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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK LUGGAGE BARROW LOGIC KIT ' N' WASH NA3264S1 Nash are fi rst again with this dedicated carryall for the session carper. Designed to accommodate clothing, plus it includes a range of accessories and a handy pouch for your toiletries. Fits across half the width of your barrow. Provides compact storage and integrates with the rest of the Barrow Logic range. BARROW LOGIC BEDCHAIR BAG Recognised as the best on the market because of its three sided zip fl ap which allows for easy, no- hassle, bedchair storage. . Full three sided zip fl ap allowing your bedchair to be easily placed inside, rather than trying to slide in from ' top access only' bags. BARROW LOGIC SLEEPING KIT NA3261S1 This ingenious carryall has an internal compression fl ap and straps enabling the angler to easily compress his sleeping bag under the fl ap, preventing the possibility of the sleeping bag catching in the zip. This system also takes all the pressure off the zip - preventing zip burst. BARROW LOGIC BAIT BUCKET NA3258S1 This large capacity bait bucket is designed to accommodate boilies, particles, method mixes etc. for long sessions and is brilliant for the mobile angler as a stalking bag. Features a place for your catapult, a pocket for a medium tackle box and three other accessory pockets. ROD HOLDALLSCARP CARRYALLS CodeModelRRPPrice NA3368S1MiniÊCarryall£ 49.99£ 27.99 NA3369S1MidiÊCarryallÊ£ 54.99£ 32.99 NA3370S1MaxÊCarryall£ 49.99£ 37.99 Nash Carryalls are the most popular item of carp luggage in the world. With their immense fl exibility, catering for a day's stalking to a week's session - there is always tackle to fi ll a Nash Carp Carryall! Mini Dimensions 29cm( H) x 52cm( W) X 30cm( D). Midi Dimensions: 29cm( h) x 73cm( w) x 36cm( d) Max Dimensions: 45cm( h) x 80cm( w) x 44cm( d) RUCKSACK NA3367S1 The large capacity will amply cater to all your needs for an overnight or weekend session. FOOD BAGNA3422S1 Complete system for on- the- bank dining. A range of high quality storage and eating utensils. H  GUN HOLDALLS H  GUN CARRYALLH  GUN RUCKSACK £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 34.99 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 H  GUN FOOD BAG £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 34.99 H  GUN BUCKET CUSHION £ 10.99 NA3256S1 H  GUN POD CASE £ 21.99 NA2294S1 H  GUN BANKSTICK BAG £ 14.99 NA3343S1 BUZZ BAR POUCH £ 13.99 NA2295S1 POUCHTHERMAL MUG £ 7.99 NA0904S1 H- GUN LUGGAGEBRAND NEW FOR 2010 NA3446S1 NA3447S1 NA3448S1 SPEND £ 50 ON CARP LUGGAGE AND ITS POST FREE!! POST FREEFREE ON ROD REEL CASES Perfect for the angler who uses the minimum amount of tackle to fi sh light and move onto the next fi sh quickly. LUGGAGE37 NXG is a comprehensive, no nonsense luggage range from Trakker from small rig wallets and lead pouches to large rucksacks and holdalls. The range is designed to provide all carry and stowage solutions. All products are manufactured in olive 600 denier polyester carrying the subtle green on green Trakker logo. Some products carry Nyplax reinforcement where neccessary to give extra rigidity and protection against the ele-ments. User friendly Neoprene is featured heavily across the range in the form of handles, straps and inners. NXG, the next generation of luggage from Trakker. 8 ROD PADDED HOLDALL TR0392S1 FEATURES - Manufactured in 600 denier polyester - 8 rod capacity- 4 made up and 4 unmade up - Neoprene Velcro rod ties to inner - Padded inner com-partment - Nyplax reinforced - Two extermnal pockets - Neoprene carry handle - Adjustable Neoprene padded carry strap with metal fi xings - Length: 200cm PADDED ROD SLEEVES CodeModelPrice TR0393S12ÊRodÊSleeve£ 44.99 TR0394S13ÊRodÊSleeve£ 59.99 - 600 denier polyester - Padded body - Nyplex material - Will take big pit reels and 50ml butt rings - Outer FEATURES length 200cm - Manufactured in 600 denier polyester - Padded body - Neoprene handle - Padded, Adjustable & removable shoulder strap with metal buckle - Reinforced in Nyplex material - Two outer pockets - Rear outer fi tment to able transportation of brollies - Zipped, landing net handle pocket - Will take big pit reels and 50ml butt rings - Side zipped - Length 200cm TRAVEL CASE TR0391S1 - 600 denier polyester - Rienforced, Niplex bottom - Telescopic trolley handle - Built- in trolley wheels - Removable smaller ' cabin bag' - 60cm x 30cm x 40cm - Zip off cabin bag dims 40cm x 30cm x 9cm CARRYALL TR0390S1 - 600 denier polyester - Reinforced Niplex base - Padded, velcro fastened carry handles - Zipped external pockets - Twin- direction zip to main compartment - Dims 50cm x 25cm x 30cm 12FT ROD SLEEVE TR0388S1 COMPACT BARROW BAG - 600 denier polyester - 5 external padded pockets - Neoprene handles/ strap - Nyplex base - Twin netted, zipped pockets - Twin directional main compartment - Dims 65cm x 40cm x 37cm TR0383S1 D/ L FOOD UTENSIL PACK TR0385S1 - Comes with: - Tea Towel - Two plates - Two Knive and forks - Metal Storage pots - Two metal mugs - 25cm x 25cm x 10cm 5 ROD QUIVER TR0384S1 - 600 denier polyester - Nyplex strengthening - Five stitched in Neoprene rod bands - 125cm x 30cm STIFF RIG TR0381S1 POUCH COMBI RIG POUCH TR0382S1 LEAD TR0380S1 POUCH NEOPRENE REEL PROTECTOR TR0389S1 BAIT BUCKET TR0387S1 CHILLA BAG TR0386S1 £ 79.99 ONLY £ 44.99 FROM ONLY £ 69.99£ 29.99£ 19.99 £ 14.99 £ 19.99 £ 29.99 £ 9.99 £ 49.99£ 29.99£ 19.99 £ 24.99£ 24.99 BARROW LOGIC QUIVER NA3269S1 . Three outer pockets: Pocket 1 - Large padded main pocket with three- sided zipped fl ap. Features internal bank stick/ storm stick pockets and zipped bivvy peg pouch. Pocket 2 - Padded with a three- sided zipped fl ap. Features 12 internal bank stick pockets. Pocket 3 - Zipped mesh landing net pocket. BARROW LOGIC TACKLE XL NA3260S1 Ingenious main fl ap, fully zipped to open in one piece with secondary zips to provide access to each of the three compartments. When stored under your bedchair, allows for easy access to either end, or the centre, without having to completely pull out the carryall. BARROW LOGIC TACKLE NA3259S1 . Roomy main compartment to amply accom-modate all your session tackle requirements. . Two fully zipped end pockets. . Large zipped front compartment to accom-modate the Box Logic Large Tackle Box. . Four external Airlex, breathable mesh pockets. BARROW LOGIC FOOD COOL BAG NA3263S1 . Contains: plate, knife and fork, teaspoon, tablespoon, stainless cup. . Insulated main compartment. . Front zipped compartment. . Two external Airlex breathable mesh pockets. . Clip on/ off shoulder strap and carry handles. BARROW LOGIC CARPERS FOOD BAG NA3262S1 Designed to fi t correctly across half the width of your barrow providing compact storage and integrating with the rest of the Barrow Logic range. . Contains: 2 plates, 2 teaspoons, 2 table-spoons, 2 knives and forks, salt and pepper pot, 2 glasses, 2 stainless steel mugs, 2 pots, dish cloth and 2 towels. CodeModelRRPPrice NA3267S1Standard£ 62.99£ 52.99 NA3268S1Wideboy£ 69.99£ 59.99 . Luxury padding with padded centre fl ap to optimise protection of rods. . Large external brolly pocket - zipped three- quarter length for easy access. . Large external bank stick/ pod pocket - zipped half- length for easy access. . Manufactured from hardwearing materials, reinforced, double stitched at stress points and heavy duty zips for reliable long- term performance. CodeModelPrice NA3420S1Std£ 10.99 NA3421S1BigÊPit£ 13.99 CodeModelRRPPrice NA3444S112ftÊ2Êrod£ 44.99£ 34.99 NA3445S112ftÊ3Êrod£ 49.99£ 39.99 Two superb holdalls that feature two external pockets for metalware, landing net and other accessories. Both holdalls are manufactured to the highest standards with double stitching and heavy duty zips. £ 16.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 21.99 The most comprehensive luggage range on the market, form the top end Barrow Logic range for the hardcore carp anglers to the amazing new H- Gun range which offers a quality of product never seen before at this price. £ 34.99 FROM ONLY Superb stylish carp carryall fi nished in two tone green, with three external pockets and large zip main compartment. A great rucksack with plenty of external pockets including one large front pocket, one large side pocket and two smaller side pockets A tremendous piece of kit, not only do you get a great bag with plenty of room and side pockets. You also get two cups, cutlery and everything else you need for on the bank dining. £ 59.99 RRP: Ê£ 74.99 £ 69.99 RRP: Ê£ 89.99 £ 49.99 RRP: Ê£ 69.99 £ 49.99 RRP: Ê£ 67.99 £ 84.99 RRP: Ê£ 94.99 £ 69.99 RRP: Ê£ 84.99 £ 39.99 RRP: Ê£ 54.99 £ 39.99 RRP: Ê£ 49.99 £ 39.99 RRP: Ê£ 44.99 £ 59.99 RRP: Ê£ 69.99 A brand new range of specialist luggage for 2010 the H- Gun range provides Nash quality and workmanship at value prices. Top gear that compliments the rest of the superb H- Gun range of products perfectly. CodeModelRRPPrice NA3419S112ftÊ2ÊrodÊHoldall£ 49.99£ 44.99 NA3418S112ftÊ3ÊrodÊHoldall£ 54.99£ 49.99 POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE POST FREE

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPECIAL OFFER TO SEE THE FULL RANGE VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK Insulated sides. Comes with six pop up pots. Designed for the long session angler. Takes up minimal space and fi ts in large rucksack pockets. Contains plate, cutlery, chopping board and towel. SPEND £ 50 ON CARP LUGGAGE AND ITS POST FREE!! POST FREEFREE £ 26.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 29.99 £ 37.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 41.99 GR0494S1 Accommodation for up to six rods including three assembled with reels. The holdall has large reel compartments and a full- length padded rod separator. Two large exterior brolly and bankstick pockets are fi tted with full- length side zips and the holdall has a fully padded shoulder strap and carry handles. 38LUGGAGE 4 ROD QUIVER BROLLY . Quiver perfectly designed to take a brolly style shelter and up to four rods . Will take two rods in sleeves, or four rods without sleeves . Dimensions 1220mm ( H) x 230mm ( W) 6 ROD QUIVER SHELTER . Quiver perfectly designed to take a ribbed style shelter and up to six rods . Will take four rods in sleeves, or six rods without sleeves . Dimensions 1470mm ( H) x 300mm ( W) ROD SLEEVES  10/ 12/ 13FT  . Full length easy access zip . Fully padded reel protection 10ft Rod Sleeve ( 1650mm Height) 12ft Rod Sleeve ( 1960mm Height) 13ft Rod Sleeve ( 2130mm Height) CodeModelRRPPrice ALD7878S16ÊRodÊ( Shelter)£ 29.99£ 26.99 BLD7877S14ÊRodÊ( Brolly)£ 24.99£ 22.50 CLD7879S110ftÊSleeve/£ 14.99 DLD7880S112ftÊSleeve/£ 16.99 ELD7881S113ftÊSleeve/£ 18.99 Price £ £ £ £ £ . Designed to carry one bucket and all essentials . EVA comfi - grip handles and padded shoulder strap . Perfect for stalking or roving approach . Dimensions 420mm ( H) x 300mm ( W) x 300mm ( D) . Stiff sided design keeps bag open for ease of access . EVA comfi - grip handles and padded shoulder strap . Easy access zipped side pockets and heavy wear base material . Dimensions Medium - 270mm ( H) x 300mm ( W) x 220mm ( D) Large - 270mm ( H) x 400mm ( W) x 220mm ( D) XLarge - 300mm ( H) x 500mm ( W) x 300mm ( D) SOLACE CARRYALLS CodeModelRRPPrice ALD7882S1Medium£ 29.99£ 26.99 BLD7883S1Large£ 34.99£ 31.50 CLD7884S1Xlarge£ 39.99£ 31.99 . Fully padded shoulder straps with waist tensioner . Stiff sided design so it stays open and upright during use and heavy wear base material ( W) x 250mm ( D) SOLACE SINGLE BUCKET CARRYALLSOLACE ROVER RUCKSACK LD7885S1 LD7886S1 . Easy access zipped side pockets . Dimensions 420mm ( H) x 380mm The Solace luggage range from Wychwood is simply outstanding. Meticulously designed this small range covers all they key essential luggage items used by todays carp anglers. All items offer the ultimate in practicality and quality. All items in the range also come supplied boxed, making them especially ideal as gifts. METHOD BAIT BAG LD6368S1 FEATURES: . Carryall with refl ective lining to keep food cool . Session cookbag is designed to hold food for two anglers over a weekend session, SESSION COOK BAG LD6365S1 LARGE POP  UP & CARRY BAG LD6642S1 SINGLE TRIP COOK SET LD6646S1 . Supplied with plate( s), chopping board, towel, knive( s), fork( s), spoon( s), stainless steel cups, coffee & sugar containers TRIPLE S ROD SLEEVES CodeModelRRPPrice GR0439S112ftÊ3Êrod£ 34.99£ 31.50 GR0800S112ftÊ5Êrod£ 54.99£ 49.99 GR0801S112ftÊ6Êrod£ 59.99£ 53.99 SNOOPER CARRYALLS CodeModelRRPPrice GR0468S1Medium£ 39.99£ 35.99 GR0550S1Large£ 49.99£ 44.99 GR0551S1XL£ 59.99£ 53.99 RIGGER COOLSTYLE BAGS The Rigger Compact Coolstyle Bag is designed for the stalking or roving angler. The main compartment is insulated with a Coolstyle lining to keep baits fresh. CodeModelRRPPrice GR0478S1Compact£ 29.99£ 26.99 GR0479S1XL£ 39.99£ 36.99 RIGGER BAG Stiff sided bag designed specifi cally for the Carp and Specialist angler, the Rigger Bag has a detachable Rig and Accessory Pouch fi tted at either end. GR0344S1 The Snooper Carryall is a new line of stiff sided specialist carryalls. storage, for many styles of fi shing. The Snooper Carryalls feature a large front over fl ap for security and easy access to the main compartment. They also contain a large zipped front pocket and ergonomically design carry handle. The well thought out internal and external pockets, give safe and tidy storage. Chub have even added a padded shoulder strap for perfect balance. It even benefi ts from a waterproof base. OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Medium - L - 56cm, W - 32cm, H - 32cm Large - L 68cm, W - 32cm, H - 32cm Extra Large - L 8ocm, W - 32cm, H - 32cm Multi- use bag ideal for the specialist or stalking angler, the Snooper bag has many features. The Snooper is supplied with a multi- divisional tackle box The front pocket has a rig wallet and pouch. The bases storing weights, fl oats and other accessories. With meshed side pockets, the bag has a padded and adjustable shoulder strap SNOOPER BAG GR0460S1 and carry handles. £ 44.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 49.99 £ 22.50 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 24.99 ABCDEA B C £ 39.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 49.99 MINI CARP LUGGER £ 17.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 19.99 LD5128S1 . Suitable for carrying food, clothes, cooking equipment. . Ideal for short stays/ roving. . Main compartment, plus 13 pockets. . Adjustable shoulder strap. STALKER BAG £ 14.99 ONLY LD5129S1 . For the roving/ stalking angler . Compact, but big capacity with a main compartment and ten pockets . Enables numerous items to be stored safely but accessed quickly £ 22.50 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 24.99 . Insulated main bag takes 7 kilos of bait . Ideally suited to boilies, particles, pellets and groundbaits . Upper insulated compartment for hookbaits and baiting tools £ 22.50 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 24.99 This set still offers all the features of the bigger brother in our range but without the bulk, supplied with two plates, two mugs, and two full sets of cutlery. £ 22.50 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 24.99 SHORT SESSION COOK SET £ 14.99LD6647S1 ONLY The have been designed as lightweight rod carrying system that can hold and protect three, fi ve or six fully assembled rods. These sleeves accept all big pit reels and both 40mm and 50mm rung rods. All rods are individually protected and have rubberised Velcro rod bands where needed. The 3 rod sleeves can be used on the Chub Carp Quiver, just remove the shoulder strap and the sleeve can be clipped into place on the quiver. STAR HOLDALLS CodeModelRRPPrice GR0549S16Êstar£ 69.99£ 62.99 GR0437S15Êstar£ 64.99£ 58.99 GR0548S14Êstar£ 59.99£ 53.99 GR0438S13Êstar£ 54.99£ 49.99 The Star Holdalls combine excellent all- round protection for your rods and reels with the versatily that a quiver provides due to the individually padded pockets that are integrated into the holdall and allow each rod to be removed separately. PARTLY PADDED 12FT 3+ 3 HOLDALL £ 67.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 74.99 A lot of thought and design went into the development of this rucksack and as a result the SnooperTM is very versatile so whether it's on your back or on a barrow all your accessories can be carried safe and secure to your chosen swim. SNOOPER RUCKSACK GR0447S1 . Completely detachable front bag . Zipped access to the front . Large interior elasticated pocket . Two meshed internal pockets . Meshed pocket integrated in hood . One long and two smaller pockets . Bankstick pockets . Waterproof base and rain cover £ 49.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 54.99 Ideal for the mobile angler, the rucksack has a large main body compartment with two side and one large front pocket, which holds a deceptive amount of gear. A compression hood with a zipped pouch pocket gives added capacity as required. The fully adjustable and padded shoulder harness with chest stabiliser makes the rucksack easy and comfortable to carry. A further feature is the padded waistband which has an integral zipped pocket for keeping valuables and keys and the cushioned back and lumbar support give full protection and support. 55 LITRE RUCKSACK GR0456S1 ROVA BAG A very handy utility bag with a multitude of uses. With fully padded interior and large mesh pocket, this bag will store a deceptive amount of equipment.£ 24.99 ONLY GR0446S1 One of our most popular carp luggage ranges to date the Chub gear continues to sell year on year. Its manufactured to the highest quality and its easy to see the level of thought and design that's been put into each product in the range. The Triple rod sleeves were our best selling luggage item of 2009! SOLACE LUGGAGE LUGGAGE They are carefully designed to give maximum capacity, and safe £ 44.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 49.99RRPÊ: Ê£ 27.99