA0191S1GA0193S1GA0379S1GA0383S18 GA0489S1GA0491S1GA0376S1GA0380S110 £ 3.75£ 4.50£ 3.75£ 4.50 StandardÊ Barbed StandardÊ Barbless CovertÊ Barbed CovertÊ BarblessSze GA0492S1GA0498S1// 2 GA0493S1GA0499S1GA0411S1GA0416S14 GA0494S1GA0500S1GA0412S1GA0417S16 GA0495S1GA0501S1GA0413S1GA0418S18 GA0496S1GA0502S1GA0409S1GA0414S110 GA0497S1GA0503S1GA0410S1GA0415S112 £ 3.75£ 4.50£ 3.75£ 4.50 StandardÊ Barbed StandardÊ Barbless CovertÊ Barbed CovertÊ BarblessSze GA0504S1GA0508S1GA0420S1GA0424S14 GA0505S1GA0509S1GA0421S1GA0425S16 GA0506S1GA0510S1GA0422S1GA0426S18 GA0507S1GA0511S1GA0419S1GA0423S110 £ 3.75£ 4.50£ 3.75£ 4.50 WIDE GAPE TALON TIP The extended gape of the hook increases the hooking power even more, making it deadly in the modern rigs of today. BarbedBarblessSze GA0385S1GA0388S16 GA0386S1GA0389S18 GA0384S1GA0387S110 £ 2.30£ 2.30 BarbedBarblessSze GA0466S1GA0470S16 GA0466S1GA0468S18 GA0466S1GA0469S110 £ 2.30£ 2.30 STIFF SKIN RIG By ' kicking' the bait out using the very latest hi- tech hooklink, the Stiff Skin Rig is designed to snare even the wariest Carp. BarbedBarblessSze GA0408S1/ 4 GA0278S1GA0288S16 GA0289S1GA0290S18 £ 2.30£ 2.30 CHOD RIG Fishing with a Chod Rig is a supremely versatile method, ideal for present-ing hook baits over a vast number of different lake and river beds. MAG  ALIGNER RIG BarbedBarblessSze GA0285S1GA0286S112 £ 2.30£ 2.30 The Mag- Aligner Rig incorporates Size 12 Mugga Hooks with an Enterprise Mag- Aligner Grub threaded and orientated to ensure positive and secure hook holds. PELLET RIGAMBUSH RIG A classic combi- rig, using the legendary, ever- reliable, Mugga hook/ knotless knot combination. BarbedBarblessSze GA0358S1GA0362S14 GA0359S1GA0363S16 GA0360S1GA0364S18 GA0357S1GA0361S110 £ 1.99£ 1.99 BarbedBarblessSze GA0447S1GA0449S16 GA0448S1GA0480S18 £ 2.30£ 2.30 BrownChodGravelWeight GA0436S1GA0437S1GA0438S10.5oz GA0439S1GA0440S1GA0441S11oz GA0433S1GA0434S1GA0435S11.5oz GA0442S1GA0443S1GA0444S12oz Pyramid shaped with a fl at bottom featuring our unique safety back lead clip. * One handed attachment to your line. * Stays on the line whilst you land the fi sh. * Clip is designed to release from the lead if it becomes snagged WeedGravelSiltWeight AC0029S1AC0032S1AC0035S115lb AC0030S1AC0033S1AC0036S120lb AC0031S1AC0034S1AC0037S125lb £ 11.99£ 11.99£ 11.99 CodeModel AC0038S1WeedÊ25m AC0039S1GravelÊ25m AC0040S1SiltÊ25m Featuring a high density lead core that lays hard on the lake bed reducing the chance of spooking any carp moving or feeding in and around your rig. Displaying a high abrasion resistance, its tri tone weave provides excellent camoufl age making it very unobtrusive! CodeModelPrice AC0102S1Clear£ 1.99 AC0103S1Yellow£ 1.99 AC0104S1Orange£ 1.99 AC0105S1Pink£ 1.99 AC0107S1Red£ 1.99 AC0107S1Brown£ 1.99 ABC DEF GHI TERMINAL TACKLE35 MUGGA This pattern has a proven track record for nailing wary feeding fi sh and then staying in them all the way to the angler's net. LONGSHANK MUGGA There is no doubt that lengthening the shank of a hook increases its hooking potential. CovertÊCovertÊ INCIZOR A superbly versatile shape, the Incizor has proven extremely reliable for use in a huge number of angling situations. TALON TIP The Talon pattern is less prone to the point being damaged by touching stones than straight point hooks. CHOD SKIN RIG 25lb Chod Skin is the ultimate colour disguise hooklink. The subtle camo fl eck of the brown inner braid and superb low visibility dark olive outer ensure unparalleled presentation in various situations. BRAIDED HAIR NEEDLES CodeColourPrice GA0291S1Grey£ 7.50 GA0293S1Brown£ 7.50 GA0292S1Green£ 7.50 Critical Mass Putty has been developed to have the maximum stickiness making it easy to use whatever the temperature. With a super high density Tungsten formula ( so you don't need to use much), it is ideal for fi ne tuning and balancing a neutral density presentation. CRITICAL MASS PUTTY CodeSizePrice GA0244S12ft£ 2.30 GA0245S13ft£ 2.30 GA0246S14ft£ 2.30 Ready spliced links made from 25lb ( 11.4k) Plummet Leadcore. The splices are seamless and are spot- glued for added security. Available in 3 colours, they have proven an asset to anglers that want the convenience of having pre- spliced leaders ready made as well as the security offered by a professionally tied loop. READY LEADCORE TIED LEADERS Can be used in any angling situation but particularly lends itself to fi shing in clear water as its refractive index is almost identical to that of water making it almost invisible. CodeModelPrice GA0276S1BlackÊ20g£ 2.99 GA0003S1YellowÊ40g£ 2.99 GA0004S1RedÊ70g£ 2.99 GA0277S1WhiteÊ100g£ 2.99 Another Gardner invention. The line twist remover that really works. Simply attach a Spin- Doctor to your line when line twist gets bad, cast out, and the Spin- Doctor will remove the twists as you wind back. SPIN DOCTOR Price £ £ £ £ TEXTURED CAMO COATING POWDER CodeModelPrice GA0374S1Green£ 4.99 GA0375S1Sand£ 4.99 GA0373S1Brown£ 4.99 GA0372S1Black£ 4.99 The easy way to customise your own camo leads ( and non- toxic weights). Creates a rock hard and durable, sand- textured matt coating for ultimate camouflfl age! DROP OUT BACK LEADS . Formed from toughened, high visibility, fl uorescent orange, moulded plastic. . The H- Blok comes supplied with 70ft ( 22m) of strong line attached to a foldable lead strip. . Simply drop the weight off the H- Blok and the line will automatically unwind off the fl oat until the lead reaches the bottom, ensuring the marker is always fi xed at the correct depth. H  BLOK MARKERS CodeModelPrice GA0178H- Blok£ 7.99 GA0283MiniÊH- Blok£ 3.99 flfl CAMERA ADAPTER £ 4.99 ONLY GA0007S1 Converts a bankstick or tripod into a simple photographic stand. Ideal for those tricky self- take shots. RIG BIN £ 6.99 ONLY GA0032S1 Rig Bin/ Trace Holder, store made up rigs of all kinds from a wire trace to a multistrand hooklink. BAITING SPOON £ 7.99 ONLY GA0259S1 Large Baiting Spoon that can be screwed into a landing net handle for all short to medium range work. CodeModelPrice GA0279S1LeftÊHand£ 7.99 GA0278S1RightÊHand£ 7.99 CAMO COREHARD ON CAMO LEADCOREBAITING TOOLS & ACCESSORIES CodeModelPrice AAC0053S1StringerÊneedle£ 2.99 BAC0054S1HeavyÊlipÊcloseÊneedle£ 2.50 CAC0055S1BraidÊ& ÊhardÊbaitÊneedle£ 2.99 DAC0056S1FineÊlipÊclose/ splicing£ 2.50 EAC0057S1StickÊandÊstringÊneedle£ 2.99 FAC0131S1Maggot & ultra fi ne bait£ 2.99 GAC0126S1BaitÊdrill£ 3.99 HAC0099S1Strip- eaze£ 4.50 IAC0137S1MultiÊpull£ 4.50 BOILIE STOPS CodeModelPrice AC0108S1Clear£ 1.99 AC0109S1Yellow£ 1.99 AC0110S1Orange£ 1.99 AC0111S1Pink£ 1.99 AC0112S1Red£ 1.99 AC0113S1Brown£ 1.99 BOILIE HAIR EXTENDERS CodeModelPrice AC0123S1Weed£ 5.50 AC0124S1Gravel£ 5.50 AC0125S1Silt£ 5.50 ANTI  TANGLE LEAD CLIP RIGS CodeModelPrice AC0044S1Weed£ 5.50 AC0045S1Gravel£ 5.50 AC0046S1Silt£ 5.50 HARD ON CAMO LEADCORE LEADERS CodeModelPrice AC0095S1Weed£ 3.99 AC0096S1Gravel£ 3.99 AC0097S1Silt£ 3.99 LEAD CLIPS CodeModelPrice AC0128S1Weed£ 2.99 AC0129S1Gravel£ 2.99 AC0130S1Silt£ 2.99 LEAD CLIPS TAIL RUBBERS FLYING BACKLEADS AC0098S1 DISCOVERY MARKER FLOAT AC0101S1 CodeSizePrice AC0058S18£ 2.99 AC0059S110£ 2.99 AC0060S111£ 2.99 SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0061S120£ 2.99 MINI RIG SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0062S18£ 3.50 AC0063S110£ 3.50 AC0064S111£ 3.50 FLEXI RING SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0065S18£ 4.50 AC0066S110£ 4.50 QC SWIVELS CYCLOPS HELICOPTER SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0067S120£ 2.99 QC CYCLOPS HELICOPTER SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0068S120£ 4.50 CodeSizePrice AC0069S18£ 5.50 AC0070S110£ 5.50 QC FLEXI RING SWIVELS CodeSizePrice AC0071S18£ 3.50 AC0072S110£ 3.50 KWIK CLIPS £ 4.99 ONLY £ 2.30 ONLY £ 2.30 ONLY £ 2.30 ONLY £ 2.30 ONLY£ 2.30 ONLY£ 1.99 ONLY 10 PER PACK 20 PER PACK10 PER PACK10 PER PACK10 PER PACK 10 PER PACK 10 PER PACK 20 PER PACK 10 PER PACK10 PER PACK 10 PER PACK 3 PER PACK 10 PER PACK10 PER PACK6 PER PACK 3 PER PACK

mergermarket: Why does Lyceum include the UK's Support Services industry amongst its key investment sectors? Dan Adler: The chief attraction of the sector is that it's one of the few areas in the UK economy with long- term underlying growth opportunities. There are many small but highly innovative businesses out there which, with our financial and operational backing, are in a prime position to make the most of the growth and development potential which exists. With the right platform firm, the highly fragmented nature of the sector presents significant consolidation opportunities. Through a focused acquisition programme it's possible to build a suite of complementary services which can be marketed to the same customer base - significantly boosting organic growth and creating a strategically valuable target for trade acquirers. mergermarket: What does Lyceum look for in UK's Support Services businesses? DA: When researching a sector we undertake in- depth analysis on the market structure, competitive landscape, prospects and economic drivers to gain a clear understanding of current and future growth trends. We examine individual businesses operating in that industry and identify those which are best positioned to act as a solid base from which to build a diverse portfolio of services, target new areas of the sector and support rapid and large scale growth. We also look at the management team to see if it has the qualities needed to drive this expansion and whether the business critical infrastructure and systems are in place to appropriately scale the company. Naturally, we also look at what exit opportunities are likely to be open to us in the future as this shapes our entire investment strategy. The fund has a strong track record in the Support Services sector for executing considered consolidation strategies and successfully exiting portfolio companies via trade sales - all of which are key elements of private equity activity in the sector and are mentioned in this report. Size- wise, Lyceum Capital's sweet spot is in the lower mid- market, investing between £ 5- 30 million of equity in deals with typical enterprise values of £ 10- 75 million. It has a £ 255 million fund, the majority of which is available for investment. Currently, its portfolio consists of Synexus, a business which provides fully outsourced clinical trials for global pharmaceutical companies; McKinnon & Clarke, one of the largest energy procurement and compliance specialists in Europe; UKDN, the largest drainage claims manager in the home insurance market; Carewatch, a domiciliary care services provider; and Fox IT, an IT service management and governance firm. All portfolio businesses are UK- based. Dan Adler is a Partner at growth investor Lyceum Capital, where he is responsible for sourcing and executing investment opportunities. mergermarket: How does Lyceum go about identifying targets? DA: We use two approaches. We, of course, work with a network of intermediaries, but we also have an internal origination team. Those two combined throw up plenty of attractive investment opportunities. mergermarket: What kind of strategies does Lyceum pursue after acquisition? DA: There are three key strategies we pursue. Firstly, we pursue organic growth via pure business development, such as launching new product lines or expanding into untapped markets. Secondly, we look at business improvement initiatives from a genuinely commercial point of view. Finally we look for buy- and- build opportunities which will deliver significant and sustainable growth. mergermarket: In what ways have/ will private equity deals in the Support Services sector change due to the global financial crisis? DA: Leverage has become an increasingly scarce commodity, however a sensible amount of debt is still available for good deals. The lack of debt lead to a hiatus in dealmaking during 2009, but we can see signs of recovery, and there is no shortage of appetite for the right asset at the right price. mergermarket: What benefits do private equity backers offer of UK Support Services vis- à- vis trade buyers? DA: Private equity backing of a Support Services business gives the firm an unparalleled focus on growth and maximising returns. Financial buyers have extensive experience of doing just that, and that experience is entirely at the disposal of its portfolio company. Executing successful buy- and- build strategies is just one example of how that focus can be turned into real returns on investment. An interview with Dan Adler, partner at growth investor Lyceum Capital 26 Private equity in the Support Services sector ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPECIAL OFFER RUCKSACKS Two new high quality rucksacks manufactured from 2400 denier fabric. Featuring elasticated hood with drawstring, lifting hoop, all in one waterproof cover integrated into zipped pouch, extra thick padded waist belt with adjustable straps allowing for even weight distribution SPEND £ 50 ON CARP LUGGAGE AND ITS POST FREE!! POST FREEFREE £ 79.99 ONLY RRP:£ 99.99 £ 54.99 ONLY RRP:£ 69.99 £ 99.99 ONLY 36LUGGAGE WARRIOR LUGGAGE 3 ROD 12FT HOLDALL FO3098S1 Designed to hold 3 rods made- up with reels, with extra internal space for a further 3 un- made rods, Internal padding to protect rods during transportation, Internal pouch for safe storage of reels Constructed from tough PVC- backed water repellent 1200 Denier polyester. External space for 4 rods made- up with reels, Comes supplied with two 12ft protective rod jackets, ¾ length zipped main compartment accommodates brolly/ shelter, Constructed from tough PVC- backed water repellent 1200 Denier polyester 4 ROD 12FT QUIVER  INC 2 SLEEVES  CodeModelRRPPrice FO3099S1QuiverÊCombo£ 114.99£ 99.99 FO3100S1Single12ftÊSleeve/£ 24.99 12FT TRI SLEEVE Internal space for three rods made- up with reels, Internal padding for safe transportation, Full- length zip, External compartment for banksticks, Velcro loop for securing landing net pole FO3101S1 FO3103S1 80 litre capacity, Ideal session carryall LARGE CARRYALL FO3104S1FO3102S1 128 litre capacity, Ideal long session carryall XL CARRYALL 56 litre capacity, Perfect short session or spares carryall MEDIUM CARRYALLCARRYALLCARRYALL 40L RUCKSACK Ideal for the mobile angler, Ergonomically designed with breathe easy padded shoulder straps and back support, 40 litre main body capacity. FO3105S1 BAIT BAG Large external front pocket, Two side pockets for extra storage, 2 x removable, insulated, internal linings for keeping frozen baits fresh, Zip- up top pocket with 8 PVC wallets. FO3106S1 LEADS & BITS BAGS Versatile storage for different size and shape leads. FO3108S1 STIFF RIG WALLET Offering neat, space effi cient rig and terminal tackle storage. £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 32.99 4 ROD QUIVER FO3353S1 External space for 4 rods made- up with reels, Comes supplied with two 12ft protective rod jackets, ¾ length zipped main compartment accommodates brolly/ shelter, Constructed from tough PVC-backed water repellent 1200 Denier polyester £ 39.99 ONLY RRP:£ 49.99 £ 49.99 ONLY RRP:£ 59.99 £ 34.99 ONLY RRP:£ 44.99 £ 29.99 ONLY RRP:£ 36.99 £ 39.99 ONLY RRP:£ 49.99 £ 12.99 ONLY GLUG CASE + 6 TUBS Versatile storage for different size and shape leads. £ 14.99FO3107S1 ONLY CodeSizePrice FO3349S1S£ 7.99 FO3350S1M£ 9.99 FO3351S1L£ 11.99 ACCESSORY BAGS Neatly store and organise tackle items, Constructed from tough pvc backed water repellent 1200 denier polyester, Soft touch fox zip RIG WALLET Uses clear plastic pouches to ensure you can easily fi nd the tackle you are looking for. £ 13.99 ONLY FO3352S1 QUIVER HOLDALL & 5 SLEEVES £ 59.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 MV1016S1 High quality quiver sleeve, unlike most of our competitors models it comes supplied complete with 5 quiver sleeves representing great value for money. 6 ROD HOLDALL £ 49.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 59.99 MV1019S1 Designed to hold three fully assembled rods with reels and three spare rods. Featuring a padded central divider, and heavily padded reel compartment that has been extended in length to accommodate rods of various lengths. 5 ROD MULTI SLING £ 59.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 MV1018S1 Designed for the angler that uses three rods plus a spod and marker. This deluxe padded holdall is manufactured to the highest level. Supplied with an aluminium spine to provide extra rigidity and support. 3 ROD SLING £ 39.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 49.99 MV1006S1 A new three rod holdall designed for the shorter session angler. Manufactured from the same ultra durable 2400 denier fabric as the rest of the Maver Carp luggage range. Designed to accommodate three made up rods, each one housed in separate padded pockets within the main compartment. SLINGSINGLE QUIVER SLEEVE £ 16.99 MV1017S1 Single padded quiver sleeve fully compatible with the T200 Quiver holdall. Featuring heavy duty 3/ 4 length zip and carry handle. Will easily accommodate rods up to 12ft 6" in length. ONLY CodeCapacityRRPPrice MV1010S160ltr£ 49.99£ 42.99 MV1011S1100ltr£ 59.99£ 49.99 CARRYALLS designed to house everything the modern carp angler could require. Featuring rigid base with zipped compartment, large storage area with velcro divider. Large Dimensions: 71 x 36 x 47cm Small Dimensions: 60 x 30 x 33cm. CodeCapacityRRPPrice MV1008S1Large£ 39.99£ 34.99 MV1007S1Small£ 29.99£ 24.99 . Rig board complete with pins . 6 x Glug Pots . 9 Compartment Accessory Box . Velcro Pouch . Lamp . Two front drawers with removable dividers TOTALITY ACCESSORY STATION £ 69.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 79.99 MV1052S1 GENESIS ACCESSORY STATION £ 64.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 MV1162S1 . Rig board complete with pins . 4 x Glug pots . 5 x Sealable rig wallets . Bivvy table . Outer zipped pocket . 2 x Accessory bags with removable velcro divider . Plastic tube ideal for PVA or marker fl oats COOLER/ ACCESSORY BAG The complete bait and accessory bag. The main compartment is a fully lined cooler sec-tion that will accommodate large quantities of particle baits. In the lid there is a plastic accessory box. In the sides pockets there are two removable bags, one comprises of a rig board and partitioned accessory section, whilst the other contains six glug pots for dips or boilies etc. £ 49.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 59.99 MV1147S1 BUZZ BAR BAG £ 16.99MV1033S1 Designed to house a set of buzz bars and indicators. Featuring large padded compartment with velcro retaining straps & two large external pockets. RIG POUCH £ 11.99MV1032S1 High quality rig pouch. Comes supplied with a plastic accessory box and 5 clear plastic sleeves within a stainless steel ring binder. Zipped pocket on the outer. BAIT BOWL £ 8.99 MV1014S1 High quality bait bowl manufactured from 2400 denier fabric. Featuring thermal lining to keep the bait in top condition, padded carry handles, reinforced waterproof base and high quality zip. STIFF RIG WALLET £ 7.99 MV1013S1 Rigid wallet to protect the rigs inside. Two sections of protective foam, supplied complete with 20 pins. Heavy duty zip, manufactured from 2400 denier fabric. LEAD BAG £ 6.99 MV1012S1 High quality zipped lead bag, also suitable for a wide range of accessories. Removable internal partitions. High quality zip. Manufactured from 2400 denier fabric. CARP DIP BAG £ 12.99 MV1042S1 A high quality dip bag, complete with six plastic containers. The internal dividers are removable, making this small bag very fl exible. Complete with padded carry handle. 30L COOL BAG MV1009S1 A fully lined, 30 litre capacity, cooler bag. Designed to accommodate food for the long stay angler, it is also ideal for storing large quantities of bait. With carry handle and shoulder strap. £ 19.99 RRP: Ê£ 24.99 Top quality carp luggage with a distinctive style & fi nish. Extremely practical and hard wearing. All items feature the Fox Warrior logo. BEST PRICESGUARANTEED CARP LUGGAGEBEST PRICESGUARANTEED Quickly establishing itself as a major player in the carp market. Looking at this superb luggage range it's easy to see why. Well designed, top quality luggage designed & endorsed by Derek ' the Don' Ritchie. £ 19.99 ONLY FO3109S1 POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE