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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK £ 149.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 179.99 BARROWS & BOATS43 MK4S PORTER PT0045S1PT0052S1 MK2 PORTER BAIT BOATS FOR THE FULL RANGE OFVISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK Prestige engineering invented the carp barrow or widely known as carp porter. They have been leaders of tackle transportation for 20 years. Why ? Because they specialise, they don't just copy, they innovate. This year just look at their accessory range. New front bags, triporter rear wheels from mk2 and fat boy, waterproof barrow covers, straight and adjustable handles, side bags etc. A complete system to enhance your barrow and make it easier to use Six inch wide all terrain wheel, the wide wheel is perfect in mud and reduces the tendency for ordinary wheels to skip through the mud. The wide wheel provides amazing stability. Also features fully adjusting front and side bars to help secure tackle. The combination of the wide wheel and EASY GLIDE suspension absolutely transform the carp porter. The heaviest tackle can be transported with MUCH less effort. £ 129.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 149.99 MK2 FAT BOY PT0077S1 The Prestige Engineering Carp Porter MkII Fat Boy is based on the best selling MKII Carp Porter Barrow. New large diameter wide wheel means massive improvements in stability and ease of use. Improves balance and rides even over the roughest ground. More puncture resistant. £ 109.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 129.99 The Barrow that is often copied but never equalled. The MK 2 needs no introduction, many tens of thousand have been sold and is still going from strength to strength. . Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre . Very compact when folded . Adjustable side and front bar to secure any size loads . Perfect point of balance MK5 BIG WHEEL £ 229.99PT0073S1 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 259.99 Carp- Porter are placing a lot of faith in this barrow. They believe its the best they have ever made. Handmade with brass plate indi-vidually numbered in UK. Extra rigid adjustable handle. Can be suited to any anglers stature. Unique spiked legs for far greater stability. vidually MK5 £ 199.99PT0074S1 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 259.99 Best barrow Prestige have ever made ! Using 20 years experience as market leaders they have produced the most advanced barrow ever. lightweight strong steel handmade in the UK and individually numbered. MK2 STANDARD PT0075S1 £ 69.99 RRP: Ê£ 89.99 Has a Perfect point of balance making large loads a doddle. Adjustable side bars and extendable front bars. MK2 Porter includes folding back legs. MK2 BAG £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 34.99 PT0051S1 The most useful accessory you will buy, transforms the barrow handling adding to stability by lowering the centre of gravity. Gives miles of carrying capacity. MK4S BAG £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 34.99 PT0060S1 The most useful accessory you will buy, transforms the barrow handling adding to stability by lowering the centre of gravity. Gives miles of carrying capacity. WATER BOTTLE BAG WITH 2 WATER BOTTLES £ 19.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 24.99 PT0078S1 Kit includes 2 hanging plates and bottles. These can be locked in place in seconds anywhere on any barrow. FRONT BAG £ 39.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 49.99 PT0050S1 If you need extra space in your barrow and fi nd that a normal carry all or rucksack are awkward and upset the balance of your porter. THIS IS THE ANSWER. Brilliant new top quality cart porter holdall. SIDE BAGS MK4S & MK5 £ 29.99 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 39.99 PT0076S1 Great idea to increase space and capacity. Useful for smaller items such as mobile phones, binoculars, bank sticks, maps, documents, etc. 2 Bags per pack. WAVERUNNER ATOM WA0052S1 BAIT BOAT WAVERUNNER POWER WA0051S1 WAVERUNNERSBRAND NEW FOR 2010 £ 599 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 999.99 SAVE £ 570£ 570£ 499 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 699.99 SAVE £ 370£ 370 BAIT BOAT RANGEBRAND NEW FOR 2010 CALL US ON 01724 27 76 10 FOR PRICE & AVAILABILITY ON ICON II ICON II WITH FISHFINDER RANGER RANGER WITH FISHFINDER MK3 MK3 WITH FISHFINDER STORM II STORM IIWITH FISHFINDER S60 BAIT BOAT £ 525 ONLY RRP: Ê£ 699 The Skarp S60 bait boat will never let you down. With precision steering, extremely powerful propulsion and a 400 to 600m range you'll be surprised how quiet the boat works for those stealth tactics. If your bait boat moves out of range it will turn around until it receives a signal again. Meaning you will never lose your boat!!! S60 FEATURES: * 400m - 600m range * Precision steering * Extremely powerful propulsion * 4 Channel FM radio system ensures superb range & less interference * Silicon sealed to ensure 100% waterproof * Handset, batteries & charger included * International - patented hopper system * Two independently operated hoppers * Holds 2.2kg of bait * Single or double bait compartment * Weed guards * Remote- controlled lights to increase visibility * Long battery life * Wireless fi shfi nder ready * 2- year manufacturers warranty * Supplied with custom carry bag CB0244S1 SAVE £ 175£ 175 BRAND NEW FOR 2010 We stock some of the best bait boats available. New to our 2010 range is the awesome Skarp boat from Cotswald Baits. one of the best boats we have ever seen. FREEMK4 BAG & BARROW COVER WORTH £ 55 FREEBARROW COVER WORTH £ 20FREEPUNCTURE PROOF WHEEL UPGRADE & BAG WORTH £ 65 FREEFREE BARROW COVER WORTH £ 20PT0075S1 69 ONLY FREE 20 PT0074S1 MK5 With Kevlar Puncture Proof wheel as standard NEW 2010NEW 2010NEW 2010 POST FREE NEW 2010

44COOKING & LIGHTINGORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 ARMOLIFE SESSION TOWELS These towels use high density cotton fi bres for maximum absorbency, softness & durability. COOL BOX 13 LITRE This chiller has real staying power to keep your food, drink or bait cool as well as offering hard walled protection. SL100 HEADLAMP GR0897S1 . Extensive battery life, Up to 100hrs continuous use . Focused white LED long beam . Soft night vision red LED's . Duracell AAA Alkaline batteries included A full cutlery set combining two knives, forks and plates with a spoon and multi- use tool with bottle opener. S/ S KETTLE Stylish stainless steel two- cup kettle with strainer. Complete in its own carry case. GR0375S1 S/ S COOKSET With two sauce-pans and a frying pan, both with folding handles. Neatly folds into own carry case. GR0374S1S/ S STOVE WIND SHIELD Lightweight, foldable windshield with stabilising prongs. GR0373S1 S/ S FOLDING TOASTER Make a perfect slice of toast while fi shing. Easy to use fold fl at design. GR0372S1 GUNMETAL KETTLE GR0545S1 Supplied in carry case for one big brew 260x100mm folded. STOVE BAG Comes complete with a mug, two teaspoons and hand towel with front pocket, two padded, mesh external pockets for storing tea, coffee and sugar. Inside there is plenty of room for a stove, mug, kettle and equipment. Supplied with two external fuel bottle holders. GR0360S1 COOKING ALL SEASON GAS Its padded exterior keeps your stove working in freezing conditions. GR0471S1 CANISTER SLEEVE SESSION SET GR0418S1 Two new and cleverly designed pouches with all the cutlery that you need for a seri-ous session. The pouches are low profi le for practicality and will fi t quite easily into the SESSION BAG GR0583S1 top of carryalls and travel bags. GREEDY PIG SESSION BAG GR0584S1 Standard and Greedy Pig, which is supplied with larger plates. Two new and for practicality and will fi t carryalls and travel bags. cleverly designed pouches with all the cutlery that you need for a serious session. The pouches are low profi le quite easily into the top of COOLSTYLE FOOD BAG GR0417S1 Featuring Coolstyle insulated metallic lining to guarantee food protection and freshness. Easy clean. Ideal for the session angler. Each bag contains the and also a chopping board and hand towel. following: 2 plates, 2 mugs, a full cutlery set, can and bottle opener GREEDY PIG SESSION SET GR0419S1 A full cutlery set combining two knives, forks and plates with a multi- use tool and a hand towel. Flat packs easily to fi t into most rucksacks/ carryalls. Similar in design to the standard Chub Session little bit extra. Set but featuring two larger plates for the angler who requires that SL300 LANTERN GR0899S1 The Sat- A- Lite ® SL300 Lantern has a powerful output of 300 lumens that is perfect for providing ultra- bright all round illumination. The three 1W Nichia White LEDs offer 3 days continuous illumination in high mode and 6 days on the low setting. The lens is removable to provide a forward directional beam when required and there is a built in hanging hook on the lantern base to allow wider light dispersal when elevated. The SL300 also features 3- mode electronic switch that provides ' instant off' in any mode, and a small green LED indicator is fi tted for easy GR0898S1location in the dark. . Powerful 1W Luxeon ® LED with 51 Lumen output . 2 Main beam power settings . 10hrs Continuous use in High mode ( 20hrs in low) . Soft night vision red LED's . Duracell AAA Alkaline . Water resistant . Pivotal head SL200 HEADLAMP . Water resistant . Small & lightweight batteries included TR0429S1 TR0428S1 Offering up to 38 hours of illumination, the LT- 100 offers an impressive 100 lumens for ultra bright operation. The top cap is removable for forward area light when needed, with a built in hanger hook giving you the option to hang the lantern. The Halo LT- 100 is water resistant. HALO CAP LIGHT FO2879S1 HALO HEADLAMPS The Fox Halo Cap Light slips over the peaks of all baseball caps to provide comfortable, powerful illumination for easy rig changes, rebaiting and knot tying after dark. The Fox Halo range of head torches use Luxeon lifetime LED technology to provide intense, directional lighting for all low light and after dark tasks whether tying rigs, rebaiting or packing away. CodeModelÊRRPPrice FO2746S1HT20ÊHeadlightÊ0.5ÊwattÊ£ 17.99£ 14.99 FO2747S1HT52ÊHeadlightÊ1ÊwattÊ£ 22.99£ 18.99 FO2748S1HT85ÊHeadlightÊK2Ê£ 26.99£ 21.99 LIGHTING HALO LANTERN L  K2 The K2 Halo laterns offers up to 35 hours of bright illumination. Weighing in at less then 200 grams, the K2 is light and portable. An innovative convex refl ector provides fl awless refl ection and the durable, anodised aluminium body is com-pletely water resistant. FO2993S1 HALO LANTERN LT  100 HALO LT  51 . IW luxeon LED . Multi- function torch and lantern . New collimator provides smoother beam . Durable aluminium housing . Water resistant FO2997S1 HALO RT  45 . 3 ultra bright LED's . Clip attachment . Fully adjustableto any angle . Can be used as a bivvy booklight . 45 limens . 35 hours illumination FO2995S1 TO SEE OUR FULL RANGE OF LIGHTING & COOKING EQUIPMENT VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK LIGHT CAP Ingenious baseball cap with integrated twin LED's in the peak. JR0406S1 SV4092S1 . Very light weight . Extremely compact . Clear bright white light . Fits any cap. Very long battery life 5 LED CAP LAMP STAINLESS STEEL KETTLE SET Top quality with fold down handle in a stash bag. JR0288S1 GL0260S1 StillwaterCAMO LED COOKWARECLIP LIGHT CodeModelPrice LD7709S16ÊpieceÊ/ ÊkettleÊset£ 34.99 LD7710S13ÊpieceÊpanÊset£ 24.99 LD7711S1CarpersÊkettleÊ0.8L£ 9.99 LD7712S1FryingÊpan£ 9.99 £ 21.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 26.99 FO2749S1 £ 9.99 ONLY £ 12.99 RRPÊ: Ê£ 15.99 £ 10.99 ONLY £ 19.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 24.99 £ 16.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 22.99 £ 5.99 ONLY £ 5.99 ONLY StillwaterBIVVY LAMP Two great value bivvy lamps exclusive to Chapmans Angling. The perfect companion for those overnight sessions both lamps are bright, waterproof, reliable and supplied with remote control! The 13 LED lamp is slightly larger and has two different settings. CodeModelRRPPrice GL0395S15ÊLED£ 19.99£ 9.99 GL0406S113ÊLED£ 29.99£ 14.99 . Sturdy and lightweight design. . Rapid twist- lock legs. . Embossed JRC logo. . Supplied in durable carry bag with handle. . Dimensions 42cm x 29cm BIVVY TABLE £ 19.99 ONLY RRPÊ: Ê£ 26.99 JR0003S1 £ 29.99£ 18.99£ 15.99£ 9.99 £ 5.99£ 6.99£ 27.99 £ 9.99£ 21.99£ 12.99£ 24.99 £ 49.99£ 9.99£ 19.99£ 24.99 ARMOLIFE PRODUCTS Stoves, pans, kettles. Trakker's ArmoLife range incorporates everything you need to make your morning brew or cook the perfect sausage! We now have what we feel is an unrivalled, bespoke range of cooking accessories for the carp anger. CodeModelPrice TR0416S1ARMOÊLCGÊSTOVE£ 19.99 TR0417S1ARMOÊMICROÊSTOVE£ 19.99 TR0418S1ARMOÊGASÊCANISTERÊSTAND£ 4.99 TR0419S1ARMOÊ3ÊPIECEÊCOOKWAREÊSET£ 29.99 TR0420S1ARMOÊ4ÊPIECEÊCOOKWAREÊSET£ 29.99 TR0421S1ARMOÊKETTLE£ 14.99 TR0422S1ARMOÊMXPÊLANTERN£ 29.99 TR0423S1ARMOÊFRYINGÊPAN£ 14.99 TR0424S1ARMOÊPORTABLEÊSTOVE£ 29.99 TR0425S1ARMOÊWINDSHIELD£ 14.99 STAINLESS STEEL MUG . Olive green with Trakker logo . Double walled . 300ml capacity £ 6.99 CodeSizePrice TR0430S1Std£ 3.99 TR0431S1Large£ 6.99 KORDA KRUSHA POUCH CodeSizePrice TR0426S1Small£ 6.99 TR0427S1Large£ 7.99 A must have accessory for anyone who uses a Korda Krusha! Keeps the Krusha safe and prevents it from coming apart in your carryall / rucksack. £ 19.99 £ 12.99 RRPÊ: Ê£ 15.99 AN UNRIVALLED RANGE OF COOKING ACCESSORIES FOR THE CARP ANGLER NEW 2010