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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK £ 84.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 99.99 £ 59.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 A new edition to the Fox scales range, the Stalker scales provide accurate measurement in a compact, portable casing. A bright backlit digital LCD panel displays the weight clearly, and this can be adjusted to show pounds or kilograms. Folding arms and a retractable handle make the unit easy to carry in a car-ryall or rucksack, and a protective hardcase ( available separately) stops damage. . The ultimate in carp protection . Massive size for all UK and European specimens . Filled with 9mm poly balls . Wipe clean, fi sh friendly nylon . Tough 600 denier nylon outer . High density foam base protects fi sh from sharp objects . Ideal for anglers on the move . Doubles as an excellent tackle carrier . Wipe clean inner . 40mm medium density foam fi lling . Extra large size . 40mm wide carry straps . Pegging points . Tough 600 denier nylon outer . All round, heavy duty zip closure BARBEL / PIKE NET . Ideal for monster size barbel and carp . Unique shape gives maximum target area . Extra deep mesh . Full aluminium frame . Unique over- fi t spreader block LD6837S1 SOLACE 42" LANDING NET . Ultra Light and ultra strong handle and arms. . High fl ow black Mesh . Super strong custom block with isotope slot. . Comes inprotective carry case £ 59.99LD7996S1 ONLY LD7996S1 SIGNATURE LANDING NET . Ultra Light and ultra strong handle and arms. . High fl ow black Mesh . Custom block with isotope slot. . Comes inprotective carry case BARBEL NET . Unique shape gives maximum target area. . Extra deep mesh. . Full aluminium frame. . Unique overfi t spreader block. £ 14.99LD6244S1 ONLY AMONGST OUR BEST SELLING PRODUCTS OF 2009 THESE DEALS OFFER GREAT QUALITY PRODUCTS AT AMAZING PRICES. Korum are now widely regarded as at the forefront of specialist fi shing. A great range of nets & fi shcare products designed specifi cally for carp and specimen anglers. IF YOU SEE A LOWER PRICE PHONE 01724 277 610 AND WE'LL BEAT IT Subject to verifi cation & stock BEST PRICESGUARANTEED Fox carp Care products make the safe landing, weighing and return of any fi sh a seamless operation, with products designed to protect throughout. DIGITAL SCALES FEATURES: . Clip on hard casing for protective transit . Easy to use push button system . Fold out soft touch easy grip handles . Retractable weighing eye . Large easy to read LCD panel with backlight facility . Read out in lbs or kg . Can be zeroed to any weigh bag . Storage for catch records . Weighs up to 66lb/ 30kg Features a raised outer edge which helps to keep the fi sh in the centre, making handling large or energetic fi sh easier for the angler and safer for the fi sh. Manufactured using a dual padding system with a micro polyball outer and the mat fl oor is made from extra thick, highly protective foam. Can be pegged to the ground and transported easily. FO2446S1 STALKER SAFETY ZONE UNHOOKING MAT LD6122S1 LD6099S1Ê SLING MAT BEANIE MAT FO1966S1 WARRIOR NETS . High quality landing net . Moulded Beta light recesses in arms . Features Fox's unique moulded spreader block . Non- slip grips on handle . Fish friendly mesh CodeSizeRRPPrice FO1898S142"£ 59.99£ 49.99 FO1964S150"£ 64.99£ 54.99 STALKER DIGITAL SCALES CodeModelPrice FO2694S1StalkerÊ Scales£ 59.99 FO2695S1Hardcase£ 8.99 Price £ £ NETS & FISHCARE41 SOLACE UNHOOKING MAT ?High protection unhooking mat combining foam and poly balls ?Integral carry handles and pegging points ?Folds in half for transportation Dimensions: 1300mm x 900mm 65mm x 900mm ( folded) LD7911S1 Superb high quality pack containing a 42" net with alloy spreader block, betalight housing 12mm arms and double stitched seams, an 86cm x 56cm fi sh friendly weigh sling and the new Krane handle. The handle also comes with a Pontoon Net Float. MI2032S1 NET & WEIGH PACKBARBEL SPECIALIST NET & WEIGH COMBO Designed for all barbel & specialist anglers. A top quality 30" net & the 1.6m strong handle with the superb fi sh safe weigh sling. MI2085S1MI2053S1 At last! A set- up designed especially for stalking and save you trying to creep around with a cumbersome net and pole. Features a 36" stalker net plus the Phenolic 1.6m stalking handle which is both lightweight & strong. Supplied in draw string net & handle sleeve. STALKING COMBO SPECIMEN NETS An extra strong landing net designed for the angler looking for maximum strength. Wide mesh is ideal for use in both rivers and lakes. . Supplied with 1.8m ( 6ft) glass handle . Moulded polycarbonate spreader block & arm tips . Micromesh sleeving on mesh around arms CodeTypePrice PR1996S136"£ 24.99 PR2597S142"£ 34.99 LATEX BARBEL NET CodeTypePrice PR1992S130"£ 19.99 PR2334S127"£ 18.99 Designed for over- sized barbel and carp to 30lb, the Latex spoons are designed to be the ultimate in net design. Offering the equivalent size as a 36" triangular net, the 30" net is ideal for the angler stalking large carp, or lure fi shing for pike. The latex mesh used on both nets is highly hook resistant, making these nets ideal for pike fi shing. Price £ £ Code PR1996S1 PR2597S1 UNHOOKING MAT An essential item for all specimen anglers the Korum Unhooking mat may have a budget price with its closed cell foam, kneeling pad and fi sh retaining head cover it's defi nitely a top quality product. WEIGH SLING The Korum Weigh Sling is a simple design that naturally cradles the fi sh securely during weighing. Reinforced handles and a smooth fabric coating ensure fi sh welfare is guaranteed. CodeTypePrice PR1209S1STDÊ85cmÊxÊ50cm£ 9.99 PR1995S1XLÊ108cmÊxÊ64cm£ 11.99 CodeTypePrice PR1208S190cmÊxÊ55cm£ 13.99 PR1994S1118cmÊxÊ85cm£ 19.99 £ 13.99 FROM £ 9.99 FROM SPECIALIST LANDING NET . 32"/ 81cm Arms . Beta light recess in arms . Lightweight graphite pole . Utilises the Fox unique moulded spreader block . Easy glide fi sh friendly mesh £ 49.99 ONLY FO1918S1 £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 34.99 £ 54.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 99.99 £ 27.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 51.99 £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 59.99 £ 24.99 ONLY £ 24.99 ONLY £ 44.99 ONLY £ 24.99 ONLY CodeTypePrice LD7997S136"£ 39.99 LD7998S142"£ 39.99 SAFETY ZONE CARP CRADLE The Carp Cradle infl ates to provide total protection during unhooking yet packs down small enough to strap on top of your rucksack, removing the weight and bulk of a large mat from your kit without sacrifi cing carp care. CodeSizeRRPPrice FO2815S1Standard£ 74.99£ 64.99 ELITE UNHOOKING MATS The Elite Unhooking Mat is extremely well padded ensuring a protected barrier between carp and the ground and measures 1180mm x 800mm when opened out. The contact side has a special coating which helps to reduce mucus loss, that natural vital barrier that keeps the carp in good order. CodeSizePrice FO1620S1Elite£ 46.99 FO1973S1XLÊElite£ 69.99£ 46.99 FROM ONLY WEIGH SLING FO0362S1 £ 19.99 ONLY The Fox Weigh Sling is designed around a fi sh friendly ' D' shape which supports the carp in a gentle curve without folding it. The sling material is manufactured with reinforced stitching and a pair of super strong, rot proof cords. These are fi tted with steel rings and are double stitched into the top of the sling to provide sturdy and safe weighing points. WORTH 30£ 30 SPECIAL OFFERFREE SPECIALIST HOOKLINK WORTHWORTHWORTH £ 30£ 30 DECEPTIONIN0104S1 Perfect for carp & barbel Free when you spend over £ 50 on this page

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 CodeTypePrice SV3933S136"£ 24.99 Exceptional value specimen landing nets manufactured to very high standards. Both nets come complete with six foot handles and a high quality net with metal spreader block. Choice of two sizes to suit any specialist angler and offer fantastic value for money and are the least expensive metal blocked nets and handles on the market. CARP NETS PRO  SPECIMEN SCALES FEATURES: . Superb quality specialist scale . 50kg x 200g SV3957S1 . 110lbs x 8oz . Hi- viz dials . Supplied with 2 stainless hooks . Comes complete with case . Accurate electronic weighing scale . 9 volt battery included . Liquid Crystal Display . Stainless steel hook clips out of the way to stop it rattling during transportation CodeModelPrice SV3959S150lb£ 34.99 Top quality scales for specimen, match or pleasure anglers where ease of use and accuracy are all important. ZENSO SCALES This kit is perfect for starting carping or those occasional big fi sh trips. The bedchair is a four leg design with a ratchet backrest. Luggage wise the holdall will accommodate three made up 12ft rods and the carryall will let you pack all that you need. Also included are an unhooking mat, weigh sling, 25kg scales and a rig wallet. £ 99.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 129.99 DW2778S1 * Bedchair * Holdall for three 12ft rods with reels * Carryall * Unhooking mat * Weigh scales 25kg * Weigh sling * Carp rig wallet D FISH CARP KIT SAVE £ 30£ 30 £ 19.99 ONLY 42" NET & HANDLE COMBO £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 69.99 PU1100S1 An excellent net combo at a crazy price! A 42ins net with fi sh friendly mesh, full carbon arms, gun smoke alloy corner protectors and spreader block, 6ft carbon handle and matching net fl oat. The set is supplied in a full- length sleeve. CARP 42" NANO £ 44.99 ONLY MV1023S1 A revolutionary development in nets, utilizing what Maver believe is the most fi sh friendly material ever used. With the continued spread of various fi sh diseases from one fi sh-ery to another, a proposed contributory factor is the spread of bacteria carried on nets. To assist in minimizing this method of transfer, the new Nano mesh is actually designed to repel water almost immediately and therefore reduce the possibility of water- born bacteria surviving long enough within the fabrics to allow transfer the next time the net is used. STRONG ARM HANDLE 1.8M £ 29.99 ONLY MV1026S1 This new, slim yet strong, lightweight handle offers incredible value for money. Featuring a dual EVA grip at the base of the handle, and a further EVA section at the top of the handle. A carbon net clip and engraved end cap complete the Specifi cation. SURVIVOR DLX CARP MAT & WEIGH SLING £ 59.99SV7620S1 ONLY . Superb beanie style unhooking mat . Fully padded for total fi sh protection . Beanie unhooking area 135 x 84cm . Kneel mat area 135 x 84cm . Includes accessory pocket on mat . Includes removable weigh sling . Weigh sling dimensions 120 x 43cm MISSION DIGITAL SCALES £ 34.99 ONLY DW1885S1 MISSION DIAL SCALES * Outstanding quality * Reliable and accurate * Strong and hardwearing * Easy to read dial CodeTypePrice DW1935S150kg£ 14.99 DW1962S125kg£ 14.99 £ 14.99 ONLY BUY BOTH FOR ONLY £ 59.99 HALF PRICEPRICE RIOT CARBON NET & HANDLE A 1.8 metre carbon pole with a machined stainless steel spreader block. Supplied with green soft mesh on woven carbon arms with reinforced ends CodeSizeÊRRPPrice LD7060S136inÊ£ 69.99£ 34.99 LD7061S142inÊ£ 79.99£ 39.99 A great beanie mat & weigh sling combo that give the ultimate in fi shcare & protection. POST FREE POST FREE The new era in carp tackle transportation. Trax barrows are super strong and super stable to cope with heavy loads and rugged terrain. They feature many barrow fi rsts. Improving usage, handling and drive. HALF PRICEPRICE £ 19.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 39.99 ' FLIP UP'N' LOC ' BARBEL NET HEAD A superb new design specifi cally for barbel and carp fi shing. SV4571S1 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 42BARROWS & FISHCARE * Auto shut off in 50 seconds after use * Memory of max weight reading when power is on * Automatic calculation with digital readout * Max weight 25kg / 55lbs * Accuracy +/- 2% ( so a 20lbs fi sh might read as 19lbs 10oz or 20lbs 6oz) * KGs / lbs reading switch option * Ergonomic handle design * DC 9v battery operated BARROWSFOR ALL YOUR BARROWS & ACCESSORIES VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK SAVE £ 15£ 15 HALF PRICE . Powder coated steel frame . Single detachable pneumatic tyre . Front support bar for rod holdall . Strong handle barswith durable grips . 2 adjustable legs with tilting mud feet . Folds fl at for easy storage . Supplied with 2 bungee straps INFINITY TACKLE BARROW DW2260S1 PRICEPRICEPRICEPRICE HOOLIGUN NA2316S1 . Large capacity chassis . Chassis foldable for storage in the smallest cars . Hinged front retaining frame prevents kit from sliding off . Twin wheel design for optimum stability . Metal retaining loops to accommodate bungee straps £ 49.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 99.99 £ 69.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 84.99 SP2659S1 £ 109.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 155.99 EASY LOADER BARROW . The easiest transport system for all your gear . Fully foldable with optionally removable wheel . Almost weightless when correctly loaded . Handle design allows the barrow to be pushed or pulled . Twin wheel design for extra stability . Super strong high tensile steel ROVER CARP BARROW £ 79.99 ONLY LD6926S1 * Extra large carrying capacity * Front and rear load bars * Just pull the pin to remove the wheel * Folds fl at for easy storage * Pneumatic tyre * Adjustable rear legs * Ruberised handles TRAX BARROWS TRAX MICRO £ 139.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 159.99 NA3426S1 . Adjustable front bar, locked with moulded cams . Unique two section break down. . Mesh bed and slide- able bar prevents tackle falling through. . Max capacity under- bed storage bag. Approximate Bed Dimensions: 50.5cm( W) X 86.5cm( L) - extending to 102cm( L) Approximate Weight: 14.5kgs. TRAX ALL TERRAIN EVO £ 199.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 229.99 NA3429S1 For total load capacity - This is the Daddy! Brimming with new features to maximise drive and manoeuvrability. Including a specially extended chassis, designed for lugging maximum loads long distances through all types of terrain. Approximate Dimensions: 72cm( W) X 95.5cm( L) - Extending to 103.5cm( W) X 116.5cm( L) Approximate Weight: 20.2kg BRAND NEW FOR 2010 SAVESAVE £ 50£ 50