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WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK TROUSERS HOODIES T- SHIRTS PACAWAYHATS GreenCamoSize DM0307S1DM0302S1M DM0308S1DM0303S1L DM0309S1DM0304S1XL DM0310S1DM0305S1XXL DM0311S1DM0306S1XXXL TO SEE THE WHOLE RANGE VISIT WWW. CHAPANG. CO. UK ProductMLXLXXLXXXL Jackets46- 48in48- 50in50- 52in52- 54in54- 56in Trousers32- 34in34- 36in36- 38in38- 40in/ Hoddies44- 46in46- 48in48- 50in50- 52in54- 56in T- Shirts42- 44in44- 46in46- 48in48- 50in50- 52in RPM REVERSIBLE THERMAL The perfect blend of Street styling and technical thermal fabric's. The Diem RPM jacket is perfect to handle even the coldest days on the bank and looks great off it. These aren't going to be around for long so get one while you can! CodeSize DM0330S1M DM0331S1L DM0332S1XL DM0333S1XXL DM0334S1XXXL £ 49.99 GreenCamoSize DM0104S1DM0108S1M DM0105S1DM0109S1L DM0106S1DM0110S1XL DM0107S1DM0111S1XXL HEAVY WEIGHT TEC JACKET IRIE T SHIRT £ 79.99 The heavyweight jacket truly has every-thing you could need in a jacket. With 10 outer pockets, underarm vents and even a snow skirt - this one is as at home on the mountain as it is on the bank! GreenCamoSize DM0112S1DM0116S1M DM0113S1DM0117S1L DM0114S1DM0118S1XL DM0115S1DM0119S1XXL TOMMY JACKET £ 49.99 When designing the Tommy, Diem took to the streets. Chunky zipper and cargo style pockets and a fully adjustable hood combined with a technical jacket and some serious street style. GreenCamoSize DM0120S1DM0124S1M DM0121S1DM0125S1L DM0122S1DM0126S1XL DM0123S1DM0127S1XXL DM0354S1/ XXXL LIGHT WEIGHT TEC JACKET £ 44.99 The lite jacket was inspired by lightweight technical mountaineering apparel, light functional and technical but at an affordable price. The Diem ' lite' is perfect for all year round use. GreenCamoSize DM0128S1DM0132S1M DM0129S1DM0133S1L DM0130S1DM0134S1XL DM0131S1DM0135S1XXL BOMBER JACKET £ 49.99 This is Diem's take on the classic Bomber, timeless styling and plenty of discreet features make this one a perfect combination of both function and fashion. FLEECE JOGGER £ 24.99 The Ultimate in Comfort and style. The Diem Fleece Joggers are perfect to keep you warm and comfortable throughout any session on the bank. SESSION PANT £ 34.99 Diem Session trousers are a combination of fi t, comfort, Durability and unbeatable technical features. The fabric is also incredibly quick drying. They are both supremely comfortable and very lightweight. HEAVY TECH PANT £ 49.99 Diem lined trousers are a combination of warmth, fi t, comfort, Durability and unbeatable technical features. The fabric is also water resistant and incredibly quick drying. GreenCamoSize DM0339S1DM0335S1M DM0340S1DM0336S1L DM0341S1DM0337S1XL DM0342S1DM0338S1XXL GreenBlackSize DM0294S1DM0298S1M DM0295S1DM0299S1L DM0296S1DM0300S1XL DM0297S1DM0301S1XXL GreenSize DM0322S1M DM0323S1L DM0324S1XL DM0325S1XXL DIEM LOGO HOODY Comfort and attention to detail is what the Diem range is all about and our basic hoods are no exception. £ 27.99 IRIE HOODY £ 27.99 Another take on the classic Diem logo design is the ' Irie' logo which is inspired from the meaning of Irie itself - ' anything that is good.' The Irie hoody is exactly that. MARY JANE HOODY £ 27.99 With a subtle " Mary Jane" camo - this is bound to be the choice for those who partake in herbal remedies. Purely for medicinal reasons of course! DIEM ZIP HOODY £ 29.99 Again discreet logos and a double lined hood make this piece another great all rounder, perfect for any situation. GreenCamoSize DM0144S1DM0148S1M DM0145S1DM0149S1L DM0146S1DM0150S1XL DM0147S1DM0151S1XXL BlackSize DM0160S1M DM0161S1L DM0162S1XL DM0163S1XXL GreenSize DM0188S1M DM0189S1L DM0190S1XL DM0191S1XXL GreenCamoSize DM0152S1DM0156S1M DM0153S1DM0157S1L DM0154S1DM0158S1XL DM0155S1DM0159S1XXL BlackGreenGreySize DM0343S1DM0200S1DM0204S1M DM0344S1DM0201S1DM0205S1L DM0345S1DM0202S1DM0206S1XL DM0346S1DM0203S1DM0207S1XXL DM0346S1DM0347S1DM0348S1XXXL LOGO T  SHIRT £ 12.99 BlackSize DM0196S1M DM0197S1L DM0198S1XL DM0199S1XXL DM0349S1XXXL£ 12.99 CARP ARMY T SHIRT GreenSize DM0176S1M DM0177S1L DM0178S1XL DM0179S1XXL £ 12.99 GreenGreySize DM0241S1DM0245S1M DM0242S1DM0246S1L DM0243S1DM0247S1XL DM0244S1DM0248S1XXL MASTERBAITER T  SHIRT £ 12.99 GreenGreySize DM0208S1DM0212S1M DM0209S1DM0213S1L DM0210S1DM0214S1XL DM0211S1DM0215S1XXL£ 12.99 GreenGreySize DM0216S1DM0220S1M DM0217S1DM0221S1L DM0218S1DM0222S1XL DM0219S1DM0223S1XXL DM0350S1/ XXXL HOME SWEET HOME T  SHIRT £ 12.99 STALKER T  SHIRT GreenGreySize DM0224S1DM0228S1M DM0225S1DM0229S1L DM0226S1DM0230S1XL DM0227S1DM0231S1XXL GreenGreySize DM0232S1DM0236S1M DM0233S1DM0237S1L DM0234S1DM0238S1XL £ 14.99DM0235S1DM0239S1XXL£ 12.99£ 12.99£ 19.99 WIFE T  SHIRT RUINED T  SHIRT NEW YORK T  SHIRTBOTTLE TOP T  SHIRT PACAWAY PONCHO Perfect for Baiting up / marker or Boat work during a downpour, the Diem poncho is up to the task. Sizing: one size fi ts all. £ 29.99 GreenCamo DM0321S1DM0320S1 29 PACAWAY JACKET A lightweight, breathable, waterproof jacket with its own easy to stow bag. £ 34.99 Size GreenCamoSize DM0316S1DM0312S1M DM0317S1DM0313S1L DM0318S1DM0314S1XL DM0319S1DM0315S1XXL PACAWAY TROUSERS Designed to fi t alongside the Diem pacaway Jacket. £ 29.99 Size GreenCamo DM0352S1DM0272S1 BIG D BEANIE DM0271S1 IRIE BOBBLE HAT £ 7.99 £ 9.99 DM0136S1 TRUCKER CAP CAMO £ 7.99 DISCREET CAMO BEANIE £ 7.99 GreenGreySize DM0180S1DM0184S1M DM0181S1DM0185S1L DM0182S1DM0186S1XL DM0183S1DM0187S1XXL GreenBlackSize DM0279S1DM0274S1M DM0280S1DM0275S1L DM0281S1DM0276S1XL DM0282S1DM0277S1XXL DM0283S1DM0278S1XXXL Designed with the Diem logo on the chest and a discreet logo back, it's pure quality. The red, gold and green design is a classic in the making. Designed with the statement ' Carp fi shing ruined my life' on the front Show your elegance to the growing Carp Army - these are built tough! Diem Army is on the rise. Another classic is the ' Masterbaiter' T which includes a simple but effective design. Another favourite - ' Stalker' is a classic statement design. With ' my wife said if I go fi shing once more she will leave me' on the front and ' I will miss her' on the back. Diem's take on the classic NYC T's, a mix of clean, stylish design and functional fabric. The fi rst in Diem's illustrator series is the ' home sweet home' T. The Bottle top T goes way back to the days before monkey climbers, when Fairy Liquid bottle tops were the choice of many for bite indication. DM0142S1 CLOTHING45 JACKETS The idea for Diem was born out of frustration; we felt that the angling apparel available did not fully represent us and what we are all about. Fed up with wearing brands that have no relevance to the sport we love, something had to be done. Our goal for Diem is to create a constantly evolving range of apparel that represents who we are. Designed to suit our needs on and off the bank, from enduring harsh winter sessions to chilling at the bar planning future quests, Diem has got it covered. Each product has been individually designed and developed and every item in the range is packed with features. The entire Diem range is driven by performance; we have a commitment to quality and func-tionality, with comfort and style at the top of our list. Our aim is to bridge the gap between fashion and function, and provide the specialist- angling world with an apparel line that is geared to fulfi l all of our needs.

ORDERLINE : 0871 716 1678 SPECIAL OFFER BUY BOTH FOR £ 59.99 The Downpour range from Trakker is made from a lightweight, waterproof yet breathable fabric ideal for showers and milder weather. SPEND OVER £ 50 ON THIS PAGE & ITS POST FREE STAND OUT. BLEND IN AIR MESH POLOS AND T  SHIRTS CodeSizePrice TR0351S1PoloÊM£ 24.99 TR0352S1PoloÊL£ 24.99 TR0353S1PoloÊXL£ 24.99 TR0354S1PoloÊXXL£ 24.99 TR0355S1T/ SÊM£ 19.99 TR0356S1T/ SÊL£ 19.99 TR0357S1T/ SÊXL£ 19.99 TR0358S1T/ SÊXXL£ 19.99 FROM HEADWEAR JACKAL BASEBALL CAP FREE P& P FREE P& P FREE P& P 46CLOTHING CodeSize LD7691S1M LD7692S1L LD7693S1XL LD7694S1XXL LD7695S1XXXLCodeSize LD7696S1S LD7697S1M LD7698S1L LD7699S1XL LD7770S1XXL LD7701S1XXXL LD7706S1 A brilliant new clothing range from Wychwood, the Maximiser gear is 100% waterproof and breathable and has been specifi cally designed for Wychwood by one of the leading outdoor clothing specialists. Offering all the features you would expect on top class clothing the Maximiser comes with an amazing special into offer, not only do you get the Jacket, Bib & brace & Fleece. The best clothing set available for under a ton! MAXIMISER CLOTHING DEAL A brand new urban range from Wychwood. Following on from the success of the original Urban Hoodys this new range now offers a new and improved design with a zipped front on the fl eece making it more practical and versatile than the last. The T- Shirt comes in a dark green with wychwood logo across the front. URBAN HOODYS CodeSize LD7702S1M LD7703S1L LD7704S1XL LD7705S1XXL URBAN URBAN CAP Size XXL XXXL T  SHIRTS Size XXL CARP CLOTHING RANGE SOLACE FIELD BOOTS . Removeable padded innersole . Thermolite insulation . High padded collar and upper . Bank grip rubber sole . Speedlace hook system . Toe and heel bumpers CodeSize LD7919S17 LD7920S18 LD7921S19 LD7922S110 LD7923S111 LD7924S112 WATERPROOF SMOCK . New waterproof and breathable soft twill material . Removable fl eece jacket inner lining . Adjustable and removable hood . Bib and brace supplied comes with side zips for easy entry . Unbelievable value for money complete suit CodeSize LD7942S1M LD7943S1L LD7944S1XL LD7945S1XXL LD7946S1XXXL . NEW Soft twill material featuring Wychwood's Extremis 5000 waterproof and breathable backing . Detachable hood . Adjustable waterproof cuffs . Fleece lined hand warmer through pocket . Large zipped front storage pocket RRP: £ 140RRP: £ 109.99 FREE P& P FREE P& P JACKAL APG JACKET CodeSize TR0400S1M TR0401S1L TR0402S1XL TR0403S1XXL £ 9.99 CodeSize TR0193S1M TR0194S1L TR0195S1XL TR0249S1XXL TR0250S1XXXL FULL SET ONLY RRP: £ 200.95 DEAL INCLUDES: . Jacket . Trousers . Polo Shirt . Baseball Cap . Beany Hat JACKET FEATURES: . Lined hood with drawcord adjustment . Zip- out inner fl eece . Adjustable waist and hem . Thermal mesh liner on jacket & fl eece . Fleece has nylon reinforcement TROUSERS FEATURES: . Full length zip . Adjustable, elasticated braces . Zipped fl y . Two hooded/ zipped side pockets . Fully lined with elasticated ankles . Fully elasticated waist for comfort One of our best selling clothing deals perfect for the carp & specialist angler. Much thought has gone into the design of this clothing to give the ultimate in performance while also offering a modern appearance. HI  PERFORMANCE CARP CLOTHING SUPER BUNDLE DEAL Jackal Realtree APG HD Jacket - Fully waterproof & breathable - Zip out fully padded fl eece - neoprene cuffs - Wired hood that folds into collar CodeSize TR0286S1M TR0285S1L TR0287S1XL TR0288S1XXL JACKAL APG SALOPETTES CodeSize TR0290S1M TR0289S1L TR0291S1XL TR0292S1XXL - Jackal Realtree APG HD Salopettes - Fully waterproof & breathable - neoprene fully adjustable brace system - Zip bottoms for ease of use JACKAL APG CARGO / COMBAT PANTS CodeProductPrice TR0332S1CargoÊM£ 44.99 TR0333S1CargoÊL£ 44.99 TR0334S1ÊCargoÊXL£ 44.99 TR0335S1ÊCargoÊXXL£ 44.99 TR0336S1CombatÊM£ 49.99 TR0337S1CombatÊL£ 49.99 TR0338S1CombatÊXL£ 49.99 TR0339S1ÊCombatÊXXL£ 49.99 COTTON POLOS AND T  SHIRTS CodeSizePrice TR0343S1PoloÊM£ 24.99 TR0344S1PoloÊL£ 24.99 TR0345S1PoloÊXL£ 24.99 TR0346S1PoloÊXXL£ 24.99 TR0347S1T/ SÊM£ 19.99 TR0348S1T/ SÊL£ 19.99 TR0349S1T/ SÊXL£ 19.99 TR0350S1T/ SÊXXL£ 19.99 FROM TR0340S1 JACKAL BOONIE HATTR0341S1 JACKAL BEANIE HATTR0342S1 NORDIC CLOTHING " The Nordic range of clothing stays true to our tradition of making clothing designed specifi cally for carp anglers. Our clothes give the freedom of movement needed to land your catch and use fabrics that suit the environment. All the Nordic range use waterproof and breathable fabrics and boast features that make the Nordic clothing range stand out from the competition" Trakker Products PUFFA JACKET CodeSize TR0404S1M TR0405S1L TR0406S1XL TR0407S1XXL JACKET Size M L XL XXL JACKETJACKET RRP: £ 149.99RRP: £ 129.99 CodeSize TR0408S1M TR0409S1L TR0410S1XL TR0411S1XXL SWEATSHIRT CodeSize TR0412S1M TR0413S1L TR0414S1XL TR0415S1XXL BIB & BRACE RRP: £ 99.99RRP: £ 99.99 Size M L XL XXL Size XXL £ 119.99£ 99.99 £ 19.99£ 19.99 £ 9.99 £ 12.99 £ 9.99 £ 99.99£ 79.99 £ 69.99£ 59.99 £ 129.99 £ 99.99 ONLY £ 49.99 ONLY £ 29.99£ 14.99 £ 34.99 ONLY DOWNPOUR CLOTHING JACKET FEATURES: Superb on their own during the summer months or twinned with our 2- piece undersuit in colder weather you simply cannot afford to be without them. * Lightweight pull on top * Zip front * Detachable hood * Fleece- lined collar * Large front pocket TROUSERS FEATURES: Superb on their own during the summer months or twinned with our 2- piece undersuit in colder weather you simply cannot afford to be without them. * Loose fi t lightweight trousers * Elasticated drawstring waist * Zipped bottoms * Deep pockets CodeSize TR0314S1M TR0315S1L TR0316S1XL TR0317S1XXL TR0318S1XXXL£ 36.99 CodeSize TR0319S1M TR0320S1L TR0321S1XL TR0322S1XXL TR0323S1XXXL£ 26.99 Size